"You Want A Husband So Bad."

Oh Henry.

You don't even realize how fortunate you are that I have learned control over my words so I don't verbally assault you when you say things like this to me. The sentence doesn't really sound bad, it's more of how you say it all condescending like. But I let it slide because I don't think you realize how rude you are being. And I can't be bothered to raise you right.

Anyway, Yes. I want a husband. Is that a bad thing?  I don't want to get married just to be married, but I want to be married to someone that I love and want to grow a life and family with.

I'm 25. So this is not a crazy age to be getting married at. Kara told me that I should move to Seattle with her because she has tons of unmarried friends, and everyone tends to get married when they are older so then I won't feel pressured to be married.

Although I appreciate Kara's suggestion, I must say that I don't feel pressured to be married. My mom never says anything other than it'll happen when it should and not to settle. Then she throws in the bit about how she waited 20 years (or something like that) to find Sam. Nice sentiment since she's so happy, but I don't really want to wait another 20 years...I think I cried the first time she told me that as motivation. And although she never says anything I do feel that she would probably appreciate grandkids. But married or not, I'm not quite ready for the kid part anyway.

My dad is more than supportive of my lack of marriage and prospects. He tells me that I'm young and don't need to worry about even dating until I'm well into my 30s. I think not having to pay for a wedding might be what motivates his view. If he wants to make me a stay at home daughter, pay for my bills, and give me allowance, then I'd be more than happy to never marry and move in with him!

Henry has made a few comments about me and marriage. The first one that actually made me call my mom crying was "You are so desperate to be married."

I was so caught off guard by it that I didn't even say anything back. Knowing what I do about him, I really don't think he realizes how offensive his word choice was, so I didn't hold it against him for more than a few days.

But that word desperatestuck with me.

I don't feel that it describes my desire for marriage at all. If I were desperate then I'd probably be putting more effort into it. Like any effort at all. On a scale of crazy cat lady to together forever, I'd say I'm giving crazy cat lady effort.

In the last almost year and a half I've only gone on dates with two different people. And that? Is what I call not trying.

What do you think about marriage? Am I crazy for wanting that? Does it make me desperate?
Do you too think Henry should STFU?

Awesome & Awkward Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.

  • B watching me attempt to eat ice cream with chop sticks. 

  • Bought tickets for The Dark Knight Rises! Opening day, not the midnight showing...I know I'd fall asleep.
  • Going to see this tonight! I love Channing Tatum since 'She's The Man.' And he's such an excelent dancer! I may even rent Step Up this weekend!
  • This Song:

  • Watching someone intentionally press the 'close' button on the elevator after you just pushed the open and they see you coming. Yeah, thanks for that. Rude!
  • B watching me attempt to eat ice cream with chop sticks.
  • Chris Martin messing up on three different songs, "Please don't put this on youTube. It'll ruin our reputation for professionalism."

What are some awesome & awkward moments from your week?


That Time I Fell Asleep In BodyFlow

Sunday I started my day with a nice run followed with some stationary bike then bodyflow. Bodyflow is a mix of thai chi (pass), pilates, and yoga. I think it's very beneficial because it forces me to work on balance and gives me more stretches to work on flexibility.

Sundays are pretty slow at the gym so the class consisted of Katie (the teacher), Stacy, and me. Nice. It's almost like a private lesson! I broke form on the balance portion, and Katie couldn't help but laugh. I really think it was my facial expressions that made it extra funny. But I do try so hard! During the meditation portion I feel asleep and even managed to have a dream. haha. So when I heard Katie talking again about sitting up slowly, I popped up pretty fast because I was a little confused! She then repeated how we can get up slowly and at our own pace. After class I told her about how I feel asleep, and she laughed.

After I got cleaned up I headed over to the mall with Jess for swim suite and bra shopping! Yay.

I had her take me to Gilly Hicks because she loves their bras, but I was overwhelmed when I went by myself. Know how I know I'm getting old? I'm overwhelmed by the darkness and loud music in Gilly. She was right about the bras. I found a few that felt pretty good and at a nice price. One was even a surprise half off so I got it for $20. daannnggg.

I learned a few things in that store. 1. I have a little too much junk in my trunk so I passed on the Gilly swimmies since I didn't really want my crack out. 2. my rear isn't symmetrical. How have I not noticed this before? Is this a new development? Apparently one of sides is dominating during my weight workouts. Not cool, that should be a team effort.

S couldn't pass up on a day of shopping with us, so he met us at Gilly. He seemed as frightened from the maze like store as I was.

We hit up a few more shops then had a late lunch at Daily Grill.I had never been there before so Jes said we must go because they have the best rosemary fries. I was sold on that!

Guess what they didn't have? Rosemary fries. It wasn't even on the menu! haha. Luckily they had delicious bread and good quesadillas.

We parted ways after that, and I hit up a few more shops before heading home.

On the way home I called my mom to catch her up on my weekend activities. In the middle of the convo she told me to hold on because Marshall needed something, then she handed him the phone. We were both confused. He was trying to show his latest beat box recording (he's pretty good) but she handed him the phone instead. He forwarded the recording to me and it's pretty good! Too bad I can't figure out how to get it off of my phone and onto this.

Have you ever fallen asleep during the meditation part of yoga?

Does your mom ever force your siblings to talk to you the way my mom does?


JesJes Bakes

Pretty typical start to my Saturday: Running and body pump.

After getting cleaned up I headed over to Jess' house for our first attempt at Macarons.

Let me back track for a sec. Last week I picked up some macarons at the farmer's market. When Laura saw that they were $2 each she said that I should just learn to make them. The guy working the booth told us it was pretty much impossible. Umm...hello, sir? Have you met me? My name is Jessica, and I spend time cooking and baking every week, so I'm not a complete ameature. (The use of that word just gave me a high school flashback when Ian would tell us every day in theater arts to "Stop being such an aneature.") Thanks. I had already been planning on trying them out, but that basically lit the fire. Please don't tell me that I can't do something, because I'll do it, and better than you.

Moving on....I had spent a lot of time looking for an adequate recipe and gathering tips on how to get these precious babies to come out right. Honestly, I was a little freaked out because many people were saying that it's nearly impossible to get them to turn out the first couple of times as there are so many things that can mess them up:
  • the climate can't be too humid - eff. I live in Houston
  • the kitchen can't be too hot - effff. I still live in Houston
  • mix it - not too much or too little
  • fold it - but don't loose too much air
  • punch it - wait? isn't this going to knock out the air?
I decided on this recipe. The whole process went pretty well. It took longer than necessary because I kept checking and rechecking the recipe so I wouldn't make any mistakes. Even with all of the double checks, I still managed to put in 1tbs of vanilla extract instead of 1 tsp. I almost flipped shit when I noticed that! Who knows how much that will effect them and in what way!

Jess was so kind to let me take over her kitchen and stand mixer (and for using some of your pictures!). I really don't think I would have had the patience without it! I might gift myself that for my bday.

While we waited for them to bake we opened some wine (good thing we didn't do this before other wise I would have made more mistakes I'm sure!) and I started on the filling. Well, I totally botched that. I was nervous of over cooking it, and it seemed puding like...until I realized that I don't know what the consistency of pudding is because I don't ever eat it. Yeah, it ended up just being a runny soppy mess.

We took out the macaroons and when I started removing them (after a cooling period) they were too mushy on the inside. I started freaking out and may have been a little rough with the cookie sheet (I hope Jes didn't notice as I started to rage). I calmed down, and popped them in the oven for a little longer and that basically fixed it.

Steven came home from a long day of golfing as we were ready to put in the last batch. Jess and I decided to get preserves to fill them with since I botched the other filling and couldn't be bothered to remake it. I set the timer and asked S to remove when they were done. When we got back, we were welcomed by some very golden macaron pieces. S said they didn't seem done so he left them in longer. I think he just forgot.

I stopped being a bakezilla and let Jess help me sandwich them with the strawbery and raspbery preserves. We decided that the strawberry flavor was crap, so switched to all raspberry. Yum! We had a few, then put them in the fridge and retired to the couch for a Girls marathon while S grilled up some dinner.

We had the most delicious steak kabobs and corn on the cob. He is the best hubs ever! After dinner we ate the majority of the macaroons. They were just so good I didn't want to stop!


In A Pickle - Friendship Killer

After 3 long months, I finally made my way back out to Kari and Romero's house. It was extra fun because Jessica V was there, and so were Cole, Brittany, and Emma.

The boys tended to the grill while I multi tasked making brownies and eating the guac that Jessica made. Super delish!

After dinner we played some games that I had never even heard of.

Imagineiff was pretty fun. When it's your turn you roll the dice and move the piece on the outside circle (names) x amount of spaces. Then you draw a card. Put the two together: (for ex) Imagine if Jessica was a musical, which would she be? Then it gives you six multiple choice options. The players have 6 cards, each with a number (1-6) on it. Once everyone chooses which they think is most accurate everyone reveals their card selection. If you chose the same option as another player, then you both move one space. So it doesn't really matter what I say I would want to do, it's all about what everyone else thinks.

The next game was a whole other story.

I will say this first: I am very competitive, so I tend to only play things that I think I will win, or that have a clear path to success. I can be a gracious loser, but I won't play something if I don't even stand a chance, like literally can't get any points. For instance, Taboo. I understand how to play, I just suck at it at such a level that you wouldn't even think is possible. I can now add a new game to things I will never play: In a Pickle.

I hate that game. If the Devil were a game, he'd be that one. It's the kind of game where you have to defend your reasoning for placing a card, and you can be told it's not good enough. Which is stupid. But what was most irritating is that the players didn't seem to understand the rules. I know everyone had a few beers, so I'm going to say that I blame it on that instead of pure stupidity. But it's extra irritating playing a game that should have never been created when the players aren't even playing right. I def had a few outbursts. To prove that they didn't understand, I would play cards incorrectly and they would agree that it was correct! Pretty sure Cole and I were the only people that understood the rules. I think the only time Britt has seen this cray cray side of me is when we played C+D in HP Scene It? and they cheated their way to victory. I was livid!

Once that cruel form of torture was over I headed home since it was past eleven.

It was really good to hang out, but if that game is ever pulled out again, I will literally walk out.


OMG. I'm Famous!

Well, maybe in my own mind. Whatevs.

Today I'm guest blogging over at The Little Lovebirds. Head over and check it out!

The Little Lovebirds is a sweet blog about Elease & Joel. She's a ballerina, he's a student, and they are newliyish married and so presh!

They are on vacation in Italy, so I volunteered to guest blog for a day because the world needs to know what I have to say about everything ever! Ok, maybe they don't, but I shared anyway.

And if you liked the nonsense I blogged at The Little Lovebirds and decided to be brave and visit my blog then:

I love kid me. This picture cracks me up.



[Spoiler Alert! Since my posts are a few weeks behind...you may be remembering when you read this and wondering wtf is going on. This obviously happened two weeks before that happened.]

After Marc invited me to Belmont Stakes the first time I rejected the invite. I had many reasons, one being a scheduling conflict. For over a month I'd been planning on going to see The Head and The Heart.

He asked again. And again I said no but provided more reasoning. Basically, I'm selfish. I really like Marc(obviously) but I don't get to see him that often with the whole having half of America in between us thing. So when I do get to see him I don't want to share him with tons of other people (it's a group going to the races).

He asked me a third time. Same answer, I was standing firm.

Then 4 days later I asked him if it was too late to change my mind.

It all happened so fast, and without warning, that I didn't have time to discuss with S+J (since J and I email and workout together most days she's usually up to date on my life)! So when Marc called them, I think they were confused also. When I woke up that morning, I didn't know I was going to change my mind. But I guess my mind has a mind of its own.

Within 6 hours I had made arrangements with Marc and booked my flight. So excite!

Pretty sure my mode swings are giving him whiplash. I bet he and Bella Swan could bond over the feeling.

I was also excited about getting to do another NY trip with my fave husband and wife! That joy ended on Thursday.

Thursday we had Noah's Ark dinner (Jes + Jes, Amanda + Mandy). It was so good to see the girls! We ate at Ruggles and I got the cheese pizza. It was good, but I'll try something else next time. We had a great time chatting about what had been going on in the last few weeks, Mandy's haircut, giving Amanda a hard time for the accidental ditch, etc.

Red Mango was after dinner dessert. I've been there twice before and wasn't too impressed. But this time they had new flavors, which included cake batter, so I'm now on board with Red Mango. The weather was nice, almost chilly, so we ate outside by the lawn. I brought up the NY trip, and that's when Jess broke the news that they weren't going. I almost went into cardiac arrest. I really wonder what my expression looked like from her end.

I was feeling a little anxious about this, but was soon distracted by a fun emotional roller coaster ride that the Biebs took me on:
  1. Excitement because he announced the tour and the prices were reasonable! - I was literally screaming with joy!
  2. Irritation because I have to rejoin the fan club to buy the tickets
  3. Anger at the increased fan club price (last time it was a one time fee of like $30, this time $99. WTF?!?)
  4. Rage - I decided to just wait until the tickets went public, but the step after the fan club sale is the ticket auction. WTF is that?!?!
This Bieb's song summarizes my feelings:

To summarize:
  • No decision I make is ever set in stone.
  • WTF Justin Bieber?

Awesome & Awkward Friday

Summer is officially here! This has been a pretty chill week. Nothing too crazy happening. I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk. Make sure to check her out!

  • Almost mastering some new pole moves.
  • Adam grilling with me...even though he didn't need anything cooked. That's for being such a great friend and grilling my food for the week anyway!
  • Graduated from Pole 2! Technically, as long as you keep paying I'm pretty sure they'll let anyone move on...but I like to think I earned it.
  • Andrew's ex girlfriend recently got out of rehab and has been sober since May 2. I am so proud of her and I hope she's able to stay strong and beat the addiction. It literally brings tears to my eyes when I think about it because I'm so happy for her progress but also so sad that Andrew wasn't able to do it.
  • Girls Season Finale - Adam's fight with Hannah. Team Adam fo sho.
  • Justin Bieber: New Album-amazing! His two part special (Around The World With Justin Bieber)-amazing!
  • This song:


  •  Finishing Mockingjay (for the second time) while on the gym bike with tears streaming down your face. At least it was really hot so the tears could be confused for sweat.
  • Erica asking me if the real reason I'm not drinking is because I'm 18. haha. I wanted to say, "yes. My Dad didn't want to pay for college but knew I'd need to make money, so he's paying for my pole classes." But I was afraid that she might take me seriously. I told my Dad that scenario and he laughed.
  • When you are watching the 2nd ep of True Blood and 1. fall asleep, 2. realize how bored you are with this season already. Is it time for Vampire Diaries yet?

What are some awkward or awesome moments from your week?


Pole 2.4

We had our first drop out (you will be missed lawyer girl) and a lot of no shows the 4th week. Which just means more time to get help from Erica!

During our strength warm up we have to hold ourselves on the pole in toe touch position for as long as possible while keeping our arms at a 90* angle. I could barley hold it when I started, but now I can keep my self up for a bit. My quads usually end up cramping so I break form.

All of our floor work this week involved laying on our side and doing things with our legs: jelly fish, come and get it, and L split. Not really that hard and you get a pretty good ab workout if you do it long enough.

Our new spin is the pin wheel. I love it! It's like a mix between the backhook and spiral. instead of back hooking, you lift your legs up into spiral (table top) position, but they are away from the pole instead of one wrapped around. (If you expect my descriptions to make sense, then you should probably give up now.)

We learned a little more of the dance, and guess what? It's more improvising!

I'm still working on my pole dismounts. I decided to get really tricky and use all 4 on the way down. It was quite a show. Not a good one, but a funny one. Points for creativity?

Saddly, I missed open pole because I hit up the mall with S+J instead. I feel sad, but I'll def be there next week!


Rock n Pole

Saturday night I met up with J and Honey to attend "Nothing Like a Classic," hosted by Melee on the Bayou. This was a mini pole showcase that was slightly more theatrical than the typical show, but had some pretty good performances.

Cleo The Hurricane

Like Cleo the Hurricane. Of course I didn't know who she was because I don't really follow pole competitions, but she's Miss Pole Dance Australia Champion 2012 and she's amazing. I can't even put words to how good she is. She has so much energy and the way her legs moved? I didn't know someone could be that flexible! Pretty sure my jaw was on the floor. 

This is her performance from the show:

She had stopped by PLT during the week to perform, unfortunately I missed that, but she gave Erica some stretching tips on how she increased her flexibility to basically make her body move as though it's unhinged. That's def something that's now a work in progress.

Sunday was another early running day. This time with Garmin!

I quickly got showered and ready for my breakfast and antiquing date with Amanda and Jes. The girls were running late because Jes was waiting on Amanda and couldn't get a hold of her. I told her to just pick me up and we'll hit up breakfast and Amanda can meet up later. I saw on fb that she was out for a friends bday party the night before, so I figured she'd just overslept and wasn't ditching us on purpose.

We had breakfast at Egg & I which has become one of my fave places to grab a waffle, other than my own kitchen.I'm glad Jess likes it too! Amanda finally came back to life by the time we were done with breakfast and explained about how her phone had died so she didn't know she had overslept. I wasn't mad since I got food, just sad that we didn't get to hang.

The antique thing was ok. I didn't find anything I loved, but Jess did. It was outside and hot as hell. Literally, burning. It def encouraged us to get in and out pretty quick.

So we stopped at Yogurtland on the way home. I got a little carried away and ended up with a little too much. Which I didn't realize until I ate it all, went to open pole, and felt like I wanted to vomit my guts out. Yeah, def not a good time.

It was Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family, so I started watching that and ended up taking a 3 hour nap during Prisoner of Azkaban. But I woke up in time for Half Blood Prince. I really don't know why I bother watching them on TV when I can just pop in the DVD and get back at least an hour of my life. Oh well, I guess it just gave me more time to soak in the facts so I can continue to be a HP Scene It champ.


This Is Happening - I Have The Fever

The Bieber Fever that is.

New album out today. And yes, I bought it on Amazon at midnight. And yes, I am already loving it!

I would be lying if I said I was a fan from the beginning. At first I was like "who is this baby with bangs. I'm too old for this." I started getting the fever when I first heard Baby. I don't know what it is about that song, but I love it.

Before I knew it I was buying the album and tickets to see him in concert (which was amazing, btw).

And you know I saw Never Say Never when it came out. I actually went with Brittany on a day I had off...we were the only two people at the showing (it was a morning on a Friday and it had been out a while) which really just enhanced the movie because we could openly sing and dance in our chairs. Brittany even danced down the aisle when she came back from the bathroom!

And when it came out on DVD, I bought it the first day. I actually had a flight to NY that day and I know the guy beside me enjoyed my singing and dancing as I watched it. I could tell from his awkward side glances.

Just so we are clear, I don't love the Biebs in a "I want to be your gf and send death threats to Selena Gomez" kind of way. I just like his music and think he's adorbs. And I'm all about him dating Selena. They are presh to death! Plus, he looks like a mini Stefan (TVD), and how could you not love that?

And just because, I shared some of my fave online non-music videos of his.
SNL - Roommate


With Jimmy Fallon

And finally, Justin is all grown up. Check out this video. Which I love, duh!

Dear Justin, Please add more tour dates. I promise I won't be so stingy about the price this time...even though I think it's a little jacked up that you are requiring me to join your fan club to make the purchase. Lesson learned. xx, Jes


It's Official

I'm old.

Friday night I was in bed by 9.

Is that real life?

Saddly, yes.

Saturday morning I work up bright and early and hit up the park for a nice run. OK, there wasn't really anything nice about it. I'm coming back from injury so I have ran maybe 4 times in the last 3 months. Yeah. Since then the heat and humidity seem to have gone up ten fold. Oh, how I love you Houston! My leggs/knee has felt like it was good to go for a few weeks now but I wasn't making time to run. I finally realized it was because I was scared. I knew it would be rough and I knew I would be slow from taking time off and from the weather. I was afraid of failure. I was also afraid that pain would reemmerge.

I got new shoes a week or two ago, so it was nice to finally put them to use! Luckily (a rare time I would say that) my Garmin died on the way to the park. It was nice not to be judged by it or myself as I took an extra slow pace so I wouldn't die of a heat stroak.

After my run I showered and met up with Laura at the Farmer's Market. I got trapped into some girl trying to get me to help save the rain forest.

Her: (after talking to be about what they do) We would love to get you involved.
Me: Ok, are you wanting my time or money?
Her: We work off of donations, let's get you signed up!
Me: I'm going to have to pass on that.
Her: What's stopping you from making a donation?
Me: It's just that I'm very selfish with my money and want to keep it all for myself. I know, I'm a terrible person.
Her: (speechless.)
I always figured that honesty was the best policy, so I just went with that.

After stocking up on Macarons I headed out to Katy to hang with Cole, Brittany, and Emma. I couldn't believe how much she's grown since I saw her last month. She's walking and even running around! It's crazy how fast she grows.

We took Emma to a park that had a water play area. Seemed like a good idea, but she didn't like it. So we headed home to change and go to the regular park in their neighborhood, but not before we stopped for snowcones. Back when I was living with preggo Brittany she went through a craving of snowcones. I loved that phase! We were there a few times a week, so it was kind of like the good ole days going again. Except this time Emma gets to enjoy them from outside the belly! The first bite I gave her was hilarious. She didn't like the cold of it so she made a really funny face. But after a few seconds she smiled and started shaking her head like a crazy person!

Not a happy camper.

After our second park adventure Emma was ready for a nap which worked out because Britt and I were ready to play Harry Potter Sceene it! She just found the newest version that includes all the movies, so we were pretty excited to play. We were both a little rusty on our HP facts, but I ended up pulling out the win...bareley.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk.

I think I like the awesome & awkward theme as it really seems to fit my life.

  • Work hours are changed so I now work 8-5 instead of 8-6! I feel so much happier and am able to get a lot more accomplished. That extra hour was really creating a lot of pent up bitterness.
  • Brian tossed me a peppermint when he got back from lunch. Instead of catching it, I hit it back at him. Reflex. It was pretty funny. I caught it on the second try.
  • Field trip with my PLT class. Yeah, I'll post about that later on.
  • Reclaiming front row at BodyPump with Jess.
  • This chocolate bark I made:

  • This song (I think I might use it for graduation):

  • B came home to me baking while wearing my new shoes I got for Pole class. Her face was so good. What? I need to break them in so I don't break my face in class.
  • On my way to Cole & Brittany's and she texts me that Daniel is going to be there too. Awkward because we aren't talking right now. Great.
  • Having a stripper tell you that you would def get hired at Treasures. What is that supposed to mean? 

What are some awesome & awkward moments from your week?

YOLO - Drizzy Drake

Drake came to Austin back in February. I so so irritated with him that he would come all the way to Texas, but not make a Houston stop. Especially when he claims Houston is like his second home. What the effff?

All was forgiven in March when he announced his full tour that included Houston! I was so psyched and emailed B, Jess, and Steven automatically. B couldn't make it, but J+S were down!

In preparation for the concert I turned all baking times into Drake & Bake. And he finalllllllly released the video to "Take Care," and it's amazing!

Finally concert day was here! It had been so long since our last sister wives date, so I was extra excited. Any by so long, I really mean we had just gone to Olive Garden (gotta keep it real) after our Monday workout.

After work I headed over to The Grove to meet S+J for dinner. Jess' time frame was a bit off, so I was probably there 45min to an hour before they showed up. I really didn't mind the waiting because I had a terrible day so it was nice to just sit there in silence (although I'm sure having them there would have cheered me up even faster). My only complaint is that I was there over 25 min without anyone trying to take my order. I might want to get an appetizer or something! So I finally grabbed the water guy and he tracked me down a waiter. I went ahead and ordered all of our meals and they showed up about 5 min after S+J arrived. Great timing!

Drake had at least 100 people open for him (I was waiting in line to get my concert tee for most of them), but I managed to catch J Cole. I only knew one song, not that impressed...Drake please!

After the longest wait of my life Drake hit the stage! He sounded so good! And I must say we were shocked when he lifted his shirt and was actually pretty cut. I always thought Drake would be pretty soft, so that was a surprise. Actually it was just weird and thought provoking. We probably talked about it for 5min after the concert trying to figure out why his abs were so trim, but his arms didn't look like he lifted more than a mic. Hmmm...

Anyway. The concert was pretty good! The lights were a nice touch and he had good crowd interaction. He played all of my fave songs (except for "Practice") and even some old mix-tape stuff that I had never heard.

But the best part? Watching Steven in full on rapper mode. I'm pretty sure that he knew the words to every song. I didn't even know all of the words to every song when I saw B.Spears, and you know how much I love her!

It was so entertaining to watch. I tried to record it, but he didn't fit in the frame since he was right next to me. I really hope that S changes his career aspirations because I'd love to be in the crew. If anyone can deflate someones ego, it's def me, and he'll probably need that once he gets super successful. S - get to workin on your flows!

I think Jess had a great time...Instagraming pictures of the concert.

Another cool part? The 20 min long shout out portion. He would focus on one area and start calling out people he could see and sometimes he'd say funny stuff. One of my faves was "I love you too. Know that shit."

I would def see Drake again, but I will not be joining S in the front row. I love drake, but only $50 worth.


There Are Much Worse Games To Play

So true, Katniss.

You know it's going to be a rough day when seven things have already made your list of "Do you know what I hate about today, other than everything?" and it's only 9am. Dios Mio.

After I've worked through some of the issues and emailed B the list so we can both get a laugh (so that I don't hulk out or cry) out of it, I try to make a list of things that are going well or that make me happy. Just like Katniss, it's a game I like to play.

Here are a few of those things:
  • The fake deal email that I typed up. I'm not on the sales team so I'll obviously never have a deal, but the shout outs I came up with are amazingly hilarious!
  • I think of how B throws her head back while saying "Oh my gah girl." when she has something super crazy to tell me. It's the funniest most dramatic build up ever.
  • I'll turn on my ipod - usually something soothing like Jason Mraz, Of Monsters and Men, or Coldplay.
  • I think of a memory that's funny, happy, or both.
  • I go back and read some of my fave blog posts about fun trips, good moments, or just the shananigans I sometimes get myself into.
Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. 60% of the time, it works every time.

So tell me, what calms you down/makes you happy to prevent you from hi-fiving someone in the face?


An Open Love Letter

This is not.

Mike called me a while back because he needed something for work. I hadn't talked to him in almost 3 months and our areas usually don't cross.

I wish that I had a manuscript of our convo because it was hilar.

After we got the work stuff figured out he started asking if I missed him. I wonder what he expected me to say, because what he got was probably a surprise.

A few things that I said to him:
  • I miss you so much that I save all of your deal emails and post them on my wall because I'm so proud.
  • I made a collage out of your profile picture that I keep right by my computer.
  • I miss you so much that I'm going to ask Angie if I can have the position in NY and sit by you so we can hold hands all day. We can also walk to work together, have lunch together, walk home, and I'll move in and just watch you while you sleep.
  • When he gave me a shout out in the deal email I emailed him back "so in love! xoxo."
I know there were other things, but I can't even remember now.

After one of the less cray things he said I sound like I'm being sarcastic. Really? Because I am.

It's not necessarily that I don't like Mike (even though I would have good reason not to after the last two times I saw him) because if I didn't, then I wouldn't have joked with him. It's just that he's not a good match for me and my life. It was nice to talk to him and it reminded me of why I liked him in the first place. Even though he's a little full of himself, I always thought he was funny...even though I don't think he always meant to be. But after my intense sarcasm he's probably extra happy that we called things off back in Feb.


Pole 2.3

We learned two new floor moves:
  • Back Roll (on the floor)-I was nervous about the back roll because I've never been able to do one. I always felt like I was going to decapitate myself! Anyway, turns out they are pretty easy! Yes, this was another class that started off by giving me false confidence. great!
  • Windmill kick: You are sitting on the ground and basically windmill your legs from one side to the other. good description? probably not, but then again this isn't a how-to manual.

 And now for the hard stuff: sliding down the pole like a certified stripper. I must admit that even though it's exhausting when we climb up the pole so much, I really love it!
Coming down? that's a whole other situation.

  • Martini Girl: Probably the easiest of the bunch. I need work on my leg placement because I basically just ripped the skin off my thighs. Ok, that was a little dramatic, but it sure felt like it!
  • Body roll yo way down. My mind still can't even process how I'm supposed to roll my body while moving down the pole without falling off. I almost did it, but it was not pretty.
  • Superman (may have made this name up too): This is the only one I can almost do. I can't get my legs from the front to the back just right, but once I get them back there I'm able to land on my toes, slide down, and twist my body so I'm laying on the floor. Def need to increase my core and arm strength.
  • Rocket Man (another made up name): This one looks so cool when Erica does it, but I can't seem to slide down. you get to the top, then only hold yourself with your arms and place your body to the side of the pole (parallel, almost as if you are standing and the pole is to your side), then you back hook the pole with the leg closest to it, and glide down with your other leg pointing at the ground. I have some super cute bruises on my arms for that one.

I think one main problem I have is that I'm scared. I don't trust me to hold me up there, so I'm holding on too tight which prevents me from sliding.

We ended by adding another part to the dance.

This is the first week I actually sent in music requests. I was so stoked that all 3 got played...especially "Boyfriend" by the Biebs.

Oh yeah, this was the first time I wore my shoes...turns out I hate them. And I already messed them up, so I can't even exchange them. I.die.

Sunday Pole: I had gone for froyo 1.5 hours before, so I felt ick when I showed up for pole. I decided to stick to pole climbs since there isn't much spinning involved. Unfortunately, I don't think I improved on anything. And I think I have stripper elbow (is that even a thing?). My elbow hurts so bad as if I fell off a cliff and someone grabbed my arm and it yanked at the elbow joint. Hopefully that'll pass.


It Tasted Like Church Punch. I Love Church Punch!

Yeah, slept through my alarm again. My body must have needed some extra sleep. I guess I'll just have to wait a little longer to try out the new running shoes :(

I started out my day in the kitchen listening to Drake and finishing up the cinamon rolls. Even though I wasn't with my mom on Mother's Day, I still dedicated this breakfast to her. I know, I really shouldn't have.

I was about 15min early for the mani/pedi appointment, and none of the shops were open yet (it was 10:45a)...except for the oil change place across the street. It was like fate shined down on Matilda and saved her life! I won't even tell you how long it had been since I got her oil changed...or when her inspection went out...oh, and the registration (which I've had the sticker in my car for months a while, but was waiting for the inspection so they could scrape off the old one and put the new one on).

I checked-in for our appointment and Jessica (oh, that felt weird saying her full name) was a few min behind me. After picking out our colors (Big Apple Red, what else?) we got seated and had a Mimosa in hand within seconds. I honestly don't even like Mimosas, but I'll take it if it's offered. And? It was actually pretty good. It reminded me of church punch. Yummm! So I proceeded to have 5...or only half of the first one because I was too busy talking to Jess. It had been forever since we'd hung out...or 14 hours, whatevs.

After that wonderful 1.5 hours of relaxation Jess headed off to Mother's day activities with Steven (thanks for sharing your wife!) and I headed to Express, Pole, and the grocery store.

When I got home, I attempted to finish the special features on Breaking Dawn, but my body demanded a nap after that intense pole sesh.

That night I cooked dinner, and watched The Vow with B. It's alright. I'd seen it in the theater, but took a mini nap (what? I can't always endure late night movies.), so I wanted to see if I had missed anything important. I hadn't. At least they end up happily together forever, so it wasn't a complete waste. I hate when movies don't end like that. I'm watching a movie to feel good, not to feel reality! For ex, Prime. I really like that movie, but the ending makes me want to throw myself out a window. Am I supposed to feel good knowing that love isn't enough? I didn't pay for that message. I was paying for you to tell me everyone always ends up happily together forever. Geez!

Anyway, it was a pretty legit weekend full of fun activities and loads of sleep! I feel fully ready to take on the next week and see Drake! Yay for sister wives dates!


An Education

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Saturday I slept through my running alarm. This is probably because it was raining pretty heavily the night before, leaking through my window, and running down my blinds, keeping me from my precious sleep. It's a pretty annoying sound. It gets even more annoying when you are thinking about the 4 work orders you've put in with the apartment office about getting your window sealed so that this won't keep happening. It's crazy, but I feel like 1. Their selant must be pretty crappy if they keep having to do this to my window, or 2. they didn't effing seal it. Probably 2. That was a super fun office visit. Oh, and thanks for calling me Brittany. You do know that two people live here right? It's a two bedroom and I know I signed papers. Whatever.

Anyway, I made it to the gym in time for bodypump and some additional cardio. Great start to my day! Then I headed home to shower and cook lunch before taking care of the errands I didn't do on Friday. While eatting, I watched TVD season finale again. (Are you keeping count? that's 3. If you don't watch that show, then you should start, like yesterday.). While I was still chilling on the couch Jess called to see if I wanted to join her for a mani/pedi. Ummm, duh! 

I got ready in record time and we headed over to the nail place. Well, they were full so we made appointments for Sunday and headed over to Sugar Babys. This was my first time. I'm so excited that Jess likes cupcakes so we were in mutual agreement when we saw it across the street. I've passed it a few times and have always wanted to stop, so I'm glad I finally did! I got the chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream (since Hey Cupcake obvs can't provide that for me. Bitter much? duh.) It was so good. Crave is still my #1 cupcake, but this is probably 2nd.

What to do next? Hit up Pleasure Zone. Duh! Oh, do you not usually do that with your bff? ha. I decided it was time to upgrade to some stripperish shoes for pole class. So who better to help me out then Jess. The store had a pole so you could try out the shoes. Since this wasn't on the agenda I was wearing jeans. That was a rough climb up since my thighs couldn't grip it. I think Jes was mildly impressed. The place I take classes use to have 10min time slots you could rent out to bring people in and show them your skills. I told Jess that if they brought that back that I would def bring her to show her my moves. I told her Steven could come too, but I think that could be sightly awkward for him. We looked at some of the clothes, but didn't get anything because I don't want my ass out since this is just for fun and not my job. (Which reminds me...I mentioned to my dad that I was taking a dance class...a pole dance class. His first question? "Are you doing this to make money on the side?" No dad, I have a pretty legit real job, and I'd probably hit you up for money if I ever needed it before I take this show on the road.)

Steven was still out golfing (I think that's what he was doing) so I still had a few hours to play with Jess. So I took her to the running store. She was kind of in awe that all of those shoes were for running. "All of this can be yours if you just take the first step and start running." She passed on that golden opportunity (that New Years resolution of mine is obs not going well. I still have a few months to make it happen. I haven't given up, I've just gone into stealth mode.) I made a quick exchange for a slightly bigger size so I can keep my toes in tact and have less blisters.

Then we hit up Thai kitchen village Cottage. And it was so good. Not Thai Kitchen good, but a close second. When I first moved to Houston the apartment was close to a Thai Cottage so I would eat there every few weeks, but it had been a while so I really appreciated the goodness. 

Our last stop was Whole Foods. Another first! I didn't get the grand tour, but we picked up some perfumes/oils/smell good stuff. Which was a task since I have a cold and can bareley smell anything. But I trust Jess' judgement.

I spent the rest of the evening watching old Vampire Diaries episodes (I'm already having withdraws. I'm really glad I keep all of season 3 on the DVR so I can get through these next few months.) and started making cinnamon rolls from scratch. You know I'm legit like that.

Awesome & Awkward Friday

Today I'm linking up with Ashlee at Life's Little Lovelies and Lauren at My Grey Desk, so check them out! This week was full or more awesome and awkward moments than the usual. Well, maybe more awkward. To be completly honest, this week mostly sucked. It was full of dissapointment and crying.


  • BriBri was showing me video of him at the gun range and talking about the recent Zombie incidents. My survival plan? Re-read The Zombie Survival Guide, take archery lessons, watch Resident Evil & Zombieland. Then I asked him if he thought it was better to fight a losing battle against the zombies or just let them turn you, and what does it feel like to become a zombie? He looked at me like I was crazy. But seriously, my chances of survival would be slim, so I wanted to know what to expect out of my Zombie transformation. What is your plan when the Zombie Apocalypse comes?
  • QLF finally got a stair steppers! My back is out of wack this week so we had a cardio fest instead of going to bodypump! After cardio Steven met me & Jess at Russo's for some delicious pizza. Then I invited myself over to catch up on the last two epps of 'Girls.' Thanks for letting me use your HBO! Are you watching 'Girls'? Who is your fave character? (mine is Shoshana and Adam) And who would you like to slap in the face every epp? (Totes Hannah).
  • Taco Wednesday with Jess and Steven. After workout Jess invited me over for dinner. I think  she was trying to fill my broken heart with tacos and it was a valiant effort. I love tacos! and Steven even put on an old epp of True Blood. They did offer a mostly good distraction and made me slightly less pissed off, even if only for a little while.
  •  I get to live the housewife dream for 2 days! I'm being my own housewife which is not exactly what I'm aiming for, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.
  • My back has been jacked up since Sunday so I've had to miss both pole classes and bodypump. BUT I am able to do some cardio at the gym, but no running. Anyway, on Wednesday Chris told  me & Jess that he's missed us in Pump because the front row is so lonely. This is awesome because after 10 months the other gym goers have finally realized that the front row is our spot. Respect! haha. 
  • This song (not the video).


  • You had a concert ticket, sold it to your roommate because you bought a plane ticket, shit happened so now you are having to by that ticket again.
  • You check in for a flight that you are 90% sure you aren't going to be boarding.
  • Instead of spending your PTO in New York as previously planned, you are sitting on a couch with Jess. Honestly, not a bad situation because I love her, just not quite what I had in mind.
  • When you lose your filter and say less than kind things about your friends best friend. At that point, it's time to call it a day.
  • You don't buy a Justin Bieber concert ticket because you decided it's redic to spend close to $200 on that.
  • You realize that you just threw money away on a flight, so maybe it wouldn't have been so redic to spend that much on the concert after all. 
  • When you realize that maybe the problem is that you just expect too much out of people. Who knew honestly, full disclosure, and call backs were so hard to come by?
  • I feel like this happened to me:

Dramatic? Yes, but that's how I feel. At least I have O-, so I hope it was tasty.

Tell me some awkward and awesome things about your week...so maybe I'll feel better about the crap parts of mine! 


Off To The Races

Friday I got off a little early. It was soooo nice!

Most everyone hit up Celtic Gardens, but I'm not really into that, so I decided to go home because I had some errands I needed to take care of...that I ended up not doing becasue I decided that watching The Vampire Diaries season finale was far more important since I had only watched it once.

B called to see if I wanted to meet up with everyone at the horse races. I figured I might as well because it was almost 6 and I had already caught up on my DVR and it was my gym rest day, so my schedule was clear for the rest of the night. I started to hang up laundry before I went (wayyy over due!) and started to feel flakey, so I pep talked myself and headed to the races.

This was my first time so I was kinda excited. I showed up in time for the first race, found McCall and B, ordered some food, then placed our bets. I won $4.60 on the first race! yessss.

After we ate we went outside to join the rest of the group...just in time for the storm to hit. Rain delay! ugh. While the boys stocked up on beer, we chatted and McCall educated me on hourse races, betting, and her strategy.

We ended up cutting out after the 3rd races because the rain kinda killed the mode so the boys were ready to hit the bars. B and I were ready to head home for movie night, and McCall & Jake had a movie night planned as well. (We tried to convince MC to drop jake off at the bar, then head over to our place with The Vow, but she wanted to hang out with her fiance instead. Who does that?)

The ride home was pretty intense. We were basically driving into the eye of the storm to get to the #fortressinthevalley. Don't worry because we made it...obviously since I am typing this up. We popped in Breaking Dawn because I hadn't even opened it since I got it for Valentines Day. I feel alseep about an hour into it.

*side note: This is the third time I've seen it (maybe 4th?) and I dislike it more and more each time! I'm a huge fan of the books and the other movies (of course there are things that I don't like about each of them, but overall, I love them!), but I really don't like Breaking Dawn. Almost everything just feels wrong. Everything is over the top drama...even the score. And Edward? What's with your hair? I hate it. ick. And the wolf sceen when Jacob declares Alpha? How freaking lame. I literally loled when I watched that in the theater. They shouldn't have altered their voices, it makes me think of Power Rangers (which was totally cool when I was a kid, and I totes own the movie, but not cool in BD). BUT I must give props to the special effects people that made Bella look so ick. That? was perfection. Rant over...until I watch it again and get all fired up again.

Moral of the story: Don't give into your hermit tendencies and you might actually have fun and get to hang with "your true friend" McCall.