BF Is One F Away From BFF

I haven't been writing much lately. And by much? I really mean not at all.

The problem is Steve.

There I said it.

These last two years blog has been my bff that I share everything with, well most things that I don't mind the general public knowing if they happen to read any posts.

But now that Steve is my BFF in training I share everything with him. And by share, he would probably say over share. Had I been blogging these past few weeks it would end up being basically duplicates of conversations I had with Steve. And it bored me to type it.

But then yesterday I realized that Steve isn't as good as a blog because I can't say "Hey Steve, retell me the story I told you on May 5th." So I can amuse myself with my own words all over again. (Yes, I do crack myself up, whatevs).

 I am not announcing my blog retirement...if that were the case then I would just never write again and I'm sure no one would even notice.

Instead I going to try to get back to documenting my life in the off chance that Steve isn't journaling everything I tell him for me to reference later.
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Awesome & Awkward Friday

This week was on turbo speed. And I'm pretty sure that today is the most challenging day I've had in a month. Challenge accepted.

Linking up with Lauren.

THis is only here becase 1. I don't have any pics to suppliment the post with, and 2. I would love to be baking with Bieber.

  • Steve will be here tonight!
  • I learned some cool new pole tricks thanks to Kelly & Tiffany's classes.
  • 3 day weekend
  • I discovered that I'm finally ready to love cottage cheese - and it's delish!
  • I ended up in line behind a couponer. Who the efff needs 15 bottles of shampoo and 20 mini hand sanitizers? Are you really that dirty? Or am I that dirty because I'm not buying as much? And can you please give the people joining the line warning.
  • Those new pole moves I learned? Yeah, Put a big of a strain on my back. Everything hurt when I got home Tuesday night. Even laying down. It's better, but still giving me flashbacks to the back fiasco of 2012, so I've been taking it easy this week.
  • After having a two season Vampire Diaries binge, I decided to take a week off and rejoin the real world. I'm 5 days TVD sober, and I'm suffering from massive withdraws!
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Meet The Parents

Steve met us at Ruby Tequila's for dinner. (I miss you so much Ruby!) Of course it was successful and my mother loves Steve. How could she not?

The next day Steve forced me out of bed around 6am. I was a little irritated because I wanted more sleep. BUT it was my idea to get donuts super early so they would be super fresh...I changed my mind when the alarm went off, but he wasn't having it. I was a little grumpy until I had my first bite of cherry donut.

The donuts were as good as I remembered, almost better. Steve did give me a few weird looks when he caught me whispering sweet nothings to them.

We spent the rest of the morning sleeping, getting ready, and doing pull ups. errr...attempting, in my case. Steve gave me the resistance bands to help. He included a disclaimer about not getting off of the bands too fast otherwise you'll end up whipping yourself. No problem! So I attempted, couldn't get past 90*, lowered, forgot about the bands and stepped off quickly. OMG. This was the most frightening things I've experienced this year! The band whipped the back of my legs, then managed to get wound up in my hair. It hurt so bad! But was also hilarious. I was so afraid we'd have to cut my hair, it was sound tight up to my head on the bottom. Steve saved the day by untangling my hair before I requested scissors.

And before I knew it, it was time for Meet The Parents Round 2. His parents are fantastic. They are really nice and gave further proof that I'm working with a good gene pool. Overall, it went well (despite my clamming up - nervous habit) and Steve said they liked me. #win

Next we headed over to hang out with Lindsey, Patrick, and meet baby Orion. I held him while he slept. He is so sweet and cute! I can't wait to see him again in a few months.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting snow cones at Bahama Bucks, renting movies at Hastings, me managing to bust my face on a shelf while picking up a DVD, eating Sushi, and falling asleep to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That movie was surprisingly good - I had to re watch it the next morning.

Sunday was very low key since I had an early afternoon flight. I was so sad to go, and it didn't help that my flight was delayed so I was just sitting in Amarillo, but unable to see Steve.
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Awesome & Awkward Friday

What a wonderful week! (that might be a lie, I can hardly remember most of the days because I've been so busy) But I feel happy now, so I figure things must have gone well!

Linking up with Lauren to discuss.

  •  I finally remembered to pick some of this up...and I love it!

  • Running is finally going well. After weeks of no pain, I was finally able to work in more than one run. Working on rebuilding a base so I can rock some winter races!
  • I practically spent the week in Mystic Falls. One of my fave things is sharing my fave things with others, and them liking it! Since I was able to recruit a more "believers" I celebrated by re watching Vampire Diaries season 1 this week.
  • TVD season finale last night? INSANE! So many emotions! I can't wait for my fellow watchers to get caught up so I can discuss...since that will take a while there is a good chance I'll share my thoughts here in blog land.
  • Beyonce cancelled a concert due to exhaustion (code word pregnancy). I started to worry that she would cancel the Houston show...and then I remembered that I wasn't able to get tickets. #fail
  • And how could I go without mentioning how excited I am to see Steve next week!!!!

  • Just because it makes me laugh:

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Snap Backs and Tattoos

Happy Bday B!

Back in April B has ventured into her 27th year. I'm glad she's able to test the waters a few months before I have to jump in!

We celebrated with a pub crawl: snap backs and tattoos were not optional.

I showed up after the party had already kicked off (I had a lot of errands to run that day) and without my snap back. Yeah, totally forgot to write that down on the errand list.

I caught up with the group at Little J's - a small bar off of Washington. B supplied the tattoo's and I got inked up. The weather was perfect so we spent most of our time on the patio hula hooping and playing Jenga.

Steady Hands Holly
After a few hours we moved to the next spot: Luke's Ice House. I really wish I would have ordered food here, but didn't think about it until B was ready to move to the next spot.

Ashley, Me, Brandon
Kat got B an awesome disposable camera that added birthday boarders.
Ashley, Taffan, Me, & Bob
I assisted B in walking the two blocks to Brixx (which I always thought was spelt Bricks) and bought us dinner. Something super healthy and classy like hot dogs, fried pickles, and mozzarella sticks with tons of water. The food options were limited, and not tasty at all.
Dinner...seriously not tasty

I suggested that we head to the tattoo parlor to comemortae the day, but B wasn't on board.
Ashley, Bob, Me, Taffs, B
I hung out all afternoon and decided to call it a night around 7:30...because I'm kind of lame.
Ashley, Me, Taffy, B

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Awesome & Awkward Friday

FRIDAYYYYYYY! Is here. What a wonderful week. Knocked out some good workouts. Ate less sweets than usual. Missed spin both days because I couldn't manage to get out of bed before 6:30 :( But got in a run. Steve is here in two weeks!

Linking up with Lauren to share the highlights!
  • Soooooooooooo, I got Justin Timberlake tickets! 

  • I showed Steve how to add emojis to his phone. And then he tried to mash them up with hastaging. #fail
  • Made this:
  • I read ahead 4 chapters (aka finished the book). Steve promptly kicked me out of book club. Who does he think he is? AND as punishment? He refuses to finish it so we can discuss all of my negative feelings about Daisy. 
  • TVD: Seriously, can we just turn Matt into a vampire? I'm so over watching him get hurt and worrying if he's going to get killed off! I have way too many emotions linked to this show, and this is just making it worse! Can't wait for the season finale next week.


Maroon 5

My first concert of 2013, and it was a good one...except for the opening acts. Owl City and Neon Trees? I don't hate, but I could have done without.

B and I had bought out tickets months ago, and as the concert got closer she lost interest and sold hers on craigslist. Should we be concerned that I didn't mind going alone? Antisocial behavior much?

Aside from looking awkward for being alone (yes, someone actually asked me if I was there by myself), it wasn't all bad. I think I just found my permanent concert partner: me! This could be great since we like all of the same music.

What is there to say about Maroon 5?

I figure that about covers it.

He was wearing a smidge more clothes during the concert.

I loved the simplicity of the stage, and the use of the screens and lights.

And they sounded soo good live! There is nothing more disappointing than the entertainer sounding different, in a bad way, than their CD.

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Pole R.8

The last week = performance week.

Remember how my hip decided to be a grandma and was catching in the socket when it rotated side to side? I went to the chiropractor after dealing with that for 6 days. I hate nothing more than having my hips worked on the chiropractor. Having pressure applied on the joint while I'm forced to rotate it is not my idea of a good time. And I'm pretty sure I'm now internally bruised. Anyway, we worked on that, and when I mentioned my knee issues he also did some work on my ankles and knees. We'll see if that helped when I attempt my next run.

Anyway, my hip feels better, but it's still catching a bit. I know that this severely handicaps my performance that did include a lot of hip work...so I'm skipping the performance.

I considered going to watch the girls, but I'm afraid they'll think I'm being a baby about my hip and then I'll feel peer pressured to prove that I'm not a baby, so I'd perform, do a bad job, and injury it further. So instead I'm skipping and will be at QLF.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

This week was a huge win compared to the last. I only cried once, and it was because of Vampire Diaries. Way better than the shit show that was April 22-26. Can someone please compel me to forget about that?

Linking up with Lauren for my weekly happs.


  • Halfway point until I Steve will be here! 3.more.weeks.
  • Nick Miller finally maned up! Great New Girl ep after their rando schedule these last few weeks.
  • Jam release last week. so naturally  Jess, Warren, & I had some #frontrowdomination. AND Jess loves it so much that she's been jamming with me every chance she gets!
  • Jess + Me + Warren
  • Laura drank the #hastagkoolaid and we had our first # email convo.
  • "Jam is a place where you check your morals at the door."
  • I got to have a sleep over with Jess and Steven!


  • Andriod baby. That's all I will say, and I've probably said too much.
  • I really wish that Vampire Diaries wouldn't release pics of future episodes. Matt's neck being snapped is not that big of a deal when I just saw a picture of him at graduation in the season finale.
  • The original Red Dawn. What was that? Terrible, that's what. I feel asleep all three times that I tried to watch it. The remake was at least 100 times better. At least!
  • I almost had to kick Steve out of book club for over achieving. 
  • I keep managing to punch myself in the head during the Beiber song at Jam. ugh.