Week 10 - Flexible Dieting

Last week I mentioned to Ashley that I went off plan because I had untracked bites here and there, so she took that as I wasn't staying as full and adjusted the composition of my macros but kept total calories pretty much same.

Keep in mind that I like repetition, so I eat this Sunday - Friday (Saturday is my chill/don't worry about macros, but also don't be gluttonous day).

Let's break it down:

Meal 1: (aka 1st breakfast around 6a) I just mix water in my protein. I measure it by the gram so I can +/- to hit my protein for the day. I had extra carbs, and I love cereal, so I was able to make that work this week!

Meal 2: (2nd breakfast/morning snack around 9/10a) mix it all together and eat it up!

Meal 3: (Lunch) You can find the Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef recipe here. I subbed in chicken this week to switch it up. I added enough chicken for it to cover 6 meals. You can portion it out and freeze to keep it fresh for the end of the week.

Meal 4: (Snack around 3:30/4p) crunch up the Oreo's and mix in the yogurt - delish!

Meal 5: (Dinner 8:30p is usually when I get home from the gym) See previous post for cooking instructions.

Meal 6: (Post work out around 8p)  protein shake mixed with water

How I'm Sweating:

Mon: 45min weights (legs) + RPM
Tues: BodyJam practice
Wed: 45min weights (legs) + RPM
Thursday: BodyJam + 45min weights (upper body)
Friday: BodyJam practice
Saturday: 4mile run
Sunday: 2 x RPM

Note: it's Walktober at work and my team has committed to one hour of activity every day, hence the no days off trend.

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