First Workout Of 2013

My last workout of the year was a bodyjam class on December 22. I took a week and a half off because I was on Christmas vacation and I knew it would be the perfect time to give my glute a break so hopefully it would continue to heal - that mess has been going on for far too long! And my knee had started giving me problems the previous week, which caused me to sit out of my Santa Dash 1/2 marathon. That was a sad day for me, but I'm trying to be smarter and listen to my body when it hurts instead of telling it to stop being a little bitch and give me more.

I was really missing Quality Life Fitness and was dying for January 2nd so I could get my workout on! NYE I even dreamed about the gym. It started out with some good cardio and then someone tried to come in between me and my gym love. It was a nightmare.

Anyway, I hit up BodyPump for my first workout of the year. I was so excite! And it was good to see my gym friends Warren, Katie, Katie (crap, now I'm starting to doubt that I know her name correctly), and Bryan.

It was hard. Like IthoughtImighthyperventilateorpassout hard. But it was good. Soooo good! The endorphin high was intoxicating. I was planning on doing extra weights after class, but my back was feeling like a shady B in the muscle that I strained last year, so I opted for responsibility and went home...after stopping at the grocery store for lunch meat and Oreo's.

The next day I was so sore that I wanted to lay on my desk and not move, but it was so satisfying. I love going up in weight. I'm going to try and focus on strength this year...especially since I plan on dirty dance lifting Jess by December 31st.

In conclusion: My workout was awesome. I win. At life. The end.


Grown-up NYE

This was my second NYE with Steven + Jess. And so far my best two NYE yet. Coincidence? Nope, but the power of JesJess!

This years NYE was very different from last.

  • We had real food instead of peanut m&m's for dinner
  • No tripod dance moves
  • Everyone remembers all details
  • No one threw up on the table
  • Home by 2.
  • No hangovers the next day.
Yep, I think we have all entered the grown-up zone.

S+J, Kam+V, a few of their friends, and I all went to dinner at The Grove. I'd only been there once (before the Drake concert), and was excited to go back since this is one of Jess' fave spots, and it happens to be where S proposed to her a few years back. Oh the memories...that I wasn't there for since I hadn't met Jess yet.

Anyway. I met up at S+J's house and we got to watch the boys play some golf game on PS3 while we had couch and computer time. Luckiest girls ever. While Jess (who wore tights in preparation for a crazy evening) and I waited on everyone else we basically had a karaoke and mini jam sesh in the living room. Nothing better than belting out Cosmic Love with my home girl.

When it was time for dinner we were greeted with a tropical storm sized downpour. Great! We had one umbrella and the car was parked at the end of the driveway. Kam took everyone one at a time to the car under the umbrella. It almost felt like a rescue mission. The girls managed all right, but the boys were pretty soaked.

We battle traffic and get to The Grove to discover that they have blocked off valet parking. Steven was nice enough to drop everyone off at the curb and we made a mad dash for the restaurant. One of the guys gave me his jacket that I used as a shield, but Jess refused S' jacket because she thought it wasn't so bad...bad decision. I probably should have removed my shoes because it was pretty tricky running in heels while trying not to fall on the slick concrete.

We make it inside and Jess was having a Lauren Conrad mascara moment. The funny part? We had been joking about that before we left the house. After a trip to the bathroom her makeup really didn't look bad. And if the restaurant had hand dryers, then her hair would have been back to pre rain status too...instead she opted for a topknot that was a good backup plan.

The food was pretty good. I had the house salad, fried shrimp of some sort (the meatballs and quail were def better though), NY Strip w/ truffle macaroni, and the black forest torte (the cheesecake everyone else got was better).

Dinner lasted about 10-1:30...so things didn't get crazy. I joked with Jess that Steven was punishing us for the craziness that happened last year. 

We attempted to hit up a few bars on the way home...but everything was already closed. I thought I lived in a city. I got played.

We went back to S+J's house and popped another bottle of champagne. 

Although it was a good time with great company, I vote we fight the aging process and get crazy next year!


Awesome & Awkward Friday

As you read this I am on my way to NYC. Swoon. Houston has kind of skipped over winter, so I'm a little nervous about the temperatures and potential snow that await me.

This week was great! Started out with a holiday, work didn't make me eye my letter opener while considering a victim, and now I get to head to a wonderful city for the most fun work event of the year!

Linking up with Lauren, per the usj.

  • I've spent the better part of my evenings on my foam roller trying to get my IT band loose and laying on a tennis ball rubbing out the tightness in my back and glute. I must be internally bruised at this point, but it's not showing on my skin. Win?
  • JesJess is back and dominating the front row at QLF. I'm so excited to have Jess back in workout club! My workouts are seriously 200% better when she's there. I made sure to dedicate my curls to her on Wednesday. 
Please excuse us while we victory dance our domination.
  • I punched myself in the face during bodyjam on Tuesday.
  • After a baking fail two weeks ago I finally got back in the kitchen and made it my bitch! New release jam brownies will be enjoyed by all!
  • I'm mildly worried that I won't survive the weekend. My lack of sleep (I'll be up at 3:15a to get ready and head to the airport), low alcohol tolerance, and blizzard conditions are the perfect storm for death. B, Taffy, and I are going to use the #BJvault buddy system in hopes of making it  back alive.


Joint Custody

I feel like my visits home are a joint custody battle between everyone that I want to see. Since I didn't have my own car for the first part of the trip I was having to coordinate with my friends for transportation and shelter.

Luckily I have a few that will take me in, despite what I write about them on here.

I decided to opt out of Kara's dinner with her friends to head over to Lindsey's, but I'll def have to hit them up next year.

Lindsey is preggs and married now. When we were texting to set up our plans I asked if I could come over and just sit and rub her belly. She didn't really acknowledge that, so I tried not to rub it too much.

We chatted and got caught up on work, family, friends, and boys. The boys topic is always the best because I like to make up fake answers to shock Lindsey...I realize that I should probably stop doing that until after she has the baby though. 

I haven't really gotten to know her hubbs since I live across Texas, but he's so nice. The way he treats me you would think that he's known me for years! I'm so happy she found a good one.

Lindsey took off the next day and it was like old times when we roomed together for a semester in college. She was super sweet and made me waffles. What a good wife she would have made me! I even got to see Orion move around in her belly.

She also provided me with much needed advice and perspective. I'm glad she's always got loads of that to share.

I love spending time with Lindsey and can't wait to come back once I can hold Orion in my arms!


That Time That I Used My "I Mean Business Voice" In Front Of My Mom

After assessing my TV watching habits I figured it would be a better idea to cancel my cable and just go with Hulu.

So I called up my cable provider...and that fool told me I had just started a one year contract.


I started out kinda nice when I asked him to explain because I'd been with the company for over a year and a half with my contract ending about 6 months ago. Apparently when I moved my service to my new place they put me into a contract. The lady that set this up for me had failure to share this bit of info.

So things got pretty heated. I don't yell, but my volume does go up and my voice is far more stern. I feel bad that this is the guy that had to help me that day because I don't play nice when I don't get what I want (especially since I didn't sign off on a new contract).

If you frazzle someone, then you are more likely to get things accomplished. I know it sounds bad, but it works. (Sometimes kindness works, but today was not that day).

I may have said some things along the lines of :
  • do they have failure to train employees on proper procedure and full disclosure, or do they just train you to be incompetent and lie.
  • I should have known better than to continue service with you after the poor service we received with our cell phones.
  • What is this, a Merry Christmas you were tricked into a contract present? (I almost started laughing at that one)
  • Do you have record of who I spoke with last time because I would love to give her a call and discusses why she gives out contracts like it's candy.
I have yet to get out of my contract, BUT he did give me $100 off of my next bill. I almost told him to keep it because I don't want their money, I just want out of the bogus contract that I didn't agree to. But I figured I'd take it and call back later.

And that fool had the audacity to try and get our cell phone services back. I asked him if he was crazy, told him I'd pass, that I will be ending my service when my trick of a contract expires, but thanks for the credit on my account.

I thought my mom was going to lecture me on how I handled that conversation, but she said I did a good job. Maybe she was afraid I would rage on her next.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

TGIMFingF! But seriously. This was another rough week. There were even tears. And stress eating of the cookie variety. It was really sketchy there for a few days. It would probably be easier to make a "Do you know what I hate about this week other than everything?" list. BUT I will try to pep it up and ficus on the few non craptastic moments. And how can I be in a bad mood after getting my Vampire Diaries fix last night! (OMG, so good!)

Linking up with Lauren and Jeannett.
  • I hit up spin for all three morning classes. It was great. Spin shorts? not so great. BUT I do eat bacon for breakfast on those days, so it's totally worth it!
  • My makeup bag managed to disappear between the time of me getting ready at the gym and getting home that night. Not sure where it went, or if someone took it why they would want used makeup and deodorant. SO I had to bite the bullet and replenish.
  • I had lunch with B (#BJHouselives). The best part was hiding in the cut out of the elevator doors when I accidental pushed the button too early and reopened the full elevator. It was B's brilliant idea, and def better than getting the stink eye. There were def ab work inducing laughs.
  • "I did my waiting! 12 years of it in Azkaban!" That's what it felt like after not seeing Jess for 16 days. BUT She made a triumphant return to Jam. She's the only person that I don't mind dancing in my space...probably because it's usually me crowding her.
  • I got this super cool app, got sorted into Gryffindor, and can't wait to duel with Chandany next week!


Wanna Play Real Housewives?

After getting our nails done at an overpriced Amarillo shop, we stopped for a late lunch at Ruby Tequila's.

This is by far my fave tex-mex place to eat. And I will forever be heartbroken that they closed the Houston Midtown location. Moment of silence, shall we?
We met up with two of Kara's friends: Amber & her sister Lynne (I really can't remember).

While waiting for them I realized that it was Wednesday which means it's all day happy hour! I asked Kara if she wanted to play real housewives and get drunk before 5. She looked at me like I was crazy.

I ordered the large Ruby (also my fave drink. Actually the only drink that I actually enjoy) and she ordered the small. Probably the best idea since she was driving. I fully enjoyed my drink, and would have gone in for a second one, but I couldn't fit anymore liquid in me.

It was cool to finally meet Amber. I've seen her in Kara's pictures and think she's exceptionally good looking. So I shared with Kara about how pretty I thought she was and how she had the best lips with the best color...so naturally Kara told her all of this. Thanks for making me look creepy. Who's the ahole now?
Jacked from @kamercer
After lunch we headed back to Canyon. We stopped at the local coffee shop that I didn't realize existed and then took some photos since Kara has, you know, arrived at photography. haha. Kidding. I seriously think she's a great photographer, but today she was an insty photog. I posed for Kara, and apologized for my redic face. We took some pics inside the coffee shop, outside the coffee shop, and in a strangers yard. 

Yep. This yard had a cool aluminum trailer with some Christmas decorations. The decorations had all fallen over, so I set them up and started posing. 

When we got back to her house she started doing some real photography editing, and I started blogging. What a presh married couple we would make.

I was cracking up at what I was writing and then this exchange happened:
Kara: Are you writing something mean?
Me: I'm laughing, wouldn't that mean it's something nice and fun?
Kara:No, because you are always writing mean things.
She was partially right...because I had just typed a sentence about how she hated old people. She told me I had to write how I was kidding so people wouldn't think she was mean. but I assured her that I only type the truth and people needed to know it.

Somehow, she still loves me. 


The Day Kara Almost Killed Our Friendship

As if her lack of HP knowledge wasn't enough, she didn't stop there.

We had our annual donut date set for 9:30a since she doesn't have an internal alarm set as early as mine. She refers to mine as "blue hair hour." Kara also hates old people.

I had nightmares that night and forced myself awake, but the sun wasn't up yet. Crap. So I risked the dreams that would be waiting for me, and snoozed for a while longer. Friendship sacrifice. At 8:30a I was wide awake trying to be quiet and wait for Kara's 9a alarm.

FINALLY it went off. I was starving.

I forget (and apparently Kara does too) that Kara moves at a slower pace when getting ready, so we didn't leave her house until about 10. Luckily none of the girls could make breakfast so they weren't waiting on us (but I do wish they could have made it).

We roledl up to DS (donut stop) and they are basically out of everything. They had less than a dozen donut holes (Kara's main jam) and the 2 cherry donuts did not look like they were still warm. So I told Kara that we were headed to Amarillo to see if they had a better selection.

I let her know that I was kind of peeved because this is my fave thing in the world. I could go without any other food for the rest of my life (nutrition set aside) except for donut stop. I know I'm crazy, just go with it.

It was a post Christmas miracle that the Amarillo location actually had a plethora AND they were warm.

Friendship redemption.


Massage Chair of Death and Getting Dextered

Kara & Me (thanks for donating your photo to the blog..even though the editing makes me look creepy.)

Kara was kind enough to scoop me up from the airport Christmas night...even though my flight was about 45min delayed. Our embrace was so intense that passerbys could have confused us for lovers.

So she safely delivers me to her house where she puts me in the massage chair of death. This thing is both glorious and frightening at the same time. It has separate places to put your feet and hands so that it can lock you in. She tilts me into the "zero gravity position" and turns it on. The first time it starts to massage my arm (aka squeeze my arm into place so I can't escape) I started to panic and pulled it out asap.

While in the chair, the topic of Dexter came up. Probably because I'm still high off of my 7 season marathon I've been working on since Thanksgiving (it's good to have goals!). Anyway, I mention about how Dexter is totally cool, except for that time that he killed his bff, but his bff totally had it coming. She asked why he would kill his bff, so I told her it's because he put him into a massage chair of death. She thought it was a coincidence that she too had me in a chair of death....she obvs didn't catch the sarcasm. Haha. It was pretty funny watching her as I explained that I was kidding...except for the part where he really did kill Miguel.

I mentioned something about Harry Potter and she said "Did you see the new one?" Me, "huh?" Kara, "You know, the Hobbit."


I felt speechless for about .0023 seconds. How could she even confuse the two?

Anyway, I believe I threatened to dexter her.

And in that moment "Dextered" became a verb.  And yes, I kind of threatened my bff. No big since she later called me an ass hole.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

It's been a while since I've been this excited for Friday. It was a really rough week. I will mark it as successful because I got to practice a lot of patience, and I didn't stab anyone with my letter opener, and I didn't rage out in the kitchen when I had a baking fail. Trust, it's a bigger accomplishment than it sounds. Anyway, today is Friday and I plan on celebrating by actually socializing and some dancing.

Linking up with Lauren.
  • Pretty sure my apartment is haunted. My ipod came on in the bathroom when I was in the living room. Great.
  • It rained a lot this week. I got splashed pretty bad on my way to work Tuesday morning. Surprisingly, that was the best part of my work day...it's been a rough week.
  • I made cookies, forgot to add the baking soda until everything was mixed. It makes a pretty big difference when you add it last. baking fail.
  • Thursday the sun finally came out and it was the best day so far...and then one of my favorite coworkers resigned.
  • It's Girl Scout cookie season! I placed an order for only 5 boxes. Yes, only.

  • Today I did spin before work.


Awkward Assumptions

Back when I moved I called AT&T so I could transfer my service. The lady was super helpful...but it was kind of weird how she just assumed thing.

  • She asked me if the account was under mine or my husband's name.
  • She also tried to sell me on the fact that they now have a channel that shows the Laker's and that some men like that.
  • Towards the end of the convo she asked me what my kids like to watch...I did have to break it to her that I don't have children.
It was really kind of annoying, but I figured it was less awkward for both of us if I just went along with it.


Mint M&M Chocolate Cookies

I made these while watching Dexter, so you know they'll be killer!

Mint M&M Chocolate Cookies
adapted from the NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

1 c minus 1 tbs cake flour
1/2 + 1/3 c all purpose flour
1/2 + 1/8 c cocoa powder
1/2 + 1/8 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp coarse salt
1 1/4 sticks unsalted butter
1/2 + 1/8 c light brown sugar
1/2 c + 1 tbs granulated sugar
1 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 bag mint M&M's. (about 1 cup, but the more the merrier!)

  1. Mix flours, baking soda, baking powder, and salt into a bowl. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy (about 5 min). 
  3. Add eggs, stir in vanilla, and cocoa powder.
  4. reduce to low speed and slowly add dry ingredients.
  5. Fold in mint m&m's, then refrigerate dough for 24-36 hours.
  6. Preheat oven to 350*, spoon dough onto baking sheet, and bake for 10-12 min. 
  7. Let cool for 10 min, remove from sheet and place on cooling rack. Eat. 
Makes about 3 dozen when using a small cookie scoop (about 1 inch).

Linking up with Buns In My Oven.


Color Run

Emma showing her support
Months ago Kari got me and Britt on board for the color run. This isn't my kind of thing with all the gimmicks, but I was excited to run with her so I was all in.

Then she got knocked up and dropped out. Thanks a lot Kari.

Brittany was on the fence about running it and I decided that if she didn't run, then I would drop out since it's not my idea of a "fun" run.

Anyway, the night before the race Britt called to ask about packet pick up, so the race was back on.
I wasn't too thrilled about the color part or all of the walkers I anticipated we would encounter, BUT the fact that this was Brittany's first race ever did get me pumped. 

Brittany & Me before

Cole, being the presh husband that he is, picked me up so he could drop us off early for packet pickup. We got our numbers pinned on, bought sunglasses to protect our eyes from the color (best purchase ever) and waited an eternity for it to start.

I was committed to keeping whatever pace Brittany wanted so that we would finish together. And if she wanted a walk break I was more than ready to yell at motivate her. That's what friends are for!

We start off strong dodging walkers left and right, fell into a nice pace, and encountered our first color zone - blue.  To be completely honest, it was a little frightening. The color was so dense we could hardly see and it felt like chaos. I was annoyed that the color throwers were standing scattered on the road, and not just along the sides of it. So yes, I ran into one of them.

The other color zones weren't as bad.

At one point Britt and I passed a couple of girls talking about how they think that everyone needs to enjoy the experience so they don't know why people are trying to run it. I don't know if they heard me, but as I passed I said "Some people enjoy the running part because IT IS part of the experience."

We finished in a little over 30 min. I was so proud of Brittany for not stopping and completing her first 5k!

Will I ever do a color run again? Absolutely not. It's just not my thing.
Will I ever do a regular race with Brittany again? Absolutely yes.

Brittany and Me After



It's time to assess last year and make goals for 2013.

I accomplished most of my goals last year: baking more, running, my apartment is pretty tidy. I didn't fall in love, but I fell in like a couple of times...good to know my heart isn't stone after all. My cooking frequency continued to go downhill...oops. And I didn't turn Jess into a runner, so I'm going to sub in Brittany since she did her first 5k with me. I'm going to try and get her on board for a few more this year. She's going to love it!
SO this year I've decided to become all around more awesome. Can it get any better than this? I don't know, but let's find out.

  1. Last year was plagued with a freak show of injuries, so this year I plan on continuing to listen to my body when it's over worked and let it have a break instead of calling it a baby ass. 
  2. As long as that goes well, then I plan on getting more aggressive with the amount of weight I'm lifting. It's going to be easy to push my lower body, so I'm going to be giving my upper body some tough love.
  3. Running - I'm going to stick with 6 races. 
  4. Also to get a sub 2 hour half. I'm typically on pace for the first 6 miles...but after that I tend to check out. 
  5. Run 1000 miles.
  6. Domesticate myself. I used to be all about that shiz, but these last two years I've slowly stopped cooking. I can't even remember the last time that I made a real meal, so I need to get back to the kitchen for more than just baking.
  7. Dirty Dancing lift with Jess. This is one of those things that sounded like a good idea as I said it, but may not have been so smart. Whatever, challenge accepted. So what happened is: we were watching Dirty Dancing and I asked S if he thought Marc could dance like that, lift included. He said no. I asked if it was because I was fat. He said no, it's just hard and he probably couldn't even lift Jess like that (his wife, in case you think I'm talking in third person). So I said that I could. And the bet was made.
  8. Pole Dancing - I'm not sure what all I'm going to be learning this year, or how well (or not well) I will be at it...so I just plan on continuing to expand my skill set and getting my split back.
  9. Compete in pole. This one is extremely tentative because I have severe stage fright. But after going to Melee On The Bayou and watching the girls compete, it got me kind of excited. I'm really bad about getting these crazy ideas and committing before thinking it all the way through, so we'll see how I feel when the competition comes around. (I've almost committed to training for a sprint triathlon every time Steve suggests it...but I've managed to hold off). 
Anyone else have any goals for the year?


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Linking up with Lauren to share the first week of 2013!
  • I received a $25 Target gift card since I tied for first loser 2nd place in the Winter Wow-a-thon my gym had last month. The object was to attend the most classes, and I attended like a boss. I feel like I should make the 1st place and other 2nd place person my new gym bff's since we are always there together...once I figure out who they are.
  • Brittany giving me dating advice...based on her Jr. High experiences because she started dating Cole way back then and they are now married. Her examples are funny, but still appreciated.
  • Got to have a little couch and computer time with Jess on New Year Day. What a wonderful start to 2013!

  • Finally saw Lawless and it was really good...but traumatizing.
  • Please excuse me while I celebrate Friday by having Oreo's for breakfast and then using my Justin Bieber toothbrush.
How's your year starting off?



-An abbreviated form of the word "usual" aka "the usj"

Ex. "What have you been up to?" - "Oh, you know, the usj."

Yes, I am that person that uses the word usj. I also sometimes make up my own words if I can't find one that fits what I'm trying to say. I will also turn anything into a verb (i.e. Jack Dawsoned). I try to write on the blog how it would sound if I were telling you this stuff in real life (hence the awkward gramar and use of question marks in the middle of my sentences). BUT today is the first day I'm using "the usj" on my blog. This is a big day.

There have been many times that I wanted to say "the usj" but I wasn't really sure how to spell it. Even looking at the spelling makes me think "WTF is that word." It almost looks like I randomly hit a few keys and decided to just make it work.

So at The Last Supper I answered a question with "Oh, the usj." And that got me thinking about the spelling, so I asked Croc how he would spell it. He claims to have never heard the word before, so he wasn't most helpful. When sounding it out there is a kind of a "sh" "g" and "j" sound, but putting all of those letters together a "usj" does not make. Croc spelt it "ushg" and "ush" but I dissagreed and said there should be a 'j' in there. So he had the best suggestion of the night when he said to hit up Urban Dictionary. So simple! Why didn't I do this ages ago?

Turns out I was right as "usj" is the official (or as official as we are going to get) spelling.

And yes, I did just type all of this about such a silly word. But would you expect anything else from me?