Pole 1.4

Only half of the class showed up tonight. It was nice not having to take turns!

For our floor work we learned the 'sleeping beauty.' You start on the ground and sit up by leading with your chest. I can't do it. At all.

Since we have learned a few spins we did pole circuits so teacher could make sure we are on the up-and-up.

We did the Fireman, One Leg Fireman, and Spiral. My body was cooperating today and I did a pretty good job at all of them. duh.

Then we each took a pole and learned a new spin: The Chair. I.Hate.It. I was having the trouble of committing to the spin. I don't know why. What? Worst case scenario my arms decide not to hold me and I fall. Not that big of a deal since I'm not inverted. A few times I told myself not to be such a baby. That only kinda helped. Given the option I'll opt out of that one for life. Doesn't help that I pole burned my arms and hands more on this spin than any other. What.evs.

Other than that we just went over the dance again, and again, and again. And when you thought we were done, we did it one.more.time. I was so hot a sweaty that my shoes become a hazard to my health. Yes, I remembered my heels this time.

Oh, and here's one of the souvenirs I got from class:
That's the inside of my left calf. The lines are from my heels catching my leg during spins. ouch! And the bruise is from my leg sticking to the pole instead of sliding around it. WTF. I had that bad boy for over a week. 


The Life And Death Of Wild West Thursday

Our first Wild West Thursday was a hit for most of us. Some crocadille tears may have been shed by someone because it was pretty empty. Yeah it was sad not to people watch, but I'm not there find a man, so I loved having more room to dance! Apparently the guys think they need to meet ladies because B & I aren't providing the kind of companionship they are looking for. Whatever. I figure we are just grooming them for when they find a special lady. You know, keeping them socialized.
Mandy, Me, B
After work I went to the park to get in some miles in my new insoles…that I hate. Thanks to the structure of my ankle bones I over pronate so the longer miles give me trouble and I'm always up to try something new (insoles, shoes) to remedy this. So I got fitted at the Woodlands race expo and finally got them in the mail. First off, they were wayyyy over correcting me so I was under pronating. I already roll my ankle enough as it is, so that was just a disaster waiting to happen. I took off a piece of them so they would sit better. They still felt like they were pushing a little bit too much and made my shoes feel too full. Whatever. I took them for a run and I just don't know how I feel about them. Like all new things, they gave me a nice sizable blister on my arch.

Anyway, I went home, bathed, and iced my shins while watching The Vampire Diaries (OMG. So Good. Glad you got a haircut Damon.). I pep talked myself into getting off the couch and meeting everyone at WW. Even though I was super tired the next day it was totes worth it.

Jonathan & Mandy (P.S. Thanks for the pictures B!)
Mandy & Jonathan even came out! Yay! Jonathan taught me the waltz, and like most things, I owned it. Since there weren't as many people we didn't have to bob and weave on the dance floor. Croc had some of his friends meet up and I'm pretty sure we should have been paid a babysitting fee. Croc was drinking it up so he was spinning in circles more than usual when we danced. The usual is pretty intense, but this was like riding on the Himalaya (Wonderland throwback). When we stopped I felt like maybe I had been drinking and didn't realize. But I don't mind, as long as he doesn't mind when I stumble around and trip when he spins and dips me. BTW, totally mastered whatever dip he does with me...now if I could just make it look more graceful.
Croc, Me, B, Adam
I am all about WWTR fo lyfe, but I am def getting some push back from some of the boys. I don't think they understand how this friendship thing works. We vote on things, majority rules (and I'm always the majority), then you fall in line. It's not that hard!
Kidding, only kind of. I motioned that we compromise by switching of Wednesday and Thursdays. Whatevs.


Pole 1.3

I think I acquired less bruises than the first two weeks. Success!

This week I didn't run right before class...actually I skipped my run all together. And boy am I glad about that! I also forgot my heels. I wasn't glad about that :(

We started with the usual warm up, hip rolls, shoulder rolls, etc. I forgot that I had either pulled a muscle in my right leg, or I have a knot...not sure yet. All I know is it hurt during the warm up stretching. So naturally I also forgot to roll it out when I got home from class. great.

Anyway, we practiced the spins we learned the past two weeks: fireman, one legged fireman, and merry-go-rounds. Then we added a new one...the spiral. It's basically like doing a table top jump except your front heel is hooked around the pole and you are spinning. This is where the whole 'glad I skipped my run' comes in. Forcing my back leg up hurt. After every spin my glute and hamstring on the back leg was cramping up. I was already sore from pump yesterday, so a run right before would have put me over the edge.

Anyway, when teacher came around to evaluate she didn't have any corrections to make. Thank you cheerleading, you have finally come back into play!

We learned another section of the routine and I surprisingly remembered the parts from the week before. Again, I would like to thank HS Cheer for that.

This is the first class that my hands started to feel the burn. Apparently I can expect some super sexy calluses to start forming soon. Until then, I have the pains of precalluses on my hands and fingers. ouch! I also managed to pole burn my whole right arm. Seriously, WTF? Oh, and I busted my ankle on the base of the pole. It's going to be quite a treat when I put on my running shoes in the morning.

Despite the pain I'm enduring, I am really enjoying this class. It's a lot of fun and I love the soreness from using my muscles in a different way than I do in BodyPump.



Steven is the best husband ever. EVER!

When I went over for movie night on Sunday he had bought s'more stuff.

I was so excited because Jes and I had been talking about making S'mores for a couple of weeks, but he kept shooting us down. I would have jumped into making them right then, BUT I was full from dinner…and girl scout cookies, so we made plans to roast on Wednesday.

Wednesday after pump and some additional cardio (I motivated Jes with the s'mores, a fairly effective tactic) we finally had s'mores…after dinner and the new ep of New Girl. (Thanks Steven for letting us watch that even though I'm pretty sure you already watched it the day before).

It had rained earlier in the week so Jes laid out the wood to dry. But it was still a little damp. Nothing that more lighter fluid and matches can't fix! Haha. Almost every time we loaded up more mellows on our sticks S would ask if we wanted more fire, then he would pour the lighter fluid on it. Probably not that safe, but totally awesome and it totally worked! I told them it reminded me of Sirius Black because he used to talk to Harry in the fireplace. S looked at me like I was a little cray. But later he was acting like a caveman talking about the fire. So who is the real crazy person here? I'll call it a tie.


I brought over peeps because I had been wanting to try them and it obviously didn't work out during Sunday dinner. Honestly, not worth the wait. Not impressed. They were alright, but I prefer regular marshmallows.

I made two s'mores but the chocolate wouldn't melt. I think I prefer my s'mores from the microwave. BUT I did enjoy the plain marshmallow roast. I probably ate my weight in them. Ahhh! They are soo goooooodddddd! I think roasted marshmallows might be my fave treat to eat. Or a close tie with some good ice cream.

Jes would make a fab hand model.

Dear Jes, Please help me lock down a husband as great as Steven...and by that I really mean one that will buy me stuff to make s'mores and light the fire. xoxo, Jes


That Awkward Moment

When you are making pancakes and you grab the side of the skillet (not the handle) as you flip them...and you don't notice for about two seconds.

Yeah. I've done lost my mind.

Surprisingly the burns on my fingers weren't that bad!


That Time I Won And Lost $100

Marc came to Houston for a Wedding (no, not ours). B knew this meant she wouldn't be seeing much of me because Jes always kidnaps me when he's in town. It is kidnapping if I don't resist? Hmmm....

Thursday Jes stood me up for our post jam cardio sesh and I was super disappointed because the elliptical is no fun alone. It had been a rough day (not because of that) so when we had a miscommunication about dinner I decided to just call it a day and stay home. I attempted to watch Vampire Diaries (back after a month's break!!!) but ended up falling asleep on the couch...I guess the late Wednesday night caught up to me.

Friday after work B & I picked up our packages from the office (yay for new running tights and insoles!) and caught up on the latest OTH ep. (you will forever be loved, despite that one time you killed your brother, Dan Scott.)
Dear Dan, you were extra bad ass and funny this season. Way to go out like a champ. xoxo,Jes

For dinner S, J, Marc, and I went to Underbelly. The food was alright, especially the skirt steak, but the boys were really disappointed that they were out of 3 of the 4 main courses (Marc chipping his tooth probably didn't help his experience). I wasn't too jazzed about pork belly or lamb, so I didn't cry about it. Henry & Paul were there with some friends and they were probably a little shocked that I was on a date with someone other than B. Hopefully this will help to confirm that we are not secret lovers after all! Marc and Jes finished out dinner with a debate over putting out positive energy and not being so hard on the restaurant...or something. I don't know, I think I took a nap because it went on for so long.

Then off to Boondocks. It was about midnight at this point and the place was like a ghost town. Where was everyone at? I always have a great time at Boondocks even though I'm not really into their music selection. Jes loved it (it's one of her fave places) so she busted out some signature dance moves.

Saturday the boys were kind enough to buy us outfits for St. Patty's day. They really out did themselves when they took us to the thrift store. I was wearing a black 80s dress with a green sash around the waste, Jes rocked a strapless green bridesmaid dress, while S+Marc wore coordinating green shirts and shorts. S looked a little thug life.

Sweet get up Steven. (and thanks for letting me jack your picture).
We rolled up to the crawfish boil and Jes was shocked that no one else was dressed crazy. Really Jes? We got strange looks, but whatev. Jes and I played darts and I barely won. I hadn't really played before so this was quite the task.

Next up was me v Steven. He was beating me so bad that I wanted to quit (not always a good loser). He got a little cocky about it and bet me $100 that I couldn't come back and beat him. Not only that, but anytime he hit something that I didn't have yet, I would get credit. Those were pretty good odds for him because he needed about two more hits and I needed more than half. I think you see where this is going. I beat him and it was the sweetest victory I've had in a while! S was so pissed. I was pretty kind about it (except when I wrote BOOM BITCH! on the score board).

Oh that's right, about the title of this post...S told Marc about my awesome victory, so he challenged me to double or nothing. I told him it wasn't that serious because I'm not claiming to be good, but whatevs. In the shortest game of the day he beat me so bad that a part of me died. But I tried to take it like a champ.

We went home, Jes and I showered and got ready to meet up with B in midtown. We made it a block from the house when Steven said something about renting a movie and Jes and I agreed so fast I think we gave him whiplash. So we became an old married couple and had a sw (sister wives) movie night. J got out voted so we rented Immortals. I watched about 20min of that then woke up on the couch with Jes around 11p. Thanks for leaving us there S! So then I moved to the spare room and left Jes on the couch. haha. I figure she made it to to bed eventually because she wasn't on the couch when I woke up.

When I was getting ready to head home the next day Jes ordered pizza. She makes it wayyy too easy to be talked into staying. We chilled and I finally returned home that afternoon for Sunday dinner, before returning back to S+J for another movie night.


Our Last WWW

(The following events took place on March 14..my posts are just really delayed...because I'm lazy)

Because we are moving it to Thurdays!

This Wednesday B and I had plans to watch a vie (very important episode) of OTH. Well, that changed once I showed up to the gym and I was invited to dinner with S+J and Marc. I tried to say no since I had plans with B, but I obviously couldn't resist. I was a little nervous breaking the news to my little krumpet, but once I told her Marc was in attendence, she was alright with it.

Wednesday's are always great, but this was above and beyond because S+J and Marc joined us at Wild West!
  • "BTDubs, you were awesome last night on the dance floor. Not that you aren't always fun to dance with Jes, but it was awesome nailing the pretzel with you, especially with how crowded it was. " - Adam (Yes, I just direct quoted you from an email.)
  • That awkward moment when you are dancing to Foot Loose and the whole dance floor turns it into a line dance...that you don't know...so they keep bumping into you as you dance like a fool.
  • Eatting J+S's wedding cake...a week and a half after it was thawed out. Still tastes good, but probably not a good idea.
  • Steven and Marc made dinner. Steak and asparagus. My fave. I wonder if they knew that? Anyway, it was super delish, except I'm pretty sure parts of my steak were pulsing...
  • Did you seriously just say you read the book 'Sperm Wars'
  • Pump filled up before I got there. BUT the membership manager said from now on he'd save me a spot because he knows I'm always there. Please and Thank You!!
  • Speed guy didn't change his shirt once. Weird. Usually he has at least three wardrobe changes.
  • Croc and I lost contact during a spin. His facial expression was like he lost my hand and I plummited to me death off a clif. Mine was probably similar. Luckily I'm good at the recovery because I mess up a lot so it didn't look too crazy.
  • Great Improvising - is what Adam calls it when I don't let him lead and do spins he's not spinning.
  • Jes didn't 'spring forward' her car clock so I thought I wasn't doing too bad leaving at 12:30...I got tricked.

This was a great Wednsday to kick off the weekend with (errr....maybe a little early, whatevs).

Farewell WWW. You have been a lot of fun but you have left me tired for two days too many. I can't wait to start up WWTR...def not as much fun to say. OR WWWWTR (water wasted wild west Thursdays). Doesn't have the same ring to it.


Bug The Efff Out Bag

Sunday was such a busy day! I had my morning run...in the pouring rain. Then I skated my heart out and beat some kids at the skating races. THEN we still had Sunday dinner.

On my way home (thanks for the ride Jes!) Kyle texted to taunt me with his gs cookies...what a peach. A bruised and sour peach that is. (kidding! Thanks for the cookies Kyle!)

When I got there the boys hadn't even lit the grill! B was such a Honey B and bought us the 100th Birthday special edition Oreo's. They were good, but I prefer the regular double stuffed.

I went to the grill with my peeps and make shift roaster in hand while B headed to the treadmill. I was on a skating/endorphin high, and it was a little overwhelming for Croc. I didn't realize I couldn't roast my little bunny over the flame because apparently it's burning off chemicals or something, which is bad for you? What if I like the risk? Whatever. So I tried to roast him over the heat of the coals...yeah, that didn't work out. Great idea Croc. This is why you aren't in charge of peeps roasting. So then I told them about my skating war stores while dancing around and stretching. I had done a number on my legs with the running and skate fest.
I'm sad I didn't get to roast you :(
Croc even let me manage his play list! And by manage, I really mean I grabbed his phone and started skipping through his crap songs until I found (luckily) some that weren't so bad. I may have asked him if he made a play list of crap songs on purpose.
Kyle, Croc (reading his history gift), Adam
Then he invited us to do the Poker run in Innis (the closes Braum's to Houston...I love you Braum's!) and said, "Of course you can stay at my family's house! They would totes magotes love that!" Direct quote, I swear. Ok, Ok, I may have paraphrased it a little bit. I told him that was funny because last week I had mentioned something about meeting his mom and he said "yeah...probably not." We must have had a friendship growth spurt!

Of course we ended the night with some dancing!

Other notables:
  • "Jessica, sit down."
  • Carlyle telling me that the first part of the flip is an uncomfortable position to be in, to which B responds "She seems alright with it, I think you are the one that's uncomfortable."
  • Adam - Ladies, I understand why you would keep trying to wrap your legs around me, but you aren't supposed to do that. Croc - She doesn't do that to me. Wait, should I be offended by that?
  • "Stop eating my food!" Thanks for the bite...and the water I was drinking form your cup earlier. You're welcome Kyle.
  • We gave Croc the present B made (I just supervised). I hope he puts the history book to good use!
  • I'm trying to secure my spot on Croc's survival team so I let him borrow my Zombie Survival Guide.
  • He showed us the contents of his Bug Out Bag and I made a few references as to how that stuff would have been useful in The Hunger Games. I think he agreed, but I have a feeling he doesn't really know what THG is.
  • Found out Adam used to have a lip ring and mohawk. Thank goodness that was bf (before friendship).
  • B sneaking the history book into Croc's BugOut Bag.

  • Croc showing us all of the items in said bag.
  • He's going to do some BugOut bag survival challenge. I asked him if it was like The Hunger Games and the winner is the last one alive...he thinks I'm cray.
  • "I think you licked my arm."
  • After a great round of spins, getting a butt slap and kick off the make shift dance floor. So unexpected but funny; I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Being told I would never get dropped. Next flip? lost grip of one of my hands. To his credit, he didn't drop me, but I almost had a heart attack.
  • The boys were jealous of Crocks ever growing list of nick names, so we gave them some: Eve & Kylekins. They weren't impressed.
  • Croc said he didn't want to seem creepy and ask for our # so I took his phone and did the swap for him. Then I inform him that not only did he text me (xoxo), he also called. His response, "I didn't know I was so into you."


They See Me Rollin

We had a skate date with the RKlub girls (minus Shuler because she had plans with the in-laws, and apparently that's more important than friendship. She needs to get her priorities sorted).

I hadn't seen Mandy since B's Christmas Party. And it's been so long since I've seen Allison, that I honestly can't even remember! I saw B on the ride over (carpool!) and Jes the day before.

First thing, we ordered our Pizza! It was a little after lunch, and I was starving! Then we had a catch up sesh until 3 when we got our blades and hit the rink!

This time we all wore workout type clothes since we got so sweaty last time - some of us take our skating a little too seriously and it becomes a sweat sesh (errr...me and Jes).

Thanks to help from Jes, I have just about perfected my spin...in one direction. Derek Zoolander and I have that in common. 
Mandy, Jes, Me, B, Allison
The first race was all girls, 1 lap. There were so many people (errr....kids) that they got in front of us (Jes raced too) and one girl literally held her arm in front of me...as we were skating. Really kids? I obviously couldn't move her arm because I'm an adult, but that was super rude of her!
Skating Competition Rank:
  • 2nd - wheel burrow for team JesJes - (FASTER! FASTER! FASTER!)
  • 3rd - Backwards Skate (sllllooowwwlllyyy but sssuuurrreeelllyyyy.....red and back for 3rd place)
  • 3rd - 18+ up
  • 2nd - 2 laps for anyone who's placed in one of the races that day.
Yes I did a victory lap every time I placed. I may have raised the roof as well. And by may? I mean most def!
Getting ready for the partners race.
One of the boys that I beat challenged me to a redo. So I beat him 4 out of the next 5 times. Yes, I did trash talk him. Yes, he was probably 17, so it's not like he was a child. Yes, he was probably humiliated, given I'm a girl and he was much taller than I was.
Other notables:
  • Jes ran over a kids hand - how rude!
  • None of us fell!
  • A kid told B that Jes and I were immature for doing the races.
  • The music was sooo good this time! They played a few songs from Jam, so Jes and I were having a two person flash mob on the floor.
  • I joined the little girls conga line.
  • Al taught us how to become a better skater - skate with your hands behind your back so you have to rely on your core for balance.


Married Friends

Saturday night was all about my married friends.

My first stop was Cole & Brittany's place. Britt's family was in town, so I really couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them. Carla and Lacie are so much fun. I also got to see Emma! We hung out, chatted, and played Fruit Ninja on the Xbox Kinnect. Best.Game.Ever. I really sucked it up on my first go around, so Carla razzed me a bit. But then I started to own it. On one go around I was doing pretty good and getting all kinds of good slices, so I had to throw in a "that's what you get for making fun of me earlier, Carla." Naturally I chopped through a bomb and blew myself up at the end of that sentence. Oh well.

I had a video of Carla playing, but my phone is refusing to upload or email it. She lucked out this time!

Next stop? S+J's place, duh. I had only seen them twice this week, and that obviously isn't enough, so I crashed their Saturday night. And by crash, I mean totally enhanced it in all ways positive! They have been remodeling their kitchen and it looks awesome! Naturally. Everything Jes does is awesome (sw love xx). I am honored that I got to share in the first meal with the new oven. I totally should have snapped a picture of the oven because it's the bomb! I literally hugged it the first time I saw it. Such a beauty! Anyway, Jes whipped up some chicken fried chicken in the oven, (Yes, I am aware that's not fried. I explained to her that's baked breaded chicken. And she told me she doesn't know how to fry stuff? Say what?!?), corn, rolls, and a delish salad.

S asked what we wanted to watch, we said New Girl, he said not again. Dang. So we watched a little bit of Speed then an ep of East Bound and Down (so stupid, but funny too).

She said I could have a sleepover in the Lawson suite (which I'm campaigning for it to become the Aragon suite, but whatevs). But I had plans for an early morning run, so figured I should get home.

**When I was telling Henry about my weekend and hanging with the marrieds he asked me if I ever felt left out since I'm not married. WHO does that?


Sushi Chef, Level:Expert

B & I have been trying to take the RA Sushi 101 class since last September, so we were elated when I got the email about the next one AND it worked with our schedule (Sorry you got cut out this day, BodyPump). AND it happened to fall on our two month working together anniversary.

The weather was groggy, and honestly, it wasn't an emotionally good day for me so I was kinda grumpy when we left. But I pulled it together once we got in the car and turned up the music!

We were so excited...and then we had to use sticky rice. Luckily B and I balance each other. For example, when she's freaking out about how she can't maneuver the rice and dropping the f bomb (fun, duh!) I have the ability to stay extra calm and keep it extra fun...and them give up and just kinda work the rice for her a bit.

Once we mastered plastering the rice to the seaweed paper, we were golden. The second roll was super easy and delicious.

 Yeah, my hands were covered in the rice so I kinda missed the next step...

I was basically starving when we got to RA so I ate all of my edamame, my first & second roll, and almost all of B's second roll too. She wasn't going to eat it and it was delicious so I couldn't let it go to waste. I was so full of that deliciousness that I didn't eat again until I had dinner with S + J after 9p.

After Sushi we got our nails did. The lady asked me if I wanted the extra callous treatment, and I turned her down. She looked at me like I was crazy. What? I worked hard for those and if she took them off, my feet would blister like crazy when I ran. Anyway, I was inspecting my feet after, and I'm not really sure what she was talking about because I couldn't really spot any callouses...whatevs.

While I was waiting for my nails to dry, B got a smoothie and fed it to me. One of the ladies saw and gave us a weird look because B would say "here it comes" in her baby voice as she put the straw in my mouth. She's such a good Momma Bear...sometimes.


Liebster Blog Award

I was shocked when Ashlee at Life's Little Lovelies awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award! I love getting awards, so I didn't even question it. I feel so popular! This almost repairs my self esteem from when I didn't win Homecoming Queen or Ms. CHS. Almost.

Kidding. This is way better because there was only one voter and she picked me (among the 5 other people she picked...whatever)!!!!

The Leibster Award is for up & coming bloggers {200 followers or less} that you think deserve recognition for their fabulous blogging. (So how could she not chose me?) Thanks Ash for enjoying my blog and awarding me!
Here's how this award process works!

Each Nominee Should:

1. Choose five up and coming blogs to give the Liebster award to. Blogs must have less than 200 followers.
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites. Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award.
5. Share five random facts about yourself!

5 Randos about me:

1. I subscribed to my own blog (via google reader) and laugh as I read along with the posts.
2. Sometimes I wear my running skirt to the gym so I can check myself out as I lift. (Judge me, I dare you).
3. I am overly competitive (even though I've gotten better at hiding it) so I won't even go on a friendly run with you if I think you'll run faster than me.
4. I have a lot of fave shows, but the one that I do insist on watching within an hour of it coming on is The Vampire Diaries (obsessed!). I will only skip this for very few people. So if you have spent time with me on a Thursday, you are very special to me (unless it was an off week, so don't start getting too happy!).
5. When Rick was telling the new guy fun facts about us, the one he shared about me is that I like to bake naked. This is only part true...but B has a few funny pictures (me in my apron and swimmy and but you can hardly see the swimmy, me in a blanket cutting brownies, and that time I cooked pancakes for Kat in my apron and undergarments).

And I will be giving the Liebster Blog Award to (drum roll please!):

  • Hello Define - This may seem biased because Jes is my BFF, but I did read and love her whole blog before we upgraded to hang out friends. My fave post is the one from our NYC/NYE Trip
  • 17Sixteen - Everything Amanda posts is good to look at. She posts a lot of interiors, architecture stuff, some art, and shared some pretty legit sounding recipes too!
  • Ready Set Feast! - If I knew Kelsey in real life, we would totally be friends based on our mutual love for all things Justin Bieber.
  • Happy Healthy Runner - When I realized she lives in Houston, I figured how could I not read her blog (H-town love). If I ever run (literally) into her in real life, I'm going to feel like a creeper since I only know her from her blog.
  • Exercise For Fries - I don't share the mutual love for fries, but I still love to read about her running and life adventures.


Marshall's Law

Let me take this back a sec before I explain this law.

I have a massive sweet tooth and I'm sure I've mentioned it on here before. I bake almost every week for crying out loud! Sometimes my sugar cravings are outta control, but they were pretty normal and I have been a functioning member of society for a few months now.

Until this happened:

Girl Scout Cookies. Why must you jack with my life?

I bought all of those, preceded to eat a whole box of tag-a-longs/peanut butter patties/whatever they are being called this year within that day. OMG. I had about two cookies from the other boxes, didn't love em (except for the thin mints, duh!) so I shared them with the co-workers. They are soooo welcome.

The second box of tag-a-longs? Yep, ate that the next day. It's like a drug to me. It's the Bella to my Edward.

This basically kicked off a frenzy. Before I knew it I was craving sweets every moment of every day! I also noticed that when I eat vinaigrette dressing it makes me want something sweet. Does that happen to anyone else, or is it just me?

Oh, what happened to the Thin Mints? I ate half and was going to take the other half to work, but B said she wanted it so I stuck it in the freezer. A few days went by and she didn't touch it. Naturally I started to want it. So I had a few. Everyday after that for about a week and a half I had a few more until they were gone.

A few days later she asked me if I had eaten the cookies. I told her yes and asked her if I had told her about Marshall's Law.

Basically it goes back to growing up and Easter candy:

The Easter Bunny would always leave us baskets of candy: Peeps, Cadbury Cream Eggs, and the Reese's Bunny are my fave. One year I ate all of that stuff from my basket on Easter (well, that part happens most every year). I had my eye on Marshall's candy (that he left on the counter, which basically makes it community) because he wasn't even eating it. I decided that if he hadn't even opened it in 24hrs that I was going to have some of it. To keep this short - I ate it. He got mad. Probably cried (he was really little then) and has never forgotten.
What kind of monster would steal this cute kids candy? Oh wait...
Flash forward to sibling weekend in college: Mom brought Marshall to Lubbock and gave us each a package of peeps. They joked about me not eating Marshall's. I ate them the next day when he was sleeping. (I obviously have a peeps problem). But I took him to Walmart the same day to restock...and made him pay. Kidding! I footed the peeps bill.

OK so the law is this: If you have something that I want (and I gave it to you, otherwise I'm not going to just jack your stuff unless you are my brother) and you don't touch it within 24 hours, then it's up for grabs.

Is that super jacked up? Probably yes. Whatever. I always replace the stuff of Marshall's that I eat. I would have replaced the cookies that I gave B then took back, but honestly? She would probably leave them and I would eat them again. Vicious.Cycle.

Back to the sugar addiction...

A few weeks later I ran into the Girl Scouts again and bought two more boxes of my faves...those lasted 3 days. After about a month of these cravings, I feel like my thirst (if you will) has gone down a lot. Not quite regular level, but I don't feel like I'm going to stab someone for a cookie. BUT I might stab someone for a Peep!


Pole 1.2

Second class. More bruises.

My legs and wrists are covered in bruises. I'm officially in an abusive relationship with a pole.

Once again I was too lazy to run in the morning, so I put in 4 miles before class. Luckily my legs were behaving, so they didn't feel inflamed or anything.

Each week we have different thing to wear and music selection. This week? sexy bra and R&B. Oooh lala. I'm not about to prance around in just my bra, so I compromised by wearing a sheer top over it.

Oh, you don't workout in heels? Then you must be doing it wrong.

This week we worked on our sexy walk...teacher calls it a sexy drunk stumble. I think mine just resembles the drunk stumble part. Actually I was walking better this week. The problem is that my shoes  kinda slide on the floor so it keeps me a little off balance. Whatever, I'm making it work.

We also covered body floor rolls. The first time we did these, way back at my first drop in class with the girls, I couldn't do it to save my life. It killed my back! I guess everything is in alignment now because I didn't have any problem whipping that out.

We also did merry-go-rounds...Super easy, I just don't look as smooth as teacher does...or the girl with the 5ft long legs.

When we were doing our ending stretching, my mind had checked out so when she said  "now give yourself a hug" my mind completed it as "now give yourselves a round of applause," so I clapped...and didn't notice for a sec that I was the only one. Yeah, they all probably think I'm a little slow now.


Bend Over And Take Off Your Top

I must be getting better with letting the boys lead (except that one time when Kyle almost knocked into a couple while we were spinning so I took over for a sec...you're welcome) because they are spinning me a lot more and occasionally try a new move...although unsuccessfully.
  • Kyle hit up happy hour so he was way more jazzed than the reg. So funny!
  • My upper body was a lot sore from my most recent hobby, so I was worried about moving my arms. Luckily I worked it out.
  • Kyle points to the dance floor and tells me he wants to show me something. That made me nervous, but I went out there anyway. We start spinning and when he spins me in, he tells me to bend over. I looked at him like "say wha?" I'm really scared that he's about to try the crazy flip move that we had been watching someone else do earlier, and I'm just not ready for that yet, so I refuse. I told him that if he'll just tell me what's going to happen then I'll do it, but he refuses, spins me in again, and tells me to bend over. Again, I'm not having it. He gives me this explanation: I'm going to take your shirt off. Again, "Say wha?" He finally gives me full details, so we do the move and it wasn't so bad...since I got to keep my clothes and my dignity.
  • "Can you refrain from calling me Carlilly on facebook." Ok, but I'll just put it all over the blog! Carlilly, Carlilly, CARLILLY!!! Alright, I'm done.
  • The DTF twins were back again. At least she was wearing shorts instead of what I swear was just sequined underware. Best part? As they were "breaking it down" this guy goes up to them dancing like a fool and basically scares them off the floor. He was so funny! He did that every time they played non-country music and even started a dance off.
  • About the Non-Country music? Stop it! Or at least let us suggest songs because your choices? Suck!
  • I asked Adam if my dancing and spins had improved. His response? "You were always a good dancer." Thank you, but you are lying.
  • Kyle attempted a new dip at the end of a song. That didn't happen. 1. I'm still working on not fighting Adam when he dips me. 2. I'm not good at following brand new moves. So he showed me twice so I would be prepared for next time.
  • Next time came too soon! Croc tried it on me. Again, massive failure. I basically need dance rehearsal for a few hours before adding anything new in, or it's going to get cray.
  • Me: Croc asked to dance to 'Forever and Ever, Amen.' I think he's trying to tell me something.
    • B: Totes. That must be Croc's version of Engagement Chicken...so are you hungry? 
    • If you're reading this Croc, we are totally kidding. So don't panic.
  • Don't be so surprised when I am actually singing along to the country songs and know who Randy Travis is...I'm not that far out of the country loop...I'm just not in the inner circle.



Growing up we always did the traditional egg dying and egg hunts. I loved it!

I remember being really little, back when we lived in Dalhart, and I swear Mom had someone dressed as a bunny come to the house to deliver me something...probably candy.

We would always have an easter egg hunt just me, Andrew, and Marshall. Then we would have one for all the grandkids after Easter dinner at Grandma's. That's when things really got good!

They would usually set either a limit on eggs or color code them because Marshall was so much younger than the rest of us that it wasn't really fair to do a free for all. Oh, and JoJo just sucked at finding eggs. Haha.

One year (I think 2007) it was so cold that we had to take the egg hunt inside. The adults split up the eggs and hid them all around the second story. I think this year it was a free for all. We lined up Marshall, Joanna, Me, Andrew, and Justin. When they gave us the 'go,' Andrew grabbed my leg so I ate the stairs as the boys went over me I think it turned into a mini wrestling match. Of course they won.

Then it got intense when we finally made it to the egg hunt. I think it may have gotten physical, especially between me and Andrew. We are both really competitive, so I'm not about to let him beat me just because he was 4.5 years younger. (Marshall, on the other hand, I would because he's wayyyy younger than me.) I remember at one point he poped the bottom of my basket so my eggs went flying so he could steal them. I was so mad!
The Goods.
Mom and Dad are so lucky to have me!
Impatient waiting for it to start. Glad Marsh has my back.
Let the games begin

Pretty sure this is when Andrew tried to steal my eggs.
In the end I'm pretty sure I ended up with the most. duh.

What's your favorite Easter memory?



Steven has the pleasure of being married to Jes. Luckiest man alive. This is the second time that he got tickets to do something and said that I had to enter an essay to attempt to win my ticket. Really? And the essay has to be about him. Jes told me the ticket was mine, but I figured I'd write him a quick essay (word used loosely) just to secure my spot.

Here it is:
It all started back in October of 2011 at our first recipe club when I finally caved to B's invites and decided to attempt socializing. This is the first time I met Jes. I liked her instantly and was curious as to what kind of guy she called her fiancé, but I knew he must be pretty cool. Jes had some people over for a pre Fberg dinner and that's when I first met Steven. He exuded so much awesome that it was almost like he glowed, much like Jesus did when he rose from the grave and went up to heaven (or so the drawings show).
Over the next 8 months I hung out with Steven only a few times (wedding shower, Shonathan, The wedding). It wasn't until July that we started putting in quality time. At this point I was already in love with Jes and we had started our almost daily workout sesh, so it was about time that I started making my permanent spot in her life by winning over Steven as well (which I would say has been quite the success)!

Steven is awesome for many reasons, such as:
  • Married Jes (probably the best decision ever)
  • Part white boy/hood/Vietnamese
  • Drives like a crazy person
  • Let's me tag along on dates
  • Good hair and style (I love the side part...in a non creeper way)
  • Has a fire pit for making s'mores
  • Says funny things
  • Has practically signed on for me to become a sister wife
  • Let's me hang out with Jes on the daily
  • Picks me up from the airport
  • Has a BFF that I'm casually trying to steal
  • Let's me hang with them in NY even when I'm an unintentional db (which I'm really sorry for and wish I could have a do over)
  • Takes me to the cook off
And really, so much more!

Me + Steven. NYE
S loved it so much that not only did they take me to the cook off, but I now live in their spare room! OK. Kidding, I haven't moved in. But they did share some of their wedding cake with me that they opened for their one year anniversary, and that's as good as officially making me part of the O'Connor/Define Family.


Daddy Issues? I Swear I Don't Have Those.

But seriously, I don't.

Tuesday night gym bag:

Remember when I wrote about Pole La Teaz here and here?

Yeah. I decided it was time to commit to Pole Level 1 and my schedule agreed.

I tried to peer pressure Jess into it, but she had her blockers up.

Class was a little rough:
  1. I ran a speedy 4 miles right before class.
  2. because of that my shin splint areas were inflamed
  3. pole burn on my wrist and shin.
  4. bruises all over my calves.
  5. I need to work on my sex appeal.
  6. Upper body is sore today, but it burns so good!

Let's rewind...we started out with introductions:
Hi, I'm Jessica. I've taken some drop in and workshop classes so it was time to commit to this. Also I'm hoping to get skills to trap me a husband.

B said she thinks it's funny that I say crazy stuff when I'm by myself at places.

Then we warmed up and worked on strength for a sec by doing pole lifts/holds/whatevs. Basically you grab the pole and hold yourself up while keeping your arms at a 90degree angle. Please keep in mind that I do lift three times a week, but not my body weight. I knew this would be difficult, but the hardest part was fighting the urge to use my legs to hold me up.

Overall the class was pretty basic. We mainly focused on our sexy walk (needs work), 'stiring the pot' aka hip rolls (already mastered), and the basic fireman spin (nbd). I had a lot of fun, but I don't see any potential besties coming out of this. Oh well.

The next day my calvs were covered in bruises! I didn't even realize I had done damage to them! I had pole burn and some bruising on my shins as well --- totally expected because I hit it on the pole and pretty sure I kicked myself during a spin. Any my upper body was sore in a way that it hasn't been in a long time. I'm talking I don't even want to go to the bathroom because it takes too much work to unbutton my pants. But I do love the muscle burn!

Things I learned:
  • Run in the morning otherwise your legs will hate you and punish you every time they touch the pole.
  • If possible, sign up for the Thursday class for Pole 2 because the soreness really messes with your Wednesday BodyPump class.