"I'm so excited I could bite you."

Brittany (who has now secured herself a spot in the BFFL circle and earned her painted heart) invited me to NYC last week.

We had so much fun. Except when she made us walk a circle in the freezing rain...

I do not have the ability to focus enough to form actuall sentences and paragraphs, so this is going to be a primarily bulleted post (as you can obviously see below. duh.).

  • Mason singing Empire State of Mind as we left the air port.
  • "This rice krispy treat is efffing awesome!" because it really was.
  • "I bet she has plans for you."
  • The Statue of Liberty was smaller than I thought.
  • seeing the empire state building where B was supposed to meet Chuck so he could propose, but she didn't make it because Dorota went into labor because it's crazy huge
  • Ground Zero and the memorial they are building was incredible and overwhelming.
  • Romantic night at Ayzo with Brit
  • Harry Potter exhibit and being sorted into Gryffindor
  • Seeing the building that was used as the establishing shot for Mugatu
  • Times Square at night does look as awesome as on TV
  • Being so close and yet so far from Ian Somerhalder who was on Regis & Kelly Thursday.
And really, so much more. 

This turned out to be a successful trial run for mine and B's 12 months to forever plan!


How to Make a Bowl of Cereal

To all my avid readers (er... Grandma),

I apologize for not having any updates. I am currently kitchenless. Without a kitchen. So the most that I have made lately is a bowl of Cap 'n Crunch, and I don't think you need directions on how to make that. Just in case you do, see below:

  • buy Cap 'n Crunch and milk
  • pour both in bowl
  • eat with spoon
It's def the easiest thing I have ever made!

I am dying to start cooking and baking again so keep checking back for updates...hopefully sooner than later. But not too soon. Maybe in a couple of weeks.