Holy Inappropriateness!

Why do parents take their children to rated R movies? This never ceases to baffle me, especially when their kids are not even in double digit years. Last night Daniel and I went to see Watchmen, and I don't even think I was old enough to see it! There was nudity, adult "situations," and very graphic violence; I had to cover my eyes and ears a couple of times. And I fought the urge to ask the parents WTF, why would you do this to your kids, because now they are going to grow up and be promiscuous serial killers. At least Daniel agrees that we won't take our kids to such showings. All in all, the movie was not something I would recommend; the end left me confused and empty.

So I finally arrived in Houston late Friday night. My flight was delayed which caused me to run so I could catch my connecting flight. Lucky me, on my connecting flight I got to sit by a woman who complained on the phone about the delay. When I did get to Houston we went to Wal-mart to get dinner and breakfast. I was so hungry it was insane!
Saturday we made an unsuccessful outing to the outlet mall. For our date we tried a different Mexican restaurant, Lupe Tortilla, and it was delicious! It is our current Houston favorite. Then we wasted some of Daniel's money by going to see Watchmen.

It has been raining since I arrived and I wish it would stop.
Today we are going to the Galleria and we will hopefully look at some sparkly things!

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