2012 - The Year of Knitting & Crock Pots

2012 was def a year of healing, learning, and being awesome after the shit show that was 2011.

I agree, so let's do it!
And really so many other great things that didn't even make the blog!


Awesome and Awkward Friday

I've been gone since Sunday so I am so homesick for Houston right now, it's redic. BUT it's been good to see the fam since I was last here in October.

Linking up with Lauren, like always.

  • Had an awesome time bowling last weekend. And I didn't come in last! I did, however, rip two of my fingernails. ouch!
  • My phone fell out of my coat pocket in the rain. :( Luckily the only damage is that my camera no longer works. Which is pretty tragic. And explains the extra lack of pic on the blog as of late. So I will most likely be caving and trading out Droid for an iPhone soon.
  • Baby Marsh!
  • Got to see two of my best CHS girls! Not sure if I'll get to see the other two because my trip is almost over.
  • Annual Donut Stop date with Kara!



So I've been doing this whole Dexter marathon thing since Thanksgiving. I popped by Blockbuster to return the first two discs of season three and grab the 3rd and 4th. They didn't have it. I asked the desk person to double check and it turns out the store doesn't own it. I looked at her in a mixture of panic and frustration, then signed for about 3 seconds while contemplating WWDD? (what would Dexter do) and realized it wasn't within the code, so he would probably do nothing.

So I went home, did some online research and turns out none of the Blockbusters in Houston have it. WTF is that?

My Theories?
  • These discs were banned so they were all burned.
  • It's like the ring so after it was watched the renter was killed by Samara, therefore they couldn't return it so it ended up being checked out so long that they became the owner.
  • It's the best set of epps so the renter kept it to watch it over and over.



Yep. It's happening again. Right now.

This year we are doing things a little different which makes me miss the traditions we used to have. But this isn't about that because it's really not a big deal.

This is about one thing that I really missed this year: love.

haha. no.

Revelation. As in the youth choir I was a member of during jr. high and high school, not as in the end of times.

I don't know what it was about this year but I was really missing not having the annual Christmas concert. I haven't been a member for 8 years since I graduated high school, so this is nothing new.

The Christmas concert was always my favorite (just like it was back in my jr. high band days). I'm pretty sure we did a lot of the same classic songs each year, and I really wish I had a cassette (yes cassette...it's what we would get our performance music on) so I could relive the days.

Maybe one of these days we could have a mini Christmas reunion concert. Tiff, Anna? What do y'all think?



THIS is my fave holiday treat. Hands Down. No competition. I will stab you for a piece. No really.

Back in elementary school my mom would always bring this for the Christmas party. Seriously the best day of the year for me.

So please, go and make this now. It's so easy and so delish you don't have a reason not to...except for the whole grocery stores might be closed already since it's Christmas Eve. In which case I highly suggest breaking and entering. Do what you gotta do.

2 tbsp butter
1 bag marshmallows
green food coloring
6 cups Kellogg's flakes cereal
red hots/red icing

  1. Coat a bundt pan with non stick spray.
  2. Melt butter - about 20 sec in microwave.
  3. Add mallows and microwave in 1 min increments stirring in between until smooth.
  4. Mix in food coloring until it's a shade of green you approve of.
  5. Slowly mix in the cereal then pour into bundt pan.
  6. Give it a few hours to cool so it'll stick together, then remove from pan.
  7. Strategically place red hots (or icing if you are not a red hot lover like me) into berry formations.
  8. Enjoy!!


Liebster Award

Last month Amanda, from not your dirty underwear, and Karli, from hello darlin', nominated me for the Liebster award. Thanks girls!

The Liebster Award is given to new or up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. It's a great way to find new and noteworthy blogs (such as this one).


  1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
  2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
  3. Chose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
  4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
  5. No tag backs.

11 Randos
  1. I got my braces off 10 years ago and I still wear my retainers a few times a month.
  2. Singing and dancing in the kitchen is the only way to bake or cook.
  3. I hug my mixer every time I'm going bake something. I just really love it.
  4. I don't like getting my nails done - I cringe when they file them. But I do it because they do a much better job than I do.
  5. 4 - the number of times I've watched Breaking Dawn 2 in theaters.
  6. I have an addictive personality. 
  7. I talk to my car as if she's alive. Matilda is a great car companion.
  8. Sometimes I'll bake for people to influence their opinion of me. It's a pretty successful tactic.
  9. I squeeze my toothpast from the middle of the tube. Once it was requested that I squeeze from the bottom, so everytime I would use it I would first squeeze from the middle, then from the bottom to cover up my middle squeeze.
  10. I'm a little stubborn.
  11. Make me laugh and we'll be friends forever.

Q&A from Amanda.
  1. I have been blogging for over 3 years.
  2. If I could go anywhere in the universe I would want to go home. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not too crazy, but I miss home and don't visit often enough.
  3. My favorite thing about Houston is the mild winters and the friends I've aquired here.
  4. The best advice I've ever received is:
  5. If I were stranded on an island the 3 things I'd want with me are 1) water purifier, 2) survival guide, 3) Croc's bug out bag.
  6. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. I dressed up as Belle many times in elementary school.
  7. My go to winter accessory is my coat...I'm not really into accessories.
  8. My go to beauty product is mascara. I think I look 17 without it.
  9. If I could do anything it would be to continue doing what every I want...just like Cartman.
  10. My favorite hair product is hair spray. I live in Texas, it's like a law. Even when I don't do my hair, I still hairspray it, shake it, and go.
  11. My most embarassing moment. The first thing that comes to mind is the time B and I were in NY and she decided we were going to follow this couple to dinner since we overheard them talking about wanting Italian. I took her direction too literally and ended up getting into the same section of the revolving door as the guy. We still laugh about it because it was pretty funny and I obviously wasn't paying attention.

Q&A from Karli
  1. My favorite season was always summer because I love the warmth and the long days. But living in Houston has changed that to winter because it's pretty mild and great for running. 
  2. It's hard to pick one fave store...so I'll go with a few: Target, Express, Dillards.
  3. I like both rap and country...but I like rap a bit more.
  4. I do not like cats.
  5. In most cases the book is better than the movie. 
  6. My fave Christmas song is The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting).
  7. All of my New Years have been different, but I usually celebrate by being with friends or loved ones.
  8. My fave type of gift to give on Christmas is anything that makes the receiver truly happy.
  9. My favorite quote is: "I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet)." E.E. Cummings.
  10. I have been blogging for over three years and was reading not too long before that.
  11. My fave well known blogger is myself. Kidding, it's The Daybook Blog.
My 11 Bloggers and Questions
Turns out I'm a bit of a rule breaker...so I've got nothing. Actually I looked at the blogs that I follow and don't have any with less than 200 followers, and I'm too lazy to go scout out some new talent. Please don't revoke my blog.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Linking up with From My Grey Desk.

Let's get this party started!


  • Today is the start of my holiday break! No work until January 2nd.
  • Dexter (except for season 6). I'm almost to the end!
  • This necklace:
  • 3 day work weeks
  • Spending time in the kitchen again:


  • The amount of time I've spent watching Dexter this past month.
  • Falling during bodyjam. 
  • "Open Up" - The lady at Amerijuve. That was super awkward.
  • When Emma tries to say my name it comes out as "cock a cock."


The Rise And Fall Of BJ House

That title is way too dramatic, but I couldn't resist. 

There wasn't a fallout, even thought I think some thought that was the reason for the end of our roommateship. I still talk to B every day at work and we have dinners during the week - we just decided it was time to to leave the nest.

Long Live BJ House
Adam moved out around the same time we did, so we had to have the last supper. Kyle even came...even though he didn't realize we were all moving because he's too far out of the friendship loop. I was too lazy to hit up the grocery so I bumbed tortillas and brats from Croc. They were much appreciated.

We had a lot of good times in BJ House, but the adventures don't have to stop since we are still friends and the vault lives on.



Peppermint Bark

This is the first thing I made in my new kitchen. Don't get new confused for improved. It's smaller and the thought of making anything more involved than chocolate bark makes me feel like I'm going to have an anxiety attack. So baking has been scarce due to the pre move half packed conditions I had going one for two weeks and then the post move small kitchen anxiety inducing sitch. 

Peppermint Bark
6 pieces chocolate flavored almond bark
9 pieces white chocolate flavored almond bark
14 peppermint candy canes

  1. Line large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Unwrap candy canes, place in plastic baggie, and smash. I used a hammer since it was handy.
  3. Melt the chocolate flavored bark in a medium sized bowl in the microwave. Start with 60sec, then 30 sec intervals stirring between until smooth.
  4. Pour onto cookie sheet, spread it out, and place in fridge/freezer to set.
  5. Melt white chocolate flavored bark the same way as the other one, stir in a little more than half of the smashed candy canes, then pour and spread over the hardened chocolate bark.
  6. Sprinkle remaining candy cane pieces on top, and place in fridge/freezer to set.
  7. Cut into pieces and enjoy!



Back in the spelling test days spelling was my least favorite subject/activity. I was much better at the other subjects. Once I thought I knew how to spell something and it turned out to be wrong I had a hard time correcting my way of thinking. There are words that I had trouble with as a kid that I still have to double check. You would think that I would have figured it out in the last 20 years, but I guess I'm kind of slow.

Well I've noticed a new thing that I've been doing while typing: conjoining words.

If there are two words that I often say next to each other, then my mind has somehow married them into one word. It's kind of absurd the combos I come up with. I often don't even realize until I run the spell check.

Here are a few:
  • eachother
  • cookiesheet
  • peanutbutter
A few more annoying things? I have a habit of leaving off the last letter or words, doubling up letters, or leaving one out when there should have been two. How does this happen? I'm only 26 so you would think that my mind wouldn't be deteriorating so soon.

Am I the only one that's getting dumber every day?


First World Problems

A rep from Double Tree stopped by the office to promote their hotel. He was in luck since I actually do book travel for the company.

He gave me some brochures, his card, and a free cookie!

The cookie obviously caught my interest.

I was so excited to have a bite because I suspected it would be chocolate chip - something pretty standard.

It was chocolate chip...with walnuts. WTF? My smile just turned into a frown.

How can you go around handing out free cookies with nuts in them when a lot of people have nut allergies. According to Time.com, 150 people die every year from nut allergies. Do you enjoy stealthily killing people? If so, then you should totes also get a prius. Those things are so quiet that you could probably run someone over and they wouldn't even notice until they were on the ground.

Alright, so I don't have a nut allergy. But that is still something to consider.

I just don't like nuts in my food. (yes, that is what she said because I just said it).

The moral of the story is: If you are going to give me a free cookie, you better make it good!


Halloween - Highlight Edition

  • Ran the Monster Mash 10K. Hopefully Kari will rejoin me next year!

  • Made cupcakes for work.

  • Halloween Jam
  • Me, Amanda, Stacey

  • Went to a Halloween Party at Blue Moose

B, stranger, Me
Panhandle sistas. I never meet anyone that actually knows where Canyon is (I'm pointing to it on my impromptu hand map)
Kat, Bekka, Me, B, Alex
I had way to much doing spells with my wand that night. I wish I could have it with me always, but I suppose that would be a little weird. Just a little.

P.S. Thanks to B, Kat, and Amanda for the borrowed pics!


Fall Races

I ran a few 5k races these last few months, and I have a bone to pick.

Brawt Trot 5k

I ran this one as a last min decision when I was in Dalhart in October. The night before the race my Papa saw something about it in the paper, it sounded fun, so I signed up and the grandparents cheered me on to victory!

The only thing that irritated me (other than the dry climate) is that there wasn't a water stop. I've ran a few 5K races, and they have all had water stops. Yeah, 5k isn't that far, but when I'm breathing in cold dry air some water would be nice because my insides felt like they were drying up.

Monster Mash 10k

I ran this last year with Kari and enjoyed it. It was three loops (that was kind of annoying), but not that bad.

This year they decided to switch it up by having us start on the horse track. WTF?!? This is one of those times when I probably should have read the race details...Anyway, so we start on a horse track for a little over a loop of sand running. Seriously. Yes, I would love to tire my legs out a bit and risk rolling my ankle (which almost happened once).

Firefly 5k

This one had the potential to be great because it was at night and the weather was really great! I was running a decent pace and felt good. When I finished I checked my watch for the stats: ummm, 2.87 is not a 5k. I know that my garmin is occasionally off, but never has it been off by this much. According to the race results I have a new PR...but since the distance was off I didn't really PR, so it's a lie and is driving me nuts.

To summarize: Please have water, don't make me run on sand, and have an accurate race distance. Please and thank you.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Linking up with From My Grey Desk.

To summarize:
  • Successful move. Now I just need to be home long enough to finish the packing and organizing.
  • Dramatic sigh at the Blockbuster lady. I don't think she was amused,  but neither was I.
  • Jess had me over for a vegetarian dinner. It was delicious! Then we celebrated National Cookie Day while watching New Girl.
  • B's Christmas dinner was delish. And catchphrase was entertaining.
Me: What's my dream job?
B: Cupcake
Taffy: Stripper 
Seriously? haha.

  • Made this:

  •  I obviously already love The Vampire Diaries, but the love great even more when they played my fave song from the Twilight soundtrack:

How was your week?


Pole 3 Graduation: Brought to you by Icy Hot

I missed my last class (and chance to practice) due to my inability to book travel correctly. I was a little stressed about that.

I since I couldn't really practice the whole routine at home, I spent a few days memorizing the order because I'm not ready to free style the whole thing, and this gives me an outline to embellish. Before hitting up the studio I did a run through of the floor work and marking everything else to make sure it felt right with my song options. I ended up going with "Birthday Cake Remix" by Rihanna ft Chris Brown. I had originally planned on wearing my cupcake costume, but was afraid it would get in the way of my invert.

My glute/hip issue has shown progress, but still flares up a few days a week. It chose this day. Betrayed by my own body. I got to the studio early, generously applied icy hot to the left half of my butt, lower back, and hip. Good times.

I stretched it out, tried to maintain easy breathing, warmed up my spins, and did a run through of the dance. I practiced the invert 4 times...a few times too many because it really wears you out!

As soon as I heard Erica arrive I volunteered to go first. I went to the bathroom to wash the sweat off of my legs and hands.

And then it was show time.

By the time I finished the floor work and took to the pole I was already super sweaty again...which makes for less than smooth transitions. Betrayed by my own body again. Much like public speaking, when I'm nervous I dance faster. At the last two graduations I was able to slow down, but I didn't do as well this time. I hit everything except for the superwoman hold because I was too slick. It wasn't a big deal to miss it, it just would have helped with the time factor. I hit the invert, even though there was a fraction of a second when I thought I was going to miss it because I could tell my back was already tired. While inverted I did the crucifix hold...but it didn't last long because my legs started to slip and that could have been a broken neck disaster.

Not my fave performance out of the tree...but then again I'm overly critical of myself.

I can't wait to start 4 and have my original pole sistas back in my life!


Oreo PB & Chocolate Pretzel Bark

Do you want your coworkers to like you? Then make this asap and share it with them. After a piece of this treat my boss told me that between my baking and pole dancing I'll make someone a great wife. I told him to spread the word.

Sarah saw the picture on facebook and sent me a text about them. Since she works in my building it was easy to meet in the lobby so I could share.

Oreo PB & Chocolate Pretzel Bark
1 bag chocolate chips
1 bag peanut butter chips
10 Oreos
2 c pretzels (I used sticks)

  • Line your cookie sheet with wax paper and spread out the pretzels.
  • Chop the Oreos into fourths.
  • In a medium bowl microwave your chocolate chips in 45 second intervals (stirring after each) until smooth, then pour it over the pretzels. Use a spoon or spatula to smooth it out and get everything covered. (The pretzels will move around, but don't panic, just try to flatten them out.
  • Next, use the medium bowl to microwave the peanut butter chips in 45 second intervals (stirring after each) until smooth. Pour over chocolate and top with the chopped oreos (press down so they stay in place).
  • Place in the fridge or freezer until hard, cut into pieces, and eat!


Pole 3.6

OMG! Only one more class and one practice day before graduation. Panic is starting to set in...like always.

About an hour before class Erica emailed us the details of the dance. This was great because I can't ever remember any of it and improvising for a whole song makes my pulse race from fear.

This class we worked on the twizzler and mine is getting a lot closer to what it should be. It's so important that I get this down because it's the foundation of some pretty cool spin things.

New Skills: Superwoman. This is just a hold once you climb up the pole. You are basically trying to lay parallel to the floor. So you put your legs out and cross at the ankle (The key is to squeeze the pole as hard as you can and hope that your not sweating so much that you start to slide). Grip the pole with either hand a few inches above where your legs are holding on, lay back, pelvis up.

There is this product called Dry Hands that is supposed to help dry up your sweat so you can do holds like this. Yeah, my sweat totally defies it.

Pretty successful class. And I even 'Jack Dawsoned' K.Stew. Turns out her name is Renee.