2012 - The Year of Knitting & Crock Pots

2012 was def a year of healing, learning, and being awesome after the shit show that was 2011.

I agree, so let's do it!
And really so many other great things that didn't even make the blog!


Awesome and Awkward Friday

I've been gone since Sunday so I am so homesick for Houston right now, it's redic. BUT it's been good to see the fam since I was last here in October.

Linking up with Lauren, like always.

  • Had an awesome time bowling last weekend. And I didn't come in last! I did, however, rip two of my fingernails. ouch!
  • My phone fell out of my coat pocket in the rain. :( Luckily the only damage is that my camera no longer works. Which is pretty tragic. And explains the extra lack of pic on the blog as of late. So I will most likely be caving and trading out Droid for an iPhone soon.
  • Baby Marsh!
  • Got to see two of my best CHS girls! Not sure if I'll get to see the other two because my trip is almost over.
  • Annual Donut Stop date with Kara!



So I've been doing this whole Dexter marathon thing since Thanksgiving. I popped by Blockbuster to return the first two discs of season three and grab the 3rd and 4th. They didn't have it. I asked the desk person to double check and it turns out the store doesn't own it. I looked at her in a mixture of panic and frustration, then signed for about 3 seconds while contemplating WWDD? (what would Dexter do) and realized it wasn't within the code, so he would probably do nothing.

So I went home, did some online research and turns out none of the Blockbusters in Houston have it. WTF is that?

My Theories?
  • These discs were banned so they were all burned.
  • It's like the ring so after it was watched the renter was killed by Samara, therefore they couldn't return it so it ended up being checked out so long that they became the owner.
  • It's the best set of epps so the renter kept it to watch it over and over.



Yep. It's happening again. Right now.

This year we are doing things a little different which makes me miss the traditions we used to have. But this isn't about that because it's really not a big deal.

This is about one thing that I really missed this year: love.

haha. no.

Revelation. As in the youth choir I was a member of during jr. high and high school, not as in the end of times.

I don't know what it was about this year but I was really missing not having the annual Christmas concert. I haven't been a member for 8 years since I graduated high school, so this is nothing new.

The Christmas concert was always my favorite (just like it was back in my jr. high band days). I'm pretty sure we did a lot of the same classic songs each year, and I really wish I had a cassette (yes cassette...it's what we would get our performance music on) so I could relive the days.

Maybe one of these days we could have a mini Christmas reunion concert. Tiff, Anna? What do y'all think?



THIS is my fave holiday treat. Hands Down. No competition. I will stab you for a piece. No really.

Back in elementary school my mom would always bring this for the Christmas party. Seriously the best day of the year for me.

So please, go and make this now. It's so easy and so delish you don't have a reason not to...except for the whole grocery stores might be closed already since it's Christmas Eve. In which case I highly suggest breaking and entering. Do what you gotta do.

2 tbsp butter
1 bag marshmallows
green food coloring
6 cups Kellogg's flakes cereal
red hots/red icing

  1. Coat a bundt pan with non stick spray.
  2. Melt butter - about 20 sec in microwave.
  3. Add mallows and microwave in 1 min increments stirring in between until smooth.
  4. Mix in food coloring until it's a shade of green you approve of.
  5. Slowly mix in the cereal then pour into bundt pan.
  6. Give it a few hours to cool so it'll stick together, then remove from pan.
  7. Strategically place red hots (or icing if you are not a red hot lover like me) into berry formations.
  8. Enjoy!!


Liebster Award

Last month Amanda, from not your dirty underwear, and Karli, from hello darlin', nominated me for the Liebster award. Thanks girls!

The Liebster Award is given to new or up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. It's a great way to find new and noteworthy blogs (such as this one).


  1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
  3. Chose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
  4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
  5. No tag backs.

11 Randos
  1. I got my braces off 10 years ago and I still wear my retainers a few times a month.
  2. Singing and dancing in the kitchen is the only way to bake or cook.
  3. I hug my mixer every time I'm going bake something. I just really love it.
  4. I don't like getting my nails done - I cringe when they file them. But I do it because they do a much better job than I do.
  5. 4 - the number of times I've watched Breaking Dawn 2 in theaters.
  6. I have an addictive personality. 
  7. I talk to my car as if she's alive. Matilda is a great car companion.
  8. Sometimes I'll bake for people to influence their opinion of me. It's a pretty successful tactic.
  9. I squeeze my toothpast from the middle of the tube. Once it was requested that I squeeze from the bottom, so everytime I would use it I would first squeeze from the middle, then from the bottom to cover up my middle squeeze.
  10. I'm a little stubborn.
  11. Make me laugh and we'll be friends forever.

Q&A from Amanda.
  1. I have been blogging for over 3 years.
  2. If I could go anywhere in the universe I would want to go home. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not too crazy, but I miss home and don't visit often enough.
  3. My favorite thing about Houston is the mild winters and the friends I've aquired here.
  4. The best advice I've ever received is:
  5. If I were stranded on an island the 3 things I'd want with me are 1) water purifier, 2) survival guide, 3) Croc's bug out bag.
  6. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. I dressed up as Belle many times in elementary school.
  7. My go to winter accessory is my coat...I'm not really into accessories.
  8. My go to beauty product is mascara. I think I look 17 without it.
  9. If I could do anything it would be to continue doing what every I want...just like Cartman.
  10. My favorite hair product is hair spray. I live in Texas, it's like a law. Even when I don't do my hair, I still hairspray it, shake it, and go.
  11. My most embarassing moment. The first thing that comes to mind is the time B and I were in NY and she decided we were going to follow this couple to dinner since we overheard them talking about wanting Italian. I took her direction too literally and ended up getting into the same section of the revolving door as the guy. We still laugh about it because it was pretty funny and I obviously wasn't paying attention.

Q&A from Karli
  1. My favorite season was always summer because I love the warmth and the long days. But living in Houston has changed that to winter because it's pretty mild and great for running. 
  2. It's hard to pick one fave store...so I'll go with a few: Target, Express, Dillards.
  3. I like both rap and country...but I like rap a bit more.
  4. I do not like cats.
  5. In most cases the book is better than the movie. 
  6. My fave Christmas song is The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting).
  7. All of my New Years have been different, but I usually celebrate by being with friends or loved ones.
  8. My fave type of gift to give on Christmas is anything that makes the receiver truly happy.
  9. My favorite quote is: "I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)." E.E. Cummings.
  10. I have been blogging for over three years and was reading not too long before that.
  11. My fave well known blogger is myself. Kidding, it's The Daybook Blog.
My 11 Bloggers and Questions
Turns out I'm a bit of a rule breaker...so I've got nothing. Actually I looked at the blogs that I follow and don't have any with less than 200 followers, and I'm too lazy to go scout out some new talent. Please don't revoke my blog.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Linking up with From My Grey Desk.

Let's get this party started!


  • Today is the start of my holiday break! No work until January 2nd.
  • Dexter (except for season 6). I'm almost to the end!
  • This necklace:
  • 3 day work weeks
  • Spending time in the kitchen again:


  • The amount of time I've spent watching Dexter this past month.
  • Falling during bodyjam. 
  • "Open Up" - The lady at Amerijuve. That was super awkward.
  • When Emma tries to say my name it comes out as "cock a cock."


The Rise And Fall Of BJ House

That title is way too dramatic, but I couldn't resist. 

There wasn't a fallout, even thought I think some thought that was the reason for the end of our roommateship. I still talk to B every day at work and we have dinners during the week - we just decided it was time to to leave the nest.

Long Live BJ House
Adam moved out around the same time we did, so we had to have the last supper. Kyle even came...even though he didn't realize we were all moving because he's too far out of the friendship loop. I was too lazy to hit up the grocery so I bumbed tortillas and brats from Croc. They were much appreciated.

We had a lot of good times in BJ House, but the adventures don't have to stop since we are still friends and the vault lives on.



Peppermint Bark

This is the first thing I made in my new kitchen. Don't get new confused for improved. It's smaller and the thought of making anything more involved than chocolate bark makes me feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack. So baking has been scarce due to the pre move half packed conditions I had going one for two weeks and then the post move small kitchen anxiety inducing sitch. 

Peppermint Bark
6 pieces chocolate flavored almond bark
9 pieces white chocolate flavored almond bark
14 peppermint candy canes

  1. Line large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Unwrap candy canes, place in plastic baggie, and smash. I used a hammer since it was handy.
  3. Melt the chocolate flavored bark in a medium sized bowl in the microwave. Start with 60sec, then 30 sec intervals stirring between until smooth.
  4. Pour onto cookie sheet, spread it out, and place in fridge/freezer to set.
  5. Melt white chocolate flavored bark the same way as the other one, stir in a little more than half of the smashed candy canes, then pour and spread over the hardened chocolate bark.
  6. Sprinkle remaining candy cane pieces on top, and place in fridge/freezer to set.
  7. Cut into pieces and enjoy!



Back in the spelling test days spelling was my least favorite subject/activity. I was much better at the other subjects. Once I thought I knew how to spell something and it turned out to be wrong I had a hard time correcting my way of thinking. There are words that I had trouble with as a kid that I still have to double check. You would think that I would have figured it out in the last 20 years, but I guess I'm kind of slow.

Well I've noticed a new thing that I've been doing while typing: conjoining words.

If there are two words that I often say next to each other, then my mind has somehow married them into one word. It's kind of absurd the combos I come up with. I often don't even realize until I run the spell check.

Here are a few:
  • eachother
  • cookiesheet
  • peanutbutter
A few more annoying things? I have a habit of leaving off the last letter or words, doubling up letters, or leaving one out when there should have been two. How does this happen? I'm only 26 so you would think that my mind wouldn't be deteriorating so soon.

Am I the only one that's getting dumber every day?


First World Problems

A rep from Double Tree stopped by the office to promote their hotel. He was in luck since I actually do book travel for the company.

He gave me some brochures, his card, and a free cookie!

The cookie obviously caught my interest.

I was so excited to have a bite because I suspected it would be chocolate chip - something pretty standard.

It was chocolate chip...with walnuts. WTF? My smile just turned into a frown.

How can you go around handing out free cookies with nuts in them when a lot of people have nut allergies. According to Time.com, 150 people die every year from nut allergies. Do you enjoy stealthily killing people? If so, then you should totes also get a prius. Those things are so quiet that you could probably run someone over and they wouldn't even notice until they were on the ground.

Alright, so I don't have a nut allergy. But that is still something to consider.

I just don't like nuts in my food. (yes, that is what she said because I just said it).

The moral of the story is: If you are going to give me a free cookie, you better make it good!


Halloween - Highlight Edition

  • Ran the Monster Mash 10K. Hopefully Kari will rejoin me next year!

  • Made cupcakes for work.

  • Halloween Jam
  • Me, Amanda, Stacey

  • Went to a Halloween Party at Blue Moose

B, stranger, Me
Panhandle sistas. I never meet anyone that actually knows where Canyon is (I'm pointing to it on my impromptu hand map)
Kat, Bekka, Me, B, Alex
I had way to much doing spells with my wand that night. I wish I could have it with me always, but I suppose that would be a little weird. Just a little.

P.S. Thanks to B, Kat, and Amanda for the borrowed pics!


Fall Races

I ran a few 5k races these last few months, and I have a bone to pick.

Brawt Trot 5k

I ran this one as a last min decision when I was in Dalhart in October. The night before the race my Papa saw something about it in the paper, it sounded fun, so I signed up and the grandparents cheered me on to victory!

The only thing that irritated me (other than the dry climate) is that there wasn't a water stop. I've ran a few 5K races, and they have all had water stops. Yeah, 5k isn't that far, but when I'm breathing in cold dry air some water would be nice because my insides felt like they were drying up.

Monster Mash 10k

I ran this last year with Kari and enjoyed it. It was three loops (that was kind of annoying), but not that bad.

This year they decided to switch it up by having us start on the horse track. WTF?!? This is one of those times when I probably should have read the race details...Anyway, so we start on a horse track for a little over a loop of sand running. Seriously. Yes, I would love to tire my legs out a bit and risk rolling my ankle (which almost happened once).

Firefly 5k

This one had the potential to be great because it was at night and the weather was really great! I was running a decent pace and felt good. When I finished I checked my watch for the stats: ummm, 2.87 is not a 5k. I know that my garmin is occasionally off, but never has it been off by this much. According to the race results I have a new PR...but since the distance was off I didn't really PR, so it's a lie and is driving me nuts.

To summarize: Please have water, don't make me run on sand, and have an accurate race distance. Please and thank you.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Linking up with From My Grey Desk.

To summarize:
  • Successful move. Now I just need to be home long enough to finish the packing and organizing.
  • Dramatic sigh at the Blockbuster lady. I don't think she was amused,  but neither was I.
  • Jess had me over for a vegetarian dinner. It was delicious! Then we celebrated National Cookie Day while watching New Girl.
  • B's Christmas dinner was delish. And catchphrase was entertaining.
Me: What's my dream job?
B: Cupcake
Taffy: Stripper 
Seriously? haha.

  • Made this:

  •  I obviously already love The Vampire Diaries, but the love great even more when they played my fave song from the Twilight soundtrack:

How was your week?


Pole 3 Graduation: Brought to you by Icy Hot

I missed my last class (and chance to practice) due to my inability to book travel correctly. I was a little stressed about that.

I since I couldn't really practice the whole routine at home, I spent a few days memorizing the order because I'm not ready to free style the whole thing, and this gives me an outline to embellish. Before hitting up the studio I did a run through of the floor work and marking everything else to make sure it felt right with my song options. I ended up going with "Birthday Cake Remix" by Rihanna ft Chris Brown. I had originally planned on wearing my cupcake costume, but was afraid it would get in the way of my invert.

My glute/hip issue has shown progress, but still flares up a few days a week. It chose this day. Betrayed by my own body. I got to the studio early, generously applied icy hot to the left half of my butt, lower back, and hip. Good times.

I stretched it out, tried to maintain easy breathing, warmed up my spins, and did a run through of the dance. I practiced the invert 4 times...a few times too many because it really wears you out!

As soon as I heard Erica arrive I volunteered to go first. I went to the bathroom to wash the sweat off of my legs and hands.

And then it was show time.

By the time I finished the floor work and took to the pole I was already super sweaty again...which makes for less than smooth transitions. Betrayed by my own body again. Much like public speaking, when I'm nervous I dance faster. At the last two graduations I was able to slow down, but I didn't do as well this time. I hit everything except for the superwoman hold because I was too slick. It wasn't a big deal to miss it, it just would have helped with the time factor. I hit the invert, even though there was a fraction of a second when I thought I was going to miss it because I could tell my back was already tired. While inverted I did the crucifix hold...but it didn't last long because my legs started to slip and that could have been a broken neck disaster.

Not my fave performance out of the tree...but then again I'm overly critical of myself.

I can't wait to start 4 and have my original pole sistas back in my life!


Oreo PB & Chocolate Pretzel Bark

Do you want your coworkers to like you? Then make this asap and share it with them. After a piece of this treat my boss told me that between my baking and pole dancing I'll make someone a great wife. I told him to spread the word.

Sarah saw the picture on facebook and sent me a text about them. Since she works in my building it was easy to meet in the lobby so I could share.

Oreo PB & Chocolate Pretzel Bark
1 bag chocolate chips
1 bag peanut butter chips
10 Oreos
2 c pretzels (I used sticks)

  • Line your cookie sheet with wax paper and spread out the pretzels.
  • Chop the Oreos into fourths.
  • In a medium bowl microwave your chocolate chips in 45 second intervals (stirring after each) until smooth, then pour it over the pretzels. Use a spoon or spatula to smooth it out and get everything covered. (The pretzels will move around, but don't panic, just try to flatten them out.
  • Next, use the medium bowl to microwave the peanut butter chips in 45 second intervals (stirring after each) until smooth. Pour over chocolate and top with the chopped oreos (press down so they stay in place).
  • Place in the fridge or freezer until hard, cut into pieces, and eat!


Pole 3.6

OMG! Only one more class and one practice day before graduation. Panic is starting to set in...like always.

About an hour before class Erica emailed us the details of the dance. This was great because I can't ever remember any of it and improvising for a whole song makes my pulse race from fear.

This class we worked on the twizzler and mine is getting a lot closer to what it should be. It's so important that I get this down because it's the foundation of some pretty cool spin things.

New Skills: Superwoman. This is just a hold once you climb up the pole. You are basically trying to lay parallel to the floor. So you put your legs out and cross at the ankle (The key is to squeeze the pole as hard as you can and hope that your not sweating so much that you start to slide). Grip the pole with either hand a few inches above where your legs are holding on, lay back, pelvis up.

There is this product called Dry Hands that is supposed to help dry up your sweat so you can do holds like this. Yeah, my sweat totally defies it.

Pretty successful class. And I even 'Jack Dawsoned' K.Stew. Turns out her name is Renee.


Mint Brownies

I've been craving a chocolate mint combo, so figured brownies were a good place to start. This was actually my second choice of how to do this, but it won out due to laziness. Good thing it was a success....even though Henry thought they were cinnamon flavored. I think his taste buds were just confused.

Mint Brownies
2 eggs
1/2 + 1/8 c cocoa powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbs vanilla extract
1 stick of butter
1 1/8 c sugar
3/4 c flour
1/4 c chocolate chips
1 c chopped Andes mints

  • Preheat oven to 350* and grease your brownie pan (8x8).
  • Beat the eggs, cocoa, salt, baking powder, and vanilla until smooth.
  • In a separate bowl microwave to melt the butter, add the sugar, and stir. Microwave a little longer until hot. It should become shiny as you stir. Heat once more (about 1 min) - this will create a shiny top crust on the brownies.
  • Add the hot butter/sugar mix to the chocolate concoction and stir until smooth.
  • Mix in the flour (in three parts), chocolate chips, and Andes mints.
  • Pour into your greased pan, and bake for 35-45 min.
Gone before lunmch = win


"Then I Got Biblical With It"

Marshall had painted his room white and splashed glow in the dark paint on it. He turned the lights off to show me and it kind of looked like a crime scene that also included the phrase "To the window, to the wall." He then pointed out the paint above the doors and windows and said that he "got biblical with it" in reference to putting blood above your door to protect the first born...wonder if he realizes that he's 3rd born? Anyway, it cracked me up.

Let's cover most of my trip with bullet points shall we? (we shall)
  • I had made plans with Dad two weeks prior to my arrival. When I showed up at his house for dinner he looked surprised...he totally forgot I was coming. Seriously?
  • Went to la Espanol with Dad and his family. Turns out Dad is pretty weird and put honey all over his enchiladas and beans. Who does that? I tried it and it was alright, but I prefer to keep my honey on sophapillas.
  • As I was sitting in the living room with Dad's family he told me that Chris (stepbrother) had some news for me. I thought he was going to announce that he'd gotten into the Navy because that was his plan at one point, so I was bracing myself to give an encouraging response...then he drops the bomb that he's going to be a dad. My response? "Ohmygawd? Ohmygawd. Ohmygawd! Ohmygawd. Ohmygawd. Congrats?" Dad: "Jes seems really shocked by this." Umm, yeah, because you totally didn't mention this when we talked on the phone.
  • Spent two days baking with my gma and considered retiring so we could do that everyday. Weirdly they didn't want to pay my student loans or car payment, so that dream died fast.
  • Ran a last minute 5k and got 2nd in my division. Oh, the perks of small town races. Even when you have your slowest 5k ever  (like ever ever) you might still place and feel like an undeserving champ.  The air is so cold and dry in Dalhart that I feared my insides were going to completely dry up and mummify me from the inside out (I don't think that's how mummies are made...whatevs). My insides burned and my kidneys hurt - first time for everything? I hope it was just the air, but I guess I'll test it out when I get back to Houston.
  • Saw one of my best girls get married!
  • And had the best date there.
  • Spent some time with my Mom. And we went to DQ! Well, what else are you going to do in Sunray?
  • Spent my last supper roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. perfection.

  • And my grandparents made me a roasting chair - seriously, the perks of living far away.

  • donuts.donuts.donuts.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving break!

Linking up with From My Grey Desk to share my fave five awesome & awkward things from the week!

  • Amanda, Sven, and Stacy introduced me to tactical laser tag. New fave thing!
  • the soreness I felt after my Monday weight sesh. It burned so good! I might have to force Stacy to stand by me more often because I felt like she did push my weights in a few areas.
  • Short week!
  • I've been immersed in music all week. Breaking Dawn pt. 2, Lana Del Ray, and Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald have been my soundtrack.
  • Got an unexpected black friday deal on TVD season 3!
  • I've been having bad dreams/nightmares for many days in a row...after watching Dexter they stopped for a few nights. What does this mean?
  • My furniture sales guy called me baby instead of using my name. Yeah, I'd been into the store 3 times, but don't act like you know me. It's fine if you forgot my name, but don't call me baby. It's creepy and disrespectful.
  • I bought The Office season's 6 & 7. As I opened season 6 I realized that I already have it. ugh. Soooo does anyone want season 6? Seriously, I'll mail it to you.
  • I guess I'm pretty fun to stand in line with for over an hour. But should I be concerned that he noticed where I parked?
  • I have watched Breaking Dawn 3 times. It's been out for a week. 


Fall Bark

Candy corn and peanuts are this totally random combo that goes perfectly together. The salty helps to offset the basically straight sugar that is the candy corn. The first time someone told me about this I thought they were crazy. Then I went to my grandma's house and she had a bowl of candy corn mixed with peanuts. And I told her she was crazy....until I tried it.

Fall Bark
18 oz (9 pieces) vanilla almond bark
1 bag candy corn (7oz)
1/2 c dry roasted peanuts

  • Cover a large cookie sheet with wax paper.
  • Melt the vanilla almond bark in the microwave stirring every 30 seconds until smooth, and pour out onto the cookie sheet.
  • Sprinkle the candy corn and dry peanuts on top.
  • Once hardened (you can stick it in the fridge or freezer to speed up the process), chop into pieces and eat!


Should We Be Concerned That I Book Travel For My Company?

Back in August I booked my flight for Lindsey's October wedding. I was considering flying down Wednesday night but after looking at my calendar I remembered that I would miss the last class before pole graduation. Conundrum? Not really, I just booked a flight for early Thursday morning.

Or so I thought.

October 17 comes around (Wednesday). I get up to snooze my running alarm and notice that I have a text from the airlines letting me know that my 7:10a flight is on schedule. In my sleepy confusion I first thought that it was nice that they are letting me know 24 hours in advance that my flight is on time. Then I realized how odd that was, opened up my email to check my flight details (because I didn't read the reminder I got on Monday)...yeah, totally booked my flight a day early and didn't notice. I managed to get it pushed to the afternoon flight for a fee of $75, so disaster partly diverted.

I popped out of bed and started packing while mentally making a list of everything I had to get done at work in half the time...and how to tell my boss I'm dumb.

I still don't know how I managed this. Part of my job is booking travel, so you would think that I could handle booking my own flight since I know what I want.

As we pulled into Sunray at10:30 Wednesday night, Mom told me that I got to help Marsh with his homework that night. Great! Actually I don't mind helping with math, but I was not down with the science arts and crafts situation he had going on. I don't even know what we were making exactly, just that it involved 40 circles that slightly vary in size. I got through about 30 circles, became way too frustrated with the perfection and accuracy it was lacking, and told Marsh he could finish the last 10 and make it work. He then cut the most deformed circle I've ever seen. I looked at him and asked "Seriously?" I hate that I can't always turn down my perfectionist side, especially when his level of craftsmanship was clearly below mine.

We got it done, I double checked his math (which was actually fun), and then I called it a night because it was way past my bedtime.


Beer Taster Extraordinare

Adam brews his own beer. It's pretty cool.

B and I went over to his house when he was starting the process for his Sumpin' Pumpkin a while back. I probably asked a billion questions, and some of them were fired right after the other. I also touched about everything in his kitchen and his house. Probably weird and rude but I wouldn't mind if he did that to my apartment, so I just went with it. I'm kind of nosey.

Anyway, the science of beer brewing is rather fascinating. I wish I could tell you more, but my memory has already faded...

Once his beer was ready (many weeks later), he invited me and B over for a blind taste test.

You must know that I actually don't like beer. Like at all at all. He knows this, but asked me anyway. I was honored, and curious if I could actually taste a difference between the 5 beers in the taste test (all beer usually tastes the same to me, which is bad).

I showed up late (stupid Wal-mart line) and he got my taste test ready.

5 half filled glasses, pen, and a blank sheet of paper sat before me. I was instructed to take notes of the flavors, then rank them 1-5.

I picked up the cup on the left, took a whiff of the scent, then took a sip. Another smell, then another sip. Wrote down my thoughts and repeated 5 times.

Adam commented on seriously I was taking it. I told him that I wanted to make sure to give him the best feedback I could because this is something that he made, and that's a pretty serious sitch!

Really, only the first beer tasted good...because it turned out to be a cider. After that it was all about ranking the order of badness.

My notes were something like:
1. juice
2. beer + red wine. ewwww.
3. brown sugar
4. beer
5. Christmas

His ended up being #3. I didn't rank it well...but then again it was dark beer and I'm already not a beer lover. BUT it did smell delish! I should have known it was his because he did have an awful lot of brown sugar out when I went over to see the brewing process.

Of course his beer was a hit with actual beer lovers. I'm so impressed and am already insisting that he switch his expertise to sparkling wine...or sparkling grape juice.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Today I'm enjoying a day off...since I seem to have hoarded some of my holiday time.

Linking up with From My Grey Desk to share the highlights of my week!

  • I only have 16 working days this year!
  • Our office got to leave at 4 to play kickball. My team won, and I got to home twice!
setting up.
  • I made this:

  • Kari's surprise bday dinner!

  • Breaking Dawn. I loved it. Great interpretation of the books.

  • "You need to tell your coworker (insert name) that her incompetence is jacking my shit up." I hated to go Momma Bear on the hotel, but it's not my fault that the morning girl misquoted rates and didn't actually extend the reservation like she said she did. I did tell the girl that I was sorry for being rude because it's not her fault that her coworker can't handle simple tasks. Needless to say, I did get the rates that I had been told and stayed in budget! Booking travel is so much fun.
  • When you realize you might actually be getting old. After the few sprints I ran in kickball my body was hurting the next day. Long runs and short bursts sure do have different effects on my body. I feel like I need to oil up my hip socket.
  • Marina sent the office a breakdown of the kickball teams and left me off. I replied all "I feel like I didn't make a team. This is elementary school all over again." I could hear the back office laughing when they got it...it's only funny because it's true.
  • B and I went to use up our remaining Studio Movie Grill Groupons on an 8p James Bond showing. I feel asleep twice.
  • There was a part during Breaking Dawn where I may have said (out loud) "This is the worst movie ever!" I take it back...and am going to see it again tomorrow.


Open Pole Sesh

So I had this genius idea that instead of doing a Vup from the ground that I'd climb the pole, do the the v-kick and turn it into an invert. You know, since I was having trouble doing it from the ground.

Now I realize how much of a less than brilliant plan that was, but it seemed to make sense at the time.

I just figured that half the battle was won since I would already be supporting my body weight from the start.

After open house I stayed for open pole and explained my master plan to Honey and asked if she wanted to help. She figured it was a good plan and that they really are the same difficulty level, it just looks more impressive when you do it from a climb. I'm all about looking impressive, so I got pumped on my plan.

I grabbed the pole to climb, and paused while I worked through the process in my mind to make sure there wasn't any possibility of me losing grip with my hands. In that pause Honey thought it looked like I was praying so she started to get nervous for me. She said that if I died doing this that I'll ruin pole for her forever, but didn't even mention about how much she would miss me. WTH Honey? That's so ratchet!

So I spun into my climb and positioned myself to the left of the pole, panicked, yelled that I can't do it, and spun down.

Honey pep talked me, so I made another attempt. As I threw my v-split I was reminded that I actually really suck at that when I'm already up the pole, so I didn't have enough ab power to get it up enough to flip it. Devastation.

So then Honey came up with a good plan. She said that I should do the roley poly, add a vsplit, then pull the invert. She made it look so easy!

The first time I attempted it wasn't graceful, but I ended in an invert...maybe a foot off the ground. Yeah, I need to be a lot higher than that. So Honey said to pull myself up when I roley poly instead of doing it in the normal spot. Easier said than done. Usually we are wrapping around in fetal position a little below shoulder height, but I need to manage to pull myself up to about head height. I did it once but it was not impressive looking at all.

It's def a work in progress. I've started attending the ab class at the gym twice a week, so hopefully that'll help me get my ab strength back up to par. I really don't remember when or why I got lazy and stopped working them properly. WTF Jes of the past?


Reese's Brownies

The girls and I had our 2nd annual pre twilight movie release marathon. Since there are about 8 hours worth of movies to be watched we def needed some sugar to keep us going. Insert super delish Reese's brownies.

The brownies were a hit, and so were the movies. Now that the girls are up to speed (even though they didn't all read the books per my recommendation) we are def stoked for our Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie date tomorrow night!

Reese's Brownies
1 stick of butter
1 1/8 c sugar
2 eggs
1/2 + 1/8 c cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tbs vanilla extract
3/4 c flour
1/2 c chocolate chips
20 miniature Reese's cups (unwrapped)

  • Preheat oven to 350* and grease yo brownie pan (8x8).
  • Beat the eggs, cocoa, salt, baking powder, and vanilla until smooth.
  • In a separate bowl microwave to melt the butter, add the sugar, and stir. Microwave a little longer until hot. It should become shiny as you stir. Heat once more - this will create a shiny top crust on the brownies.
  • Add the hot butter/sugar mix to the chocolate concoction and stir until smooth.
  • Mix in the flour (in three parts) and chocolate chips.
  • Place the unwrapped Reese's in the brownie pan, pour the batter on top, and bake for 35-45min.


Pole: Open House

Pole La Teaz had an open house and I managed to get 4 people to sign up! Well, Stacy ended up getting sick and Ashley had to work, so that left me with 2: Jess and Amanda.

There were cookies and mimosas so we could mix and mingle for the first 30 min. I was anxious to get the show started because I didn't know what we would be working on this day and couldn't wait to find out!

We have a new instructor that just transferred from the Atlanta location and she led about an hour of chair dance. Sounds easy, right? You are wrong. Very wrong. Dance is fun, but it starts to burn when you are in 6 inch heels and having to drop it low and keep it low while hip rolling over, and over, and over. And when we were on the chair we did bicycles and crunches. I was sweating so much that when we took it to the floor my legs were sliding all over the place = huge bruises on my knees.

The teacher did have good enthusiasm. I don't think I've been told I'm a sexy lady so much in my life. And she yelled owww every few seconds. My fave part is when we were on the floor and she yelled "Surprise!" as she did a v kick. It was so funny.

After a quick break we transitioned into pole dance. We spent about 30 min learning a mini routine that included the fireman spin.

After open house was over I showed Amanda and Jess a lot of my spins, my pole climb & dismount, and invert (still a work in progress). This was the first time that I had shown my friends in person any of the things that I've been working on, so I was pretty nervous. Between the nerves and the effort of the spins my pulse was racing.

I had so much fun, and I think the girls did too since Amanda ended up buying some PLT worthy heels the next week! They aren't as striptastic as mine, but they are still pretty hot with their peep toe and spikes.



Recently one of my friends posted on facebook "Buckeye fans are just as bad if not worse than tech and texas fans." This friend is an Aggie.
I graduated from Tech and am pretty ride or die about it. I can get pretty fired up when people start to classify all Tech people under the same category.

Our main negative stereotypes are that we're all a bunch of assholes, the worst fans ever, alcoholics, and have the raider rash - you know, because we're all super slutty.

It really gets on my nerves because I'm not any of those things. Yes, I know people from Tech that meet each of those things, except the raider rash - I don't know anyone with that, but I think that all schools have people that are also those things.

So I commented on my friends status how I'm going to try and not take offense to his Tech comment and how the last time I went to a game at Kyle field the Aggie fans were rude too.

Naturally some people commented about how terrible tech is and gave specific examples...some of the things they said I had never even heard of, but were probably true.

I did hold my tongue because I'm not about to get into a facebook sparing matching, I am 26 and not 13. But I considered telling them that they are right, and that when we receive our acceptance letters to Tech they also include a Code of Conduct on how to be an asshole, so we are all like that all the time. But I figured that might just fire them up more because sarcasm isn't always appreciated.

The point is, don't classify us all the same way (especially when we are supposed to be friends and you know I'm not like that and I'm pretty sure you aren't kidding around). Just like I don't consider all aggies to be overly arrogant, even though some of them are.

Side Note: Croc will give me a hard time about going to Tech but he does try to throw in there that he's just joking because he knows how I really am. And that's why I never want to get all stereotypical and throw an elbow to his face.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

This week was way better than the last, especially in the work area. Oh, and I may not be homeless when my lease is up at the end of the month! Yay. If you have to be homeless, then I suppose Houston isn't such a bad place to live outside since we have mild winters.

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  • Vampire Diaries. I'm really loving the opening scenes, and I am always expecting them to end it with "You think you know, but you have no idea."
  • Boy Meets World. So excite!
  • When Dad tells me I don't have to remind him why I'm so great because I'm his baby girl. Thank you parents for only giving me brothers and not sisters.
  • How presh is my baby bro in his Jr. school pic? Presh to death!

  • Reese's brownies. Yum!


  • Feel asleep on the couch with the remote in my hand for a few min. Had a dream where I was jumping, so in real life I threw my arms forward to grab onto whatever I was jumping to and threw the remote across the room. The sound was so loud that I scared myself awake, as well as B.
  • May have overreacted while watching one of my fave OTH scenes. You know, the one where Nathan wins the game by making the free throw without even looking at the basket. Swoon. I def was cheering and clapping. And then he ran to Hayley and she jumped into his arms? I.die. I still love that show wayyy too much.


Pumpkin Bread

Last month I went home and spent two of the days baking with my grandma. One of the things on my list was bread. She makes an assortment of breads all the time so I figured she was just the person to show me the ropes.

I gave Dad one of the loafs and he said it was so delish that I should know that he also likes banana nut bread.

Pumpkin Bread
Slightly adapted from St. Anthony's Catholic School recipe book

4 eggs
1/2 c water
1 c oil
2 c pumpkin
3 c sugar
3 1/2 c flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp soda
2 tsp cinnamon

  • Preheat oven to 350* and grease 2 bread pans.
  • In a large bowl mix together eggs, water, oil, & pumpkin.
  • In a separate bowl mix the dry ingredients: sugar flour, salt, soda, and cinnamon, then add to the large pumpkin mixture.
  • Pour into the two pans and bake for 60min, or until toothpick comes out clean.



I love macarons. I made them with Jess once before and they turned out delicious! It was a little involved, but I figured I was ready to do it again and add flavor!

So this is how it goes:
Step 1: you need three day old egg whites.

Easy enough...since I remembered to set the eggs out on Friday and was baking on Sunday.

I have broken and separated egg whites for years. YEARS! I think you see where this is going. Sunday I picked up the first egg, break it, separate the white, pierce the yolk on the shell, and the yolk runs into my egg white bowl.

Three days of waiting all for nothing! I only set out three eggs. Next time? I'm setting out extra just in case I have another egg yolk issue.


Next time was a bust. Turns out I can't read. I don't know how I managed to make them so great the first time. I've decided that maybe Jess is my lucky macaron charm and must be in the kitchen while I'm making them.

I ended up with only lonely macaron sandwich thing. #Heartbroken


Awesome & Awkward Friday

This week was unusually stressful at work. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack 3 out of 5 days. Luckily it's ending better then it started! Super excite for Friday and my weekend activities to get started!

My current total of Hunger Games converts? 3. 3 more people that will hopefully understand the references.

Monster Mash 10K

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween BodyJam. That awkward (yet awesome?) moment when you are the only non instructor dressed up. Dedication. (Me, Amanda- her pic, Stacy)

 The short lived return of Wild West Wednesdays.

Finally got a replacement phone! After three awkward mishaps in one week it was time to trade that m effer in. 
  1. Tried to loop conference call the person I was already talking to...about 5 times. The only way to make it stop? pop out the battery.
  2. Tried to text someone, my phone decided to call them instead. I panicked and it wouldn't let me end the call, so I had to pop out the battery again.
  3. Last Weekend it turned off...and proceeded to fake dead for a few days. WTH?!?