Maybe We Should Stop For A Souvenir, Like A Gun.

  • Henn's seemed down about Valentine's day, so I thought I would cheer him up with this:
I know. So thoughtful, right?
He said it was the most terrifying thing anyone has ever given him. At least it made an impact! He's not an HP fan, so he didn't think it was funny.

  • I made this a double treat week (I didn't bring anything last week and had to make it up to the kids) so I brought the chocolate bark for Valentine's day, and later I also brought some delicious pretzel, chocolate & PB chip cookies.

Obviously they were good, otherwise I wouldn't be posting about it. For ex, the heart oreo cookies I made. Oh, you didn't read about that? Exactly.

  • Friday night Kari and R wanted to go out so I watched Abbers. I hadn't seen her in a month so I was afraid that she wouldn't remember me and cry the whole time. Abbers def surprised me by being really great and didn't cry at all (last time she cried every 15 min). We played ball and read bilingual books. Good time. And Kari left me a steak and asparagus to grill for dinner in exchange for my services. Delish!

On my way home there was a lot of road construction so I took a wrong turn...twice. There for a bit I really didn't think I would ever make it home.

  • Saturday B took me on a field trip to Cavendar's and a surprise trip through the ghetto. She's such a giver. I bought my first paid of boots since probably elementary school. Now I feel like a legit Texan (which I am, born and raised). Sweet!
  • In other non-related news...My new lunch obsesh is salad. Spinach, green peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, banana peppers, parm cheese, egg whites, and balsamic vinaigrette from Salata. I.die. or rather, I.eat.every.day.


Shout Out From Skinny Runner

Welcome to my regular readers, as well as those that came by way of SkinnyRunner.

My name is Jessica, or Jes, and I can't wait to be your new BFF!

Skinny Runner is the first running blog I found (I think through health.com, but I can't really remember now). Over the next few days I basically devoured her whole blog. And it was delicious!

Why do I love SR?
  • She's funny
  • Seeing her run a million miles a day keeps me motivated to run...4.
  • Because she runs a lot she has a lot of good advice.
  • I've even commented to ask her about shoe insoles, and she responded. How nice is that?
  • She sells awesome running shirts.
  • She keeps you in the loops with good deals and discounts.
Good mail day! SR race shirts, compression shorts (discount SR blogged), and Florence + The Machine concert tickets!

I was in blog love!  And from there I found all of the other blogs that I currently stalk read.

I am ever so excited that she posted my pic! And that it's with the cutest longhorn that I've ever ever seen. EVER! I almost got back in line so I could pet him some more.

Anyway. since you are here, take a sec to look around and get comfy because I just know we are going to be exchanging heart paintings and bff bracelets in no time!

Hope to see you again soon!


Champagne Showers And Leveling Up At Wild West

I was super psyched for our return to Wild West after a month hiatus. 

After BodyPump I stopped by Best Buy (I already lost my shuffle charger and needed a replacement) so I was getting home about 15min before we were supposed to leave. I obviously needed to get cleaned up, so I grabbed my bag and lunch box and sprinted from my car to the apt. Yeah, bad idea since it had been raining all day. I slipped in the hall and it happened so fast I didn't have a chance to attempt to catch myself. I slammed hard into the ground and the outside of a rando apartment. I probably laid there for a good 10sec before moving. 

When I made it into the apt and B noticed I was a little rattled she said she heard a loud sound outside. Yep, that was totally me. Even the Pyrex bowl in my lunch bag shattered. I thought that stuff wasn't supposed to break, but this is probably the 3rd thing I've shattered. Anyway, my knee has a nasty scrape that reminds me of my childhood, my right hip and thigh is internally bruised, and I kinda jacked up my right shoulder too (I landed on it but at least my arm protected my head). Oh, and my back that's already kinda jacked up from the skating and NY trip is just a mess. Yeah, really wishing my insurance had kicked in because I really need to get to a chiropractor!

Anyway, we finally made it to WW for what is usually ladies night, but we got charged. I guess they've heard the rumors and realized we aren't ladies after all! haha. 
  • Jessica was playing wipe out in the hall.
  • Water wasted
  • Should have brought my butter knife to slice that tension.
  • Stranger danger!
  • But maybe stranger no more
  • "oh, I didn't teach you that." 
  • Let me get this straight, you don't like beer, grilled cheese, The Band Perry, and you don't own boots? Are you a terrorist?
  • Jarafi breaking it down.
  • Are we going to get paid for babysitting?
  • Adam spun me more than usual. I guess I did a good job last time so I leveled up! Next level? Flips and shiz! 
  • I probably shouldn't call her by a nickname since I haven't even met her yet? Right.
I had a great time, as aways even though I was really off my dancing game and couldn't follow to save my life...thanks for dancing with me anyway boys!


Lady Dates and Sister Wives

Last Friday Jes and I made plans to see The Vow. You know, because hanging out M-TR at the gym just isn't enough JesJes time!

But seriously, it's not.

Anyway, Carolyn was in town for work so I let her drive my car for the day and I took B's car to work (she has the tag so I didn't have to pay for parking!). It was a bit of a situation getting things coordinated after work so I could get my car and apartment key back. Really, I just needed my apt key since I could use B's car that night. By the time we got that sorted, I fought Traffic to get to Jes, then we got to the movies, the showing was sold out! So we bought tickets for the late show, 3 hours later, and headed back to her house to have a music swap and eat sugar cookies (that she made, so it's totally in the rules).

I got to see the changes they've made to the kitchen, and it's looking really good. Then she showed me the new stove, and I feel in love. I literally gave it a hug. I should have snapped a photo because it's the most awesome stove I've ever seen! When they finish the kitchen I'll have to sleepover so we can cook on it and in it! (Jes - yes, I did just invite myself over. I hope that's ok?)

While we figured out why my iTunes is effing nuts Steven came home and decided to go to the movies with us, but alone. Yeah, that does make sense. We all went to SMG, but he watched something more manly.

The movie was good...I think. Turns out I still can't handle the late show because I may have taken a few naps. BUT *spoiler alert* it did have a happy ending. Which you should have assumed given it's a Valentine's day movie, duh. There for a bit I thought it was going to be one of those "just because you love someone doesn't mean you end up together" BS movies (uhhh, Prime) so I started to get irritated. Because, P.S. I don't pay for reality, I pay for you to feel me with warm feelings and happy endings!

Seriously. Who would?
 On our way home our Sister Wives arrangement came up. This is the second time, so I'm thinking it's almost my official back up plan to finding my own husband! Sweet! It would be so much fun living with S+J. Except I'm totally going to tap out of the baby rotation and my nightly duties...so I'll just do other wife stuff instead. You know, like cooking, cleaning, baking, being awesome, and remembering Steven's gym clothes, etc.


Cupid Shuffle - 5K

At the last minuet I decided to sign up for this race...Almost literally the last min. Cutoff was midnight, and I registered at 10p. But I made it!

Spoiler Alert: I got 1st in my Division.
I got up at 6 Sunday morning to get ready and head out to Friendswood. We had surprise winter last week, so it was about 35 degrees. Not a good time.

I went into this knowing I was going to PR. What was my exact goal? Didn't really have a number, just better than my last 5K (in July) since I had been running more regularly.

It was so cold I kept my sweatshirt on with my Garmin under the sleeve. I thought the start button was on the left...around mile 1 when I pushed my sleeves up, I discovered that it wasn't. I'm always forgetting to properly start or stop my watch when I run. Oh well.

For the first mile I couldn't feel my legs. hands. body. It was so cold. In those moments, I knew I made the right decision not doing the 5 mile run. I also felt like I was going in slow mo...and since I hadn't started my watch, I had no idea if I was or not.

Anyway. When I could feel my legs all I could feel was the soreness and the muscles tightening from yesterdays run and bodypump. But I soldiered on (I love how I'm writing as if this was wayyy more serious than it was).

As I saw the people coming back from the turnaround I started to count the ladies to see how far behind I was. I was surprised to see only 3 ahead of me.

I passed one of the ladies, and towards the end I was catching up with this adorable 10 year old. As I started to pass her she gunned it. Yes, I got schooled by a child.

The point is I got 1st in my age division. And I got my PR. Sweet day!
Please disregard the 10 year old that came in before me...
 When they announced me as first place, I was tempted to celebrate, but then I realized I was there alone and would just look like a db, so I restrained it to smile, "thank you," and one fist pump...only one.



Mugatu, my iPod shuffle, has betrayed me. Here's the deal: Since I don't have a cubical anymore I brought my iHome back home and would plug in my iPod in the morning to help get BJ House pumped for the day. That was going really well until I decided to purchase more music and of course sync it on to Mugatu. Well, that dirty B refused to sync based on some error. I let that go on for a few days when I got the brilliant idea to restore my iPod and start from scratch. Yeah, now it's won't sync the music from the past two years, but it'll add everything before that. WTF?!?

I really couldn't handle my running play list only including 7 songs, so I bought a shuffle. A baby sized pink one - mini Mugatu. The pink is not as cute as the nano, but whatevs.

I get home all jazzed about getting my running mix on there so I can work out some stress, oh and I have a few races coming up, only to be grey goosed by Mackie (my Mac. Creative name, I know.). That hooker refused to recognize that MM (mini Mugatu) was plugged in. I made sure the software was up to date, tried both USB ports, restarted my computer, and nothing. Nothing worked. At this point I started crying out of frustration. I just wanted to run to some good tunes but I had been dealing with my new problem child too long and it was my bedtime.

THEN the next morning I got up to hit the treadmill at 5:30a, and the effing apt gym was locked. WTF is that? Last week I went at 5:15 and it was open. Those m effers. I think Mackie knew I was already in a mood, so when I opened him up he had miraculously found MM so I spent my running time syncing them up.


"I Got My Heart Broken, Then Everything Got Weird."

Nick said that on New Girl this week, but I feel that is def appropriate for my life these past 11 months.

  • Jes and I got in trouble for talking in between sets at pump. In my whole life, I have one gotten in trouble for talking one other time.
  • "have a good night and sweet dreams...filled with hunger games (were you win)"
  • Rick asked me if I could make something less sweet and more healthy like granola bars. Seriously? No. Who would want that?
  • "Who do I have to backhand around here in order to perform this year at the Grammys?" - Chris Brown <--- following Adam on Twitter def enhances my life in the laughter department.
  • My body feels seriously jacked up. It all started with the skating. Then it got a little more jacked at the AGM - I may have danced to hard. Before I went out that Saturday I was doing hip rolls to try and loosen up my back. This week it's my neck, lower back, and ankles. WTF body? Pull it together!
  • B and I discovered FB video chat. Then we chatted with it from our separate couches.
And then Valentine's Day happened:
Adam left chocolate and cards for BJ House. Best.Neighbor.Ever. (Yes, that is RA in the background. B & I had takeout for dinner).

 I gave the co-workers chocolate bark and Hello Kitty Valentines.

 Please notice my Hello Kitty Valentine's mailbox. I did manage to get one love letter...from Amanda. Jes also sent me an ecard.

Gifts to me, from me. xoxo, Jes

And then this email convo with Jes happened:
Me: I think I'll send one to Marc.
I was going to go with this:

But figured that was a little aggressive since he hasn't come to terms with our future yet.
So then I saw this:
But it said heart, which is like love, which is a little intense.
SO I decided on this one:
Jes loved it and wanted me to send all three.
S suggested that I send him flowers with an I love you note. Yeah, great idea Steven if I want to be labeled a Stage 5 clinger. This is probably why I go to Jes for stuff like this, although his input is always amusing.

**Mini Rant: On fb there have been some single people that hatin on Valentine's Day, and it drives me nuts! Think about it, for you this is really just another day this year that you aren't getting flowers when someone else is. So stop whining about it! Do you think complaining about "singles awareness day" is going to change your single status? Because it's not. And if you are going to complain, at least make it funny!

Overall it has been a great week and a fantastic 2.14!
How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?


I.Die. From Stoopidity.

I feel like so much has already been going on this year and we just barely touched into February (yeah, I may have written this a week ago). I love it...for the most part.

I finally mastered my drive to the gym after work so I will no longer miss BodyPump and cardio. Thank goodness because I'm trying to stay high on endorphins and skinny. When I miss my regular workouts (which double as JesJes+Steven time) I'm ready to cut a B (not my roommate B though).

With the job change came a schedule change. Before I was getting off around 4:30 most days so that allowed me plenty of time to run errands and get in my workouts. But now that I work until 6 I often have to chose between the two. Last night I had to chose errands. Although these last two weeks have been really good, there are also some things causing me major stress, so I could have used a good run last night but didn't have the time to fit it in. Also I've noticed that working 8-6 does make me a little grumpier than usual.

Work has been going really well. I like my coworkers and we have girls lunch every day! You know how in High School you were excited to go everyday so you could see your friends? Yeah, my job is kinda like that. Oh, and it probably helps that I made them Rolo Brownies last week, and M&M cookies this week. Follow the link to get the recipes. Both were over the top delicious!

B and I decided to start doing 5am runs because we don't really have time in the evening and the buddy system is def a safe choice. We have done that twice, then either the gym was locked or we didn't have enough time. I'm def trying to get my running back on schedule, so I signed up for:
  • Rodeo Run 10 k - Feb 25
  • The Woodlands 5k (the half mary was sold out) - March 3
  • Angie's 1/2 Crazy 1/2 Marathon - April 1


Oh, and working with B is going pretty well. I sit in the front room, so we aren't around each other all day. But we do talk often and have lunch together most days. AND we still enjoy our Mac time at home.


Valentine's Day Cliche

Valentine's is one of my fave holidays.

No I don't think you need one day a year to celebrate love...because you should celebrate all year. Duh!

Buutttt...It's nice to have one day where you fo sho are going to celebrate.

I love it when my Valentine's day is filled with as many cheesetastic cliche things as possible! I'm not talking things that sparkle, I'm more into flowers, cards, and candy on this day of love. That's the way to my heart. And the cheesier the card, the better. Oh, but do feel free to write about the serious and not so serious reasons that you love me so.

Since I'm lacking in the whole having a valentine this year area, I'm going to be my own.

Is that weird? No, it's not that weird. Ok, maybe it is. Do you know me? Then you shouldn't be so surprised.

I love myself so I deserve to treat myself right! You bet I'm going to buy flowers for my #1 girl (tha'd be me). Oh, and her fave sweets...good thing I know her so well. And a card? DUH!* I'll probably even swing by RA to pick up her current fave eats on the way home from the gym.

*Side Note: When I buy things online I always send a note with it, especially if I'm buying something for myself. For ex:
  • Jes, I saw these and thought they would look great on you. xoxo, Jes

The point is 1. Vday is awesome when it's cheesetastic, 2. just because you are single doesn't mean this day has to be a reminder that you are alone (because that would be such a downer!), 3. Feel free to send me flowers, cards, and candy in exchange for me loving you forever. xoxo.

Well, I could think of one person other than myself...


"We All Look Like We're Doing The Walk Of Shame." - Taffan

Hands down a top 5 weekend.

Me, Taffers, Marina
The America's division of the company all met in NY for our annual meeting. The weekend started a little after 5am Friday morning when Allan and Ewelina picked me up on the way to the airport. I had hardly slept the night before due to packing procrastination and a mixture of nervousness and excitement that kept me awake. I was basically passed the eff out on the airplane tray table for all but the last 30 min of the flight.
  • AGM awesomeness (company growth plans = amazing) and mild awkwardness
  • "I don't want her to have my number."
  • "Hey Jes, come to our room. I want to show you something...No, it's not a shot! Would I lie to you?" Yes it was, and yes you did Jake.
  • RDV = great time with the coworkers.
  • I'm glad B is my little bird so I can easily carry her home at the end of a raging night if she happens to twist her ankle.
  • Tripping out of the elevator with B in my arms and managing a spin move so she landed on me instead of vise versa. We then laid there for about 5 min laughing. Welcome to the company Chandani!
  • Getting back to the hotel at 1am - I'm sitting in bed half asleep and removing my makeup when Taffs and Brian bust in so she can swap heels for flip flops and head to another bar. Of course the dance party must live on, so I threw on my keds and went with them. They went great with my dress.
  • "You two need to stick together because it's not safe here!" - being the innocent lambs when entering the wolfs den at Tonic.
  • Piggy back rides from Brian.
  • Pictures in Times Square at 3am.
  • "So, did you bang Fitoussi last night?" - 1. No. 2. I don't even know your name, so 3.Did you really just ask me that? 
  • Adventures with Brian - SS happens...and then you get a free JetBlue flight!
  • "If I levitate, do I have you in the bag?"
  • "Jes is my baby bear, and if you hurt her, I will cut you." Actually, that's B's way of saying "I know what you did, and I will break my beer bottle and cut your throat." Oh wait, I think she did say that too! haha.
  • Taking B back to Buttercup Bakery.
  • Dog Piles - "I feel like I'm 17 again!"
  • Pre date girl time with Taffs, Marina, and B (who was taking a nap)
  • Date night with Marc = swoon
  • Marc's HP pick up line -> Dear Diary, I think I just feel in love...
  • Cab rides with Taffs and Brian.
I wish that once a month we could all move into a hotel for the weekend because we have such a blast together! I also wish Marina lived in Houston so we could make her hang out with us every weekend! The only thing that was missing this weekend was S+J, Shake Shack, and Crumbs...next time....def next time.

Jake, Max, David 


Rick & Brian
Taffers & Me (check the flip flops and keds...too bad you can't tell that we are wearing party dresses under those coats)
Amanda & Brian
Me, Taffers, B
Jake, Marina, Brittni
Me & B
Buttercup Bakery has rice krispies almost as good as mine!

I feel that maybe the company should add this to the notes about our meetings from now on.

How not to pick up a girl and probably get nut punched:
  • Tell her you don't know why she acts like she's not going home with you, when she is...even though she ended things a few days earlier.
  • Pop her bra clasp open at the bar - way to keep it classy.
  • Leave the bar without saying bye, then call her an hour later to see if she's coming over. Then hang up on her, twice. Oh, and make sure you don't apologize the next day when she calls you out for being an ahole. (again, this is why we have Dads)
and a few more pics:

Buttercup Bakery
B and her fave cupcakes


We're Going to Skate to One Song, and One Song Only....

Jes: What's that song?

Oh, never mind.

B, Jes, Mandy, and I went to the roller rink. It was such a blast!

We started out with roller skates, but then upgraded to roller blades after two hours and some pizza. Yes, we were the only people there over the age of 13...that didn't have kids (except for Rodger the Roller Rink King). Whatever, we had fun.

I busted on the first lap. Right on my knee that I busted on some stairs Friday night. WTF?!? I wanted to cry, but realized how awkward that would be since I was surrounded by children that didn't cry when they fell.

Things got really fun once we switched to the blades! Jes and I got our Apollo Ono on (it's at the 39 sec mark).

They didn't do the limbo like they used to back when I was a kid (geez, that was a looonngg time ago). BUT they did have a few skating races! Jes and I got second place in the Scooter Race (see fb for the video). I was in the front, so I basically just let Jes push me around the loop and try not to fall. I got 3rd place in the backwards skate. That was rough. I hadn't remastered that from childhood, but I still placed!

Jes and I have every intention of owning all races next time...except for the guy's race because we obvs don't qualify for that.

Mandy & Jes did a great job not falling, while I had 2 whip outs, and B had 1.
The concession prices were out of the 90s, so we got a pizza. It was surprisingly delish!

Mandy & B cut out around 4:30, but Jes and I shut it down.

That evening the pain started to set in. My back, neck, knee, and everything else hurt from the falls. But I still can't wait to go back again and show those middle schoolers what's up!

Rolo Brownies

I really haven't been baking that much these past few months. I've learned that's it's another one of those things that I'm just not into when I'm heartbroken. And I've been nursing heartache since the end of October. But I'm on the up (for now) so I am back in the kitchen.

I used to send treats to work with B, and now I work there too. Everyone was pretty pumped that they would get to enjoy my treats exclusively...since I wouldn't be taking turns with my other office. It def makes it worth it when I see how much they enjoy them.

So far I have made them Oreo brownies, M&M cookies, and Rolo brownies.

Honestly, I'm not a big brownie fan (except for the batter! Yum!). But I really did like this variation! And  so did the office; the brownie pan was empty by lunch time. These are good, really good - trust.

by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

1box dark chocolate fudge cake mix
1/3 c evaporated milk
1/2 c butter, melted
12oz bag Rolos
1/2 c PB chips

  1. Preheat oven to 350. Spray 8in baking pan with nonstick baking spray.
  2. In a large bowl combine cake mix, evaporated milk, and melted butter. Press half of the mixture into the bottom of sprayed pan and bake for 8 minutes. Remove brownies from oven and let cool for 10 minutes.
  3. Toss in the Rolos and sprinkle PB chips over them. Press the other half of brownie mix onto wax paper into the shape of the pan, then transfer on top of rolo/PB chip mix. (Like you did in step 5 here) and bake for 20-25min.
  4. Let cool, cut, serve, impress.


When You Said Midtown I Didn't Know You Meant Midtown.


I went out with a lot of the coworkers on Friday. I was excited to hit up my fave bars in Midtown that we usually pass up because I prefer not to run into Daniel. Yes, we still talk on occasion, but it's just weird to see him out.

You would think him living across Texas would help this, but of course not. Guess who I ran into?

Whatevs, we still had a great time.

Here are a few pics:
Bennida, Me, B, Taffy, Marina, Amanda


Daddy FTW

OK, I actually call him Dad.

I went to NY for a week long training a opted to stay the weekend because 1. I love NY and 2. I had been kinda seeing a boy there.

Well I ended up coming home Friday instead of Sunday...Of course there is a story behind that, but I'm not going to put anyone on blast.

When the change occurred I:
  1. Called B to vent. I think my angry calm freaked her out.
  2. Started working on a backup plan.
  3. Decided I wasn't in the mood to spend the weekend alone in the city so I called Dad for help. (Yes, I still call my parents when things go bad and I need bailed out, like that time I went to jail...just kidding that never happened. No really, that was a joke, I've never been arrested.)
When Daddy Dearest asked me what was wrong I burst into tears. That was super awkward for both of us. It kinda caught me by surprise that I was crying upset. Anyway, Dad offered to either cover my hotel for the weekend, or my flight home after work. I went with the flight because I thought it was best to get the heck out of there before my words turned into daggers.

The moral of the story is this: it's not always easy being a single girl in a world full of aholes, and that's why God gave us Dads.
Fo Life

Also - shout out to the man older than my father that hit on me most of the way home. Sir, if you had children, they would probably be older than I am. Also? You thought I was a freshman in college. Don't be so creepy.

Don't worry Mom, I love you too.