2015: The Year Of Quality Not Quantity

This year was kind of awesome. Going into it I knew that I would be more settled down and I really wanted to focus more on substantial friendship. Mission accomplished.

  • Kicked the year off with NYE at Red Door.
  • Pizza night in the burbs
  • a few good weeks of Sunday brunching with Rox and Kate
  • Perm TOTY Party in Austin
  • Amanda turned 30! We had hibachi and a skate party!
  • 3rd Annual Forever Alone Together - we saw 50 Shades of Grey (cliche, I know)
  • Marshall had a wedding
  • Charlie Turned 1!
  • Cellie's Karaoke Bach party and wedding were fun!
  • Sven & Stacy moved :(
  • I met O-Town (OMG.OMG.OMG.)
  • Went to Mexico - twice
  • Critical Mass
  • I turned 29
  • Bennida's NOLA Bach & two weddings
  • I held a tiger cub - twice
  • Carolyn moved to Austin - so dinner dates are a more regular occurrence
  • Jacob. (He's been the best part of this year.)
  • Meeting his parents and mine.
  • Front row at Justin Bieber
  • BodyPump training
  • Vegas
  • Blizzard and cancelled flights for Christmas


Eat.Sleep.Wave Chase.Repeat

Back in June most of the #lesmillsbesties crew traveled to Cancun for Kyle & Karyna's wedding. And it was the best time ever!

I am so lucky that Amanda was my travel companion because we both had the same plan: eat everything and catch every wave.

We survived our Spirit flight - it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, managed to get money from the ATM after 5 tries (I kept accidentally hitting the Espanol button), and were greeted with champagne at the resort. This all inclusive life is no joke!

After grabbing a quick bite we switched into our swimmies, grabbed some rum punch, and hit the beach. After a few brief moments of sweating it out we hit the water and waves. and the waves hit back. We went pretty far out because we felt safe since our lifeguard was paying close attention to the swimmers. Kidding, he was doing crunches - WTF is that?!?!

When we got too exhausted from fighting the current - or swallowed too much water (I was nervous I was going to die from that!) we took a rum punch break. Of course I managed to sit on my sunglasses and break them the first day. THE FIRST DAY! These sunglasses have survived many trips, I can't believe this is how it ended. Whatever.

Basically everyday included: refried beans, omlets, and mass amounts of fruit for breakfast, wave chasing, more food, wave chasing, room service, wave chasing, dinner, sleep. The first night we were in bed my 9:58p.

The wedding was beautiful! Of course it was on the beach. Cocktail hour was fun and full of deslish apps and margaritas.

Once we were full on that, we moved to the reception and our 4 course meal. Which was also scrumptious! (except for the soup and shot of tequila...that I poured into instead of taking).

K+K had the best reception ever! My words won't even do it justice. But it included a saxophone player for dinner, then a big headed Mark Anthony look a like kicked off the party. There were also luchadore, and masks, and all of the boys promptly started fake wrestling all over the dance floor. A cowboy riding a fake horse handing out cowboy hats. Beetlejuice brought the limbo stick. Oh, and you can't forget the stilted robot that was shooting shots right into your mouth. It was so much fun!

Since our flight kept getting pushed back we ended up having a few too many extra large margaritas at the airport, but at least it helped the time to fly by!

I really enjoyed this relaxing trip because I know my next one to Cancun (for Bennid's wedding) won't be like this!


This is Why I Can't Have Nice Things

My co-workers constantly ask me when I'm going to upgrade my iPhone 4s. Yes, a 4s. I told them not until it died its final death because I've dropped it too many times. Right now it has a cracked screen that has been that way for almost a whole year. Why would I upgrade when I'm probably just going to break the new one?

But alas, this story is not about my poor old iPhone.

Last Monday I dropped my iPod Nano through the cracks in the sauna bench. I was upset for about 1 sec, then remembered that I had accidentally smushed the screen and it was slowly all going black. I had planned on replacing it eventually - eventually just came sooner than planned.

I know, you are probably thinking, who even uses iPods anymore? Since I teach fitness I like to have two sources to play my class playlists at all times (iPhone & ipod) just in case one malfunctions, dies, or randomly decides to erase all of the music on it (because that actually happened twice this month).

Anyway, I replaced the iPod, and the headphones with new Beats (because I broke my original pair last summer - seriously, this is why I shouldn't have nice things). I get home, plus Muga2 (or Mugatwo - I haven't decided yet) into my computer to sync it. And guess what? I need to update my iTunes. No problem! I attempted to update, only to be informed that my computer software doesn't support the update.

This is when the full frustration sets in. I already know my computer can't be updated because it's too old - I looked into it a few months ago when I realized it was lagging.

So I headed to best buy, and bought a new mac within 5 min of arriving - because I get shit done.

In conclusion: dropping my ipod in the sauna was the most expensive mistake I've made as of late.
But now that I have this new guy, I might as well get my moneys worth and start documenting again.

Stay tuned!


It Actually Doesn't Get Better

I miss Andrew.

I miss Super Mario bros on our original Nintendo. Then early mornings and late nights of Cruisin' the World on the N64. Tony Hawk graffiti wars. Family dinners. Eating his crust. Fighting over cinnamon toast slices. Riding the ten lizzies at grandmas and the three wheeled bike taking turns sitting in the back basket. Playing with his toys because boy toys are always the coolest. Laughing and making jokes. Watching Mad TV at dad's house (even though it was against mom's rules) and you getting scared from the one skit about killer babies and me getting in trouble. That one brief period when you decided you DID like chocolate so I had to split my Reese's with you at G-ma's (I think you were just pretending to be annoying). Christmas & Easter traditions. Your birthday parties. Watching Titanic in the theater with you and having to cover your eyes when the nudity came on - that was awkward. Playing all kinds of real and made up games with Justin and Joanna. That one game at grandma's where the die is in that plastic thing in the middle that you have to push and it pops the dice to roll it. Watching you skate. Spending countless hours at your soccer games. Power rangers everything - sorry I didn't do a good job putting the stickers on your toy that one Christmas. Wonderland, Six Flags, Worlds of Fun, and roller coasters.

I miss that childhood memories are fading.

Losing him changed me and my life. I can't even explain it, and no one understands. Something will perpetually be missing inside of me. I miss him everyday.

I just wish that I could relive our childhood and hold onto him and the memories even tighter. I would give anything to hug him again and make dumb jokes.




It all started back in 1999 when ABC aired Making The Band. Because what 13 year old girl doesn't love a boy band, especially when you can watch them every week!

I loved O-Town immediately! I'm talking full on 13 year old fan girl love. I programmed the VCR to record MTB every week so I could watch it over and over (as well as any other performance and appearances). I bought the CD as soon as I could find a copy (small town life can be hard, y'all!). The majority of my allowance and pay checks (once I had a job) went to purchasing every Tiger Bear, Just Jared, Pop Star, and J-14 that had them in it (which was all of them at that time).  A corner of my ceiling was covered in posters. I still have a YM magazine in it's original plastic package because they were on the cover - of course I bought a second copy that could be opened, read, and promptly hung in my locker. Who doesn't buy two copies so you can enjoy one and keep the other forever?  Tiffany (who shared in this obsession) and I would watch their concert VHS on repeat until we could mimic every more you saw on screen.

Now that I'm an adult, my fanship isn't so weird and intense. It just involves purchasing albums when they are released, and following the band on facebook and instagram. Nothing creepy to see here.

ANYWAY. After having a few borderline panic attacks I secured my concert and VIP ticket to see O-town so I can finally fulfill some teenage dreams.

When Jacob comes on stage for sound check I almost die from joy. I was doing my best to control my over enthused smile and crazy eyes and fighting the urge to cry (because that happens when I hit optimal happiness). Then I looked to my right, and there's Trevor and Erik. And yes, I literally couldn't even!

They goof off, sound check, do a few songs to warm up, and I'm in heaven. Literally the best moments of my life are happening right now.

BUT it gets better.

Next up is the meet and great. I'm second in line. I'm starting to sweat and am feeling shaky. I rehears saying my name so that I'll hopefully at least get that out.

It's my turn. Dan greets me with open arms. Oh.My.Gawd. I just hugged a member of O-town. Be cool, Jessica. Be cool. Then Jacob opens his arms. I fight the urge to squeal. By the time Eric hugs me I'm able to tell him it's nice to meet him, and the same with Trevor. They are so nice, generous with the complements, and handsome.  Pictures are taken and I'm just hopping my face doesn't look as crazy as I'm feeling.

Erik personally hands out the VIP t-shirts and signed pictures. He tells me my last name is cool because it's like Lord of the Rings. How is this real life?

We sit with Trevor and chat while he watches the game. I don't say much because I'm totally freaking out on the inside. I'm hanging out with Trevor. Who does that? I did sneak a pic to show Tiffany just how close I was.

A couple of hours, 3 opening acts, and it's finally show time. They do a good mix of the old a new stuff. I swear they even brought back some of the original moves. They sound amazing!

Jacob does the microphone toss in All or Nothing and I scream like I'm 15 all over again! (Totally can't wait to send Tiff the video of that)

The guys signed T-shirts after the performance, so of course I have to buy one!

I meet them again and manage to get out more words. I make sure to thank each of them for coming to Houston. I really am truly thankful because this was one of the best nights ever. Like ever ever! I even tell Jacob about how much I loved the microphone flip and how I always attempt it when given the chance (but usually drop it). He laughs and says he's almost dropped it a few times too. OMG, did we just become best friends?!?

When I get back to my car I scream because I have too many feels! Then I send Tiff all 137 photos from the night.

I made sure to feel and memorize each moment of this night. I just wish I could capture it so I could live in it anytime I wanted because the memories already aren't doing it justice!