Eat.Sleep.Wave Chase.Repeat

Back in June most of the #lesmillsbesties crew traveled to Cancun for Kyle & Karyna's wedding. And it was the best time ever!

I am so lucky that Amanda was my travel companion because we both had the same plan: eat everything and catch every wave.

We survived our Spirit flight - it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, managed to get money from the ATM after 5 tries (I kept accidentally hitting the Espanol button), and were greeted with champagne at the resort. This all inclusive life is no joke!

After grabbing a quick bite we switched into our swimmies, grabbed some rum punch, and hit the beach. After a few brief moments of sweating it out we hit the water and waves. and the waves hit back. We went pretty far out because we felt safe since our lifeguard was paying close attention to the swimmers. Kidding, he was doing crunches - WTF is that?!?!

When we got too exhausted from fighting the current - or swallowed too much water (I was nervous I was going to die from that!) we took a rum punch break. Of course I managed to sit on my sunglasses and break them the first day. THE FIRST DAY! These sunglasses have survived many trips, I can't believe this is how it ended. Whatever.

Basically everyday included: refried beans, omlets, and mass amounts of fruit for breakfast, wave chasing, more food, wave chasing, room service, wave chasing, dinner, sleep. The first night we were in bed my 9:58p.

The wedding was beautiful! Of course it was on the beach. Cocktail hour was fun and full of deslish apps and margaritas.

Once we were full on that, we moved to the reception and our 4 course meal. Which was also scrumptious! (except for the soup and shot of tequila...that I poured into instead of taking).

K+K had the best reception ever! My words won't even do it justice. But it included a saxophone player for dinner, then a big headed Mark Anthony look a like kicked off the party. There were also luchadore, and masks, and all of the boys promptly started fake wrestling all over the dance floor. A cowboy riding a fake horse handing out cowboy hats. Beetlejuice brought the limbo stick. Oh, and you can't forget the stilted robot that was shooting shots right into your mouth. It was so much fun!

Since our flight kept getting pushed back we ended up having a few too many extra large margaritas at the airport, but at least it helped the time to fly by!

I really enjoyed this relaxing trip because I know my next one to Cancun (for Bennid's wedding) won't be like this!

Low Key Weekends

You know what's crazy? Spending ever second from Friday to Sunday with someone and still wanting more. I was beginning to think that wasn't even possible as I've become accustomed to my alone time.

I had accepted that I would never find him because he must not exist exist...but then all of a sudden here he is. It's simultaneously the most amazing and terrifying thing!

This can't possibly be real, but I sure hope he stays a while.


First Date...Finally

After a few false starts, we finally had our official first date - it was good. Pretty good. Fine, it was great.

I can't even remember the last time I was this nervous, especially about a boy.

I'm talking my hands were trembling, my pulse was quickening, and my face was flushed. I basically spent 30 min (because I was actually ready on time and he was late) pep talking my nerves and listening to my calming playlist.

He finally arrives, looking handsome as always, and I swear my motor skills are faltering. Good thing he thinks I'm cute so when I don't say a lot I'm at least nice Swoon!

He even asked me on our second date!
This was huge because the day before I had asked him when our second date was going to be. Apparently that was an unexpected question since we hadn't had the first, but I assured him that he would want a second, and that I already did. I love when I'm right! It's rare that I find something I like, so when I do, I have to have it.

Which we promptly had the next day after I taught spin class. We ended up spending the whole day together. And it was nice. Like really normal. As if we had been doing this all along.

And now I'm freaked out by how non-freaked out I am. WHO AM I RIGHT NOW?!?!?


Full Circle Karma

I've found that it's pretty rare when you actually get to see karma have your back and kick some ass.

Although I feel bad for the misfortune, I do feel vindicated.

It also reminded me to be a better person because I'd hate for it to come back for me!

So, I put that into practice after my mini celebration...

And karma already came around and got me for that celebration.

Lesson learned. Hard lesson learned.