Week 8 - Flexible Dieting

In addition to my last post, I thought I would share a real look at my week.

Let's start with the food:
Saturday morning is when I sit down and start plugging into MyFitnessPal to see what will fit my macros. If I'm not sure what I want, then I'll hit up pinterest for ideas, create the recipe in MyFitnessPal, and mess with the portions of ingredients until it matches what I need (usually I just add more meat to whatever the recipe is).

This is what I'm eating this week M-F:

Sometimes I'll make adjustments to my Friday plan in order to fit in some chipotle so it feels like a mini date night without wrecking my macros - and boyfriend loves Chipotle.

Saturday will be similar, but I'll swap my lunch and dinner and then we will go out for Mexican for my "cheat" meal!

Sunday I'll be back to that macro life and prepping food for the week.


Sunday: 2 RPM classes
Monday: 45min weights (legs) + 45min RPM
Tuesday: 45min weights (shoulders & tris) + 20min walking
Wednesday: 45 min weights (back & bis) + 45min RPM + 30min BodyJam Practice
Thursday: BodyJam
Friday: 45min weights (legs) + 20min walking

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