I should be packing . . .

But instead I'm updating!

Last weekend was a lot of fun! On friday my friends came over and we ate pizza and played games, and I dominated 4 out of 5 times. Not too shabby! A lot of them stayed over, so I got to start saturday morning off at IHOP with a few of my favorite people. I then went shopping with Kasey, and did my best not to influence her shopping habits. She says she alwas buys more when we go together. haha. We were going to have full on girls night but Katie was tired and Kasey became sick, so instead Car, Ashley, and I just went to dinner. Sunday Kara took my graduation pictures! I had so much fun with her. I can't wait for her to get her new computer so she can edit them and show me. I have been trying to be more social this semester and I have rarely passed up the opportunity to hang out with my friends. I am trying to spend us much time with them as I can because we only have 6 weeks left together.

I am so excited to see Daniel tomorrow!

******I just noticed that I saved this post to my drafts, and never posted it. It was written the week before spring break.

The last six months...

work. work. work. Daniel. work. work. work. Daniel. work. work. work.

You get the idea.

Work consumes too much of my time! when I'm not actually at the office, I am thinking about it. Sales are way too stressful.

Here is a breif overview of the non-work related activities I have done:

Since I wasn't working yet (man do I miss those days), I was able to cook more often. I tried some new recipes from Cook Yourself Thin.
This is the only meal I took a picture of. It's Tomato Soup and mini Turkey BLT's. Daniel really enjoyed the tomato soup, but I wasn't such a big fan. So far our favorite is the Chicken Parmesan.


Daniel and I floated the river and Lindsay was able to join us. That pretty much made the trip worth it for me.

The girls at work and I started going to lunch together everyday. I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but if you knew my job, you would understand why this was very important.


My birthday! The girls got me an ice-cream cake and Daniel got me a purse. It was a good birthday.


Kari moved to St. Louis. :(

I got to see B.Spears again!


We had a girls weekend in Dallas.

Charity Chicks hosted BRAtober to benefit Save the Ta-tas Foundation. This was a really fun event. We got to vote on bra art while enjoying cocktails and cupcakes.
On the pink carpet.
This was my favorite bra.
This was Daniel's favorite bra.
Handing out swag bags.


New Phone!

I loved my little white slider phone, and was very sad to watch it die. It all started when I came to Houston for the B.Spears concert. . . I have dropped my phone many times, but I guess it was finally too much for it on that particular day. When it hit the ground one side came unattached. Dang. It was still together, so I was going to make it work for a few more months. When I moved to Houston I dropped it again and the other side came unattached, but the strip that kept it working was holding the two pieces together. So I figured I'd just be extra careful not to break the strip. That night I went to a book signing by the fabulously funny Jennifer Lancaster where my phone fell out of my purse and completely separated! OMG!

I had to wait a week to get a new phone; the longest week of my life. I am now a proud owner of a red LG Xenon. It has a full keyboard that slides out and a touch screen. It is more complicated than my last phone and I am still having trouble answering my calls, but I have the texting part down. Now all I need to do is get some better ringtones on it because the ones it came with are crap.



14 days ago I graduated. 8 days ago I moved to Houston. In 13 days I start my new job.

After I left Lubbock I stopped by Winnsborow to see Kasey and Matthew. It was really nice to see the cute town that they call home. I did not stay as long as I intended because I was too eager to see Daniel. 

Now I am in Houston and am living a similar version to what I would call "the dream." My daily activities include some cleaning, laundry, tv, working out, laying at the pool, and some cooking. I hope someday Daniel makes this my everyday job.


5 years in the making

OMG! I finally graduated college! I have learned so much since I graduated high school five years ago. It's weird because I am the same, but very different at the same time. I am going to use this post to remember a few things I learned during my college years.

Freshman Year at Blinn
First I would like to start by clarifying that I was at Blinn instead of A&M because it was a last minuet decision so it was too late to apply to A&M. Sometimes I wish that I would have gone to Tech in the beginning, but then I would probably not be the person I am today.

This year I learned independence. I feel that I have always been a fairly independent person, but moving 8 hours away from home and all of your friends but one really caused me to lean on myself. If I hadn't made this move then I might not have realized that I was dating someone that was not right for me, and I am really glad that I figured that out! 

I also learned not to let someone else make you feel insecure about yourself. I am sure that most of you know by now that I was dating someone that was overly concerned about me gaining weight. As a female, this is already something that most of us are concerned about, so we don't need the added pressure of someone else monitoring our food, making comments about sweets, and telling us that our calves are loosing definition (I must say, my calves are pretty nice).

I was only here a semester because once again, it was a last minute decision so I missed the date to apply to Tech. I had fun this semester living with Lindsey and seeing my friends again.

I learned that it's ok to go home, but ultimately, Canyon was not the place for me anymore.

I was at tech for 3.5 years, and had many great (and not so great) experiences.

 I learned patience. As many of you know, I had tons of crazy roommate stories. These stories range from getting an f-you note under the door, having someone come out of their room drunk and naked when I had visitors, that same person getting arrested in my living room, having roommates kicked out of the apartment, and the stories go on and on. Through all of these experiences I learned to be patient and nice to people even though I don't like them. 

I had to work on my people skills. I have trouble making friends because they take me too seriously and think I am mean, but I was lucky enough to meet people who liked me right off, and others I had to work on. I have learned to tone it down at first to give people a chance to know me before I unleash the whole personality, because I have been told that I have too much personality. 

It's ok if you don't know what you want. This one was difficult to accept. Since high school I thought I wanted to be an architect, but once I started taking classes I realized that I hated it. It was very difficult to realize that my dream was not what I was supposed to do. My major went through many changes (architecture, accounting, general business) before I finally settled on marketing.

New Beginnings
I learned many things about life and myself, and I have many fond memories from the past five years, but I am ready to move on to the next phase of life. 


Holy Inappropriateness!

Why do parents take their children to rated R movies? This never ceases to baffle me, especially when their kids are not even in double digit years. Last night Daniel and I went to see Watchmen, and I don't even think I was old enough to see it! There was nudity, adult "situations," and very graphic violence; I had to cover my eyes and ears a couple of times. And I fought the urge to ask the parents WTF, why would you do this to your kids, because now they are going to grow up and be promiscuous serial killers. At least Daniel agrees that we won't take our kids to such showings. All in all, the movie was not something I would recommend; the end left me confused and empty.

So I finally arrived in Houston late Friday night. My flight was delayed which caused me to run so I could catch my connecting flight. Lucky me, on my connecting flight I got to sit by a woman who complained on the phone about the delay. When I did get to Houston we went to Wal-mart to get dinner and breakfast. I was so hungry it was insane!
Saturday we made an unsuccessful outing to the outlet mall. For our date we tried a different Mexican restaurant, Lupe Tortilla, and it was delicious! It is our current Houston favorite. Then we wasted some of Daniel's money by going to see Watchmen.

It has been raining since I arrived and I wish it would stop.
Today we are going to the Galleria and we will hopefully look at some sparkly things!


Reality TV

I have always wanted my own reality show since Laguna Beach and The Hills.  I am working on it, but as you can see below Daniel is kind of killing that dream. I have been successful in recording without him knowing, so maybe I'll post some "episodes" later.  I would even consider moving back to Canyon if MTV would start shooting The Canyon. Being paid $75,000 per episode for playing me and creating fake drama is my idea of a dream job.


Recent :)

Moving on. . . 

Today was good, almost identical to most of my days. I am disappointed that I am not playing racquetball right now, but I suppose that M&K should study for their tests instead. This semester is going by much faster than previously anticipated, which makes me happy and sad at the same time. I am thrilled to be able to see Daniel again, but I am very sad to say good bye to my friends. Kasey and Matthew have become my closest friends these past two years, I can't imagine not seeing at least one of them everyday. This thought actually made me cry on my way to work the other day. I also will miss my co-worker, aka long lost sister, Carolyn. It is weird how similar our personalities are, and how they surprisingly don't clash! If it weren't for her, work would not be the highlight of my day. I will even miss Katie since I am FINALLY getting to know her. Of course I will miss my Canyon girls. We have been together for years, but I will be a bit closer to one of them. I am going to try and not think about moving so I can enjoy the time I have left with everyone (wow, that sounds like I am dying).

I am looking forward to the weekend because we are all planning on hanging out! And I will even get to see Kara :)


Sibling Weekend

I had a great time with Marshall over sibling weekend!
I forgot what a challenge waking Marshall up in the morning is, so we missed breakfast and the double T pancakes. Fortunately he woke up in time to hang out with the Saddle Tramps on the football field and eat lunch in the press box. This was the most memorable event of the weekend. It was such an incredible feeling to be on the field where so many of my Tech memories lie, and to eat lunch with a great view of the field and Lubbock (that is if there can be a great view of Lubbock). 

We also went to the museum where we saw Dinosaur bones and a laser show. I even showed Marshall how to play racquetball. We decided not to attend the Lady Raiders basketball game, and instead watch Talledega Nights and 10,000 BC.

We wrapped the weekend up with my mom at the family breakfast.

I hope that Marshall had as much fun as I did. I can't wait for him to be a Red Raider!