Week 9: Flexible Dieting

After 3 weeks losing lbs and inches with the same macros I finally held steady. So this week we dropped the numbers a bit.

Here's how I'm meeting my macros this week:

Keep in mind that I like repetition, so I eat this Sunday - Friday (Saturday is my chill/don't worry about macros, but also don't be gluttonous day).

Let's break it down:

Meal 1: (aka 1st breakfast) I just mix water in my protein. I measure it by the gram so I can +/- to hit my protein for the day. I had extra carbs, and I love cereal, so I was able to make that work this week!

Meal 2: (2nd breakfast/morning snack) mix it all together and eat it up!

Meal 3: (Lunch) You can find the Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef recipe here. I always adjust the amount of meat or broccoli based on what I need to hit my numbers, but keep the other ingredients the same. I typically do about 1.5lbs skirt steak and split into 6 meals. It reheats really well and has loads of juice in it so adding rice is really delish! Also - I add the amount of rice (or don't add) based on how many carbs I have left to hit. This one is legit!

Meal 4: I had extra fats, so I'm mixing Oreos in my yogurt this week!

Meal 5: once I cook the zucchini and chicken, I heat the oil, add a little garlic and red pepper, then toss it all together, squeeze 1/2 or 1/4 a lemon on it, sprinkle parmesan, and eat! Technically this is a recipe from Curves (I worked there in college), but subbed zuccini for pasta and it's delish! Really great when you need something carb friendly, or your intestines just aren't fond or breaking down pasta.

Meal 6: technically this is post-workout protein shake.

How I'm Sweating:

Mon: 45min weights (legs) + RPM
Tues: BodyJam practice
Wed: 45min weights (legs) + RPM
Thursday: BodyJam
Friday: 30min walking + 30min weights (upperbody)
Saturday: 4mile run
Sunday: 2 x RPM

Note: it's Walktober at work and my team has committed to one hour of activity every day, hence the no days off trend.

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