How To Calculate Macros aka Flexible Dieting

**Disclaimer: There are obviously tons of ways to meet your goals, this is just what works for me. I'm not certified in anything - I'm just a regular girl making it work for me.**

In a followup to how I make macros work for me, I thought sharing how to calculate could be helpful!

It's one thing to track your meals in MyFitnessPal, but it's another to calculate macros specific to you and eat to that.

As previously mentioned, I have Ashley Norman calculate mine for me on a weekly basis ($25/month) because I like checking in and chatting about all things fitness/macros with her, but calculating macros is so simple you can do it yourself!

One of my favorite resources is this book by Krissy Mae Cagney. It gives you a full explanation of what macros are, how to calculate them for you, and how to adjust for your goals (maintenance, cutting, gaining, carb cycling), and so much more! Seriously, 164 pages of awesome!

But maybe you don't want to get out pen and paper and calculate it yourself? Then you can always use one of the many macro calculators on the intranet. This one is my fave!

I always read that once you get a hang of it you'll be able to eyeball your portions. That may be true for most, but not for me. These eye of mine are liars. So I do weigh everything (it's not as tedious as it sounds).  I use this one because it can measure by ounce or gram.

And that's it! Just pull up MyFitness pal, adjust the goals to match your newly calculated macros, and start meal planning!

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