First Date...Finally

After a few false starts, we finally had our official first date - it was good. Pretty good. Fine, it was great.

I can't even remember the last time I was this nervous, especially about a boy.

I'm talking my hands were trembling, my pulse was quickening, and my face was flushed. I basically spent 30 min (because I was actually ready on time and he was late) pep talking my nerves and listening to my calming playlist.

He finally arrives, looking handsome as always, and I swear my motor skills are faltering. Good thing he thinks I'm cute so when I don't say a lot I'm at least nice Swoon!

He even asked me on our second date!
This was huge because the day before I had asked him when our second date was going to be. Apparently that was an unexpected question since we hadn't had the first, but I assured him that he would want a second, and that I already did. I love when I'm right! It's rare that I find something I like, so when I do, I have to have it.

Which we promptly had the next day after I taught spin class. We ended up spending the whole day together. And it was nice. Like really normal. As if we had been doing this all along.

And now I'm freaked out by how non-freaked out I am. WHO AM I RIGHT NOW?!?!?

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