Movie Bark

This turned out wayyyy better than I ever could have imagined!

 I love popcorn.

Covered in white chocolate? Yes!

With M&M's? Yes!

With sharp cheddar cheese slices? Yes!

With Reese's Pieces? Must you even ask? YESSSS!

So I figured I'd make a combo of my fave ways to eat it. Obviously cheese didn't make the cut because that would just mix kind of weird.

Movie Bark
1 bag milk chocolate chips
1 bag white chocolate chips
1 cup Reese's Pieces
1 individual sized bag of popcorn (I used Smart Pop buttered)

  • Cover a baking sheet with wax paper.
  • Melt milk chocolate chips in bowl stopping to stir every 30 seconds until smooth. Pour and spread over wax paper. Pop in the freezer to speed up the hardening process.
  • Pop popcorn (follow bag directions) and set aside.
  • Melt white chocolate chips in bowl, stopping to stir every 30 sec until smooth. Pour and spread over the hardened milk chocolate layer.
  • Sprinkle Reese's Pieces & popcorn over the white chocolate and press down to secure it into the top layer. Pop into the freezer to speed up the hardening process.
  • Once the chocolate is set, cut into pieces, and enjoy!

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4th of July Weekend

The rest of the weekend was spent:

  • on the treadmill for week 1 of 1/2 marathon training.
  • Watching the Bling Ring (surprisingly Steve agreed)
  • Eating. I think someone possessed my body because I suggested Golden Coral. Seriously, who am I? My dad would always take take us and I hated it. The food wasn't as bad as I remembered...but lets be honest, I was really there for the unlimited dessert bar that included cotton candy! Say what?
  • Searching for the best BBQ (with help of Texas Monthly). I'm not a BBQ fan but Steve loved it.
  • Museum of Modern Art. I just don't get it. But it was more fun once we started acting as if we were have in depth convos about the pieces - I've mastered the hand motions and facial expressions.
  • Had a blast at the Rangers game. Even though the lost.

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Six Flags

I have loved roller coasters for as long as I can remember. My favorite memory is from when my family helped me move back to Canyon after my freshman year in college and we made a Six Flags pit stop. Andrew and I rode roller coasters all day long. I'll have to see if I can uncover where I stashed those photos. So naturally, when Steve and I decided to spend the 4th of July weekend in Dallas I suggested we go there.

Turns out that was the worst idea I had all weekend.

While we waited in line for the first roller coaster I had an epiphany that I don't really like to ride them anymore. But I did it, even though I was scared. The first one wasn't sooo bad, so we got in line for the New Texas Giant. Having two hours to ponder over the science of roller coasters, how to survive that massive drop, and convincing myself that I will not die, I got buckled into my seat. And promptly started crying. I had my eyes closed for the majority of the ride that I thought would never end.

Steve was super supportive of my trauma...the way he almost died laughing when he saw the picture from the ride. Lucky for me, he had accidentally shredded his bank card earlier in the day and I refused to buy it.

Even though we had fun, I have come to the conclusion that I hate amusement parks:

  • I could die of a heat stroke, despite my avid hydration.
  • Waiting in line for about 2 hours for a ride is redic. 
  • Roller coasters make me cry 
  • I hate rides where you get wet 

On the plus side: I did get rock candy and dots!

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Wrap It Up

Since I've waited over a month to finish writing about this...I am resorting to bullet points.

  • "Uncle Stevie, did you break up with your other girlfriend?" That was the first thing Steve's nephew said to him when they showed up at his parents house for bday dinner. I would like to note that Steve didn't answer, so if you see him with another girl you have my full permission (and encouragement) to get ratchet. #girlcode
  • Steve's mom cooked an enchilada lunch and made delicious chocolate cupcakes for Steve's bday.
  • We watched Superman. I am secretly bitter that Tom Welling isn't Superman in the movies. Otherwise, it was alright.
  • Pizza Hut for dinner. I love that S let me have it because it's not his fave pizza, but it's mine and I never get it because cheese bread sticks aren't a well rounded meal. Weird, right?
  • Sunday breakfast with Lindsey and Orion! He's just the sweetest baby boy ever!

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Crazy 8

BabyMarsh + Me

Steve was at a bach party during his bday weekend, so I came down the following weekend for a delayed celebration. Since his mom was already making two bday desserts, and I was traveling, I had to make due with baking brownies and fitting 75% of them into my ziploc container. I even smuggled (ok, it almost got confiscated) icing through security, only to discover S doesn't like icing. What's wrong with him? It's often the best part. I probably should have remembered this because at Lindsey's wedding he only ate the cake and I only ate the icing.

He picked me up from the airport and we headed to Firehouse to meet up with my long lost BFFs that I haven't seen in about 1.5 years: Kayla and Shep.  Steve had a great time listening to girl talk. Actually, I'm pretty sure he blacked out because he didn't seem to remember a lot of what we discussed. 

Thursday was kicked off with a little of this:

Then lunch at a sushi bar & errands with my mom. She borrowed my phone and commented on how I need a better case like hers because she drops it a lot. Yes, please tell me about how you always drop phones as I hand mine over to you. I was nervous, but luckily it was fine. 

On my way into Dalhart I drove by the disc golf course because I figured Dad would be there instead of home. And I was right. He wasn't expecting to see me that day, so he didn't seem to recognize me at first. Then I stopped by the house to see the step brothers and baby Kimberly before heading over to Grandma's for family dinner.

BabyMarsh might need to be upgraded to ManMarsh because he was in charge of the grilling and did an excellent job. (just kidding, he'll always be BabyMarsh to me!)

Once the wind died down we were able to cook up some s'mores (aka my fave part about visiting home). Grandma had the brilliant idea to use cookies instead of graham crackers. Amazing!

The night ended with a funny game of chicken foot with Marsh & Grandma. Turns out grandma can't count to 8. And I had the opportunity to showboat how gracious of a winner I am.

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NWSF: Week 1

From my experience I do a crap job at creating and following my own running plans. So I did some research and decided to go with the half marathon plan on my RunKeeper app.  I already record my workouts on here, so it just made sence to have all of the information in one place. It's also nice because it has all 76 workouts already set up in my activity calendar so I don't have to worry about not knowing what comes next.

Monday is my running off day, which also happens to be leg day at the gym. So naturally I upped some of my weight, you know, because that's always a good day before your first 5 mile run in wayyyy too long. Luckily the run went well. The next hurdle was the fact that I was going on vacation the day of the second run.

So here is the breakdown of week 1.

1: 5 slow miles - they were exactly that. It started to sprinkle half way through, so I'll take that as a good omen of new beginnings.

2: 3 slow miles with a few fast (:20) slow (2:00) intervals at the end - This was a hard one because I was having a lot of IT band issues. It took longer than normal because I had to mix in walking to relieve the pain. After some foam rolling, ice, and rest, it felt a lot better.

3: 5 slow miles - Not too bad once I got in the zone. The best part? No IT band pain! But I made sure to roll & ice to prevent it from coming back.

4: 5 slow miles - yeah....I managed to squeeze out 2.39. My legs were beat from all of the walking we had been doing the last two days and I lost the mental battle

5: 7 miles at 9:20-10 pace - After a 5 hour drive home, grocery shopping, and beginning meal prep, I headed out to log some miles. It wasn't pretty, but I finished. Thank you 71% humidity for almost killing me.
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Nike Women's

 I ran the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon 4 years ago as part of Team In Training.

Last year I was ready to return to San Fran...but didn't win the lottery drawing.

But this year? I won the drawing and will be 1 of the 30,000 runners! And by win I mean they drew my name and then I paid them a nice sum of money in order to put my body through a semi torturous process because I somehow think this is fun?

I'm still sticking with the 1/2 because I am more of a one and done marathoner, so I knocked that out 8 years ago and realized long distance isn't my thang (and my knees agree).

Anyway. I was checking my email about every 5 min on June 28 (the day the runners were notified). And finally I got the email during lunch. I was afraid to open because I didn't want to read a rejection, but I was also afraid to be accepted in because I haven't been consistently running since my IT band issue that sidelined me in January.

So I read it. Twice. Then threw my hands up in Victory. Then read it again out of fear that I was having a Zoolander moment and Hansel had really won instead of me. (Ugh, not again!).

I teared up a little because I was so excited and filled with joy (and terror at the memory of those hills) that I got in.

So I spent the weekend researching training plans, revising my current workout schedule, and mentally preparing for what the next 16 weeks will entail.

I have a time goal in mind, given that my body avoids injury, and I know this will be hard, but I am ready!

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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

B initiated Mean Girls day at work. That's normal right? Like, all late 20somethings are doing that...right? Just us? ok, cool.

So she sent an email to our best girls to spread the word. There were only 3 participants.

These girls must not have seen the movie since they didn't take this seriously.
"You can't sit with us!"
Taffan tried to pass off her red shirt as pink since it's in the same color family. Ummm, no.
Marina had barley visible pink on her dress. Doesn't count.
Kate pained her nails pink. Although it was a lovely shade it didn't qualify.

Should we be concerned with how much I enjoyed telling people they couldn't sit with us? Probably. I guess I'm just a mean girl at heart.

Don't worry it wasn't enforced because this isn't high school.
Jk. We are really nice!

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I'm On A Boat

Yes, I am living in 2010 (or whenever that song came out).

The contract team celebrated Team Of The Year with a Friday afternoon boat party!

I was thrilled that Ryan invited me to join because I contribute to the team, but in a non sales way.

We started out the day with 2 hours of work because you don't become the best by slacking off! Then we hit up brunch that included bottomless mimosas.

You know it's going to be a crazy day when Bob starts his toast with "This is to gunpowder and pussy." What can I say, I work with an interesting bunch. Life is never boring.

After loads of laughs and delish food, and Derbear informing us that he booked a boat that was covered...and we couldn't get in the water (seriously, who put this fool in charge?) we headed back to work to change and board the party bus.

Wine before noon. Who am I?
Once aboard the boat it was confirmed that there really was a pole. Right about now I was a little suspicious that I might really have been invited to be the entertainment. Great. I hope they at least brought some dollars! (spoiler, they didn't).
Photo from B
The whole day was basically a dance party with flip cup and beer pong mixed in.

One of my co-workers tried to challenge me to a pole off. I was a little nervous since he has more experience than I do, but I basically dominated. This is mainly because 1. I do have skill, 2. he tried to do a side mount thing that he hasn't done in years, and basically face planted. That was the funniest thing that happened all day.

I did a few more tricks and got pretty good reviews. I was pretty nervous about how they'd look because I haven't really poled for anyone outside of the girls at the studio, so I'm really glad I didn't eff it up!
Because Taff and I know how to keep it profesh.
Derbear's family lives on the bay, so he said that we could go over there for pool and sun time since the boat didn't include those things. Finally!

Bob attempted to throw me in (I really didn't want to mess with wet hair), but failed. I basically went stiff as a board and started pulling my weight towards the ground and he couldn't carry me that well. That was a much better tactic than the nut punch I almost went with.
Words can not explain what's happening here. 
The day was pretty fun...minus the ride back.  When your co-workers start dry humping, it's time for me to call it a day. When we got back to the city we dropped most everyone off at the bar,  but I skipped that and went to dinner then rented some movies. Because I'm obviously super cool.

Even though these guys are on my nerves 99% of the time, and I'm appalled by a lot of the things that I experience with them outside of work...I really do love them.

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Look Sexy On The Count Of Three

Remember  that time when I first started taking pole classes and they asked me why I was doing it and I said it was to uncover my inner sex kitten? (Or something similar, yet a little over the top?)

Well, I don't feel that I've mastered it. 

In my last level we would do exercises where we had to dance facing the mirror while flirting with ourselves. I would say that I'm a decent flirt, but it's more of a natural thing, not like "1,2,3, flirt!" I don't think I ooze sex appeal (which is fine), but when the opportunity for boudoir pictures at the studio came up, I figured "Why not?" 

I decided to wear what I typically wear for pole so that I wouldn't feel completely awkward prancing around in my underwear while a stranger plays paparazzi.

Funny thing: So I got my makeup done (figured a profesh would know what would show up best on film) and as I was leaving one of the ladies told me to have a good prom. Great. I look like a baby prostitute...emphasis on the baby part.

I showed up early to stretch (we did some stuff on the pole), warm up, and have some of this:
just a bit
Overall the experience was fantastic. Lindsey was fantastic! She did a great job directing me because, honestly, I think I really suck at photos, and I never know what to do with my face, or my body...much like in real life. Just ask anyone that's talked to me about how I can't seem to control my expressions.

I liked them so much that I may now have one of them framed on my nightstand. Yes, I am in love with myself - thanks for asking.

I figure I should share at least one, so here ya go!

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