Pole: Spin & Teaz

I really don't know if I mentioned this in my graduation post, and I'm too lazy to look but after level 2 I decided to really push my comfort zone. I want to learn as much as I can and I need to get over my dislike for free styling. My master plan was to add in drop in classes. Since my work schedule is now 8-5 instead of 8-6, it made this goal far more attainable. Don't get me wrong, these classes are difficult, a good workout, and I usually sweat, but I don't like to give up my usual cardio love fest with Jess or body pump. With the extra hour off I'm able to get in my cardio time and get loosened up before going to the pole classes. Win win.

First up was Spin & Teaz. The website says:
Learn a new routine each class that combines aerial spins, floor work, and pole filler moves. This will help students find flow, grace, and style. Plus learn new pole spins and variations. Must have at least 2 months pole dance experience or Level 2-6.
Heck yeah! I love learning new spins, need to work on my floor work, and pole filler moves are always useful!

Amy was teaching this class and it turns out it was her second to last class to teach because she wants to spend more time with her kids. Who does that? Pole family should always come first! Kidding. I took one of my first classes with her over a year ago and she is really good. She's this petite rocker chick mom that I could honestly see rocking it in an 80s hair band video.

Anyway. I learned a few new skills! Yes! Do I have names for them? Nope. I can't remember if she said, but I'll make some up real quick.

K layout. Climb the pole about half way. Put your legs straight out and hold with one arm a little below eye level. I prefer to do single arm holds with my right since it's dominant (since I'm holding with the right, my body is going to end up slightly turning to the left). Keep your right leg straight, parallel to the floor, and keep your left leg straight, but move it down a bit. You'll be making about a 45* angle with your legs, or a 'K' with the pole being the l and your legs being the < (you can move your right up a smidge). Once you have your legs in position lay your upper body back so that it's parallel with the floor, while slightly turning it to your left.

Arabesque fall into spin. (I prefer to do this by standing on my right foot and arabesquing with my left). Stand with your feet facing the pole. Grab pole with right arm a little above your head, and grab your left food with your left hand (pull it up and extend as much as you can). Start to fall to the left and this will put you into a spinning motion. As you fall bring up your right leg to hook the pole. This one is so easy but looks bomb.

Pirouette. This is a great pole filler move. It's so easy, and yet I mess it up. As you are walking the pole, you just do a quick spin on your toe while bringing up the other leg (almost like you are making a '4' with your legs). You can get dramatic with it by pulling back as you spin, but I can't hold my balance very well.

This was such a fun class and I love that you learn something different each time. I'll def be back!


Happy National Cheesecake Day!

Yep, this is real life. I personally am always more excited for ice cream day or chocolate chip cookie day...but people love cheesecake, so let them eat cake!

 I def couldn't pass up this opportunity to help my office celebrate and guarantee our work friendship for yet another week.

I've previously brought them these (my fave) and these, but Marina requested Oreo cheesecake. Her wish is my command. I'm good like that.

I may have gone a little overboard with the amount of Oreos that I added (it basically tasted just like a big Oreo), so I'd suggest cutting that in half if you want something less aggressive.

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes (makes about 21)
2 eggs
3/4 c. Sugar
16 oz. cream cheese
2 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 bag Oreos (about 27 cookies.I used double stuffed)
cupcake liners

  1. Preheat oven to 375* and place liners in cupcake tin. Drop 1 Oreo into bottom of each.
  2. Beat eggs with sugar.
  3. Break cream cheese into pieces, add to eggs and sugar and beat until smooth (10 min) then mix in vanilla.
  4. coarsely chop up 6 Oreo's (or 12 if you want to be way over the top like me) and stir them into the mix.
  5. Fill liners 3/4 full with cream cheese mixtures and bake 10-12 minutes.
  6. While they are baking, enjoy the leftover cookies with a glass of milk (don't hesitate to dip them!)
  7. Once done let the cheesecakes cool, then keep refrigerated.


9 months

I can't believe so much time has passed. It feels like you are still here even though I know you aren't. I miss you so much. It's getting better. Well, better probably isn't the right word, but you know. Sometimes I can go a few weeks before I get really down about it, so that's progress, right?

I haven't been home since Christmas because I know there isn't even a possibility of me seeing you, which makes it all the more real. I don't want to see your picture hanging on the wall that we used in the obituary, and I don't want to know that I'm in such close proximity to your grave.

Usually when I dream about you they are nightmares of me trying to save you from who you had become. But lately they have been better - you've been trying to save me. It's weird being in dreamland and trying to sort out the reality of what's happening. Luckily I can usually remember that it's all fake and that you are gone, but sometimes I wake up thinking about what you are doing...then reality sets in.

Last night I had a dream that Marshall and I were at some family reunion with family that we didn't really know. One of our cousins (I suppose) started kind of taunting Marsh about how he didn't have a brother anymore. (In dream world Marshall is usually much younger and comes up to my shoulder). I went over to her, said some choice words, and punched her right in her face. Mom was mortified, but I think you would have been proud of my right hook.

I still talk about you often...after all I do have 20 years worth of memories. I don't always use the correct tense and people don't notice when I do because it's such a small word (like/liked, has/had, etc) to catch. The other day someone was asking about my brothers, so I told them. I prefaced it with "I did have two brothers; it's complicated. I'm about to tell you something and I don't want you to feel awkward about it." Yeah, they still felt awkward about it.

I still miss you dearly, but I guess I always will.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

What a week. Def not one of my better weeks and Matil's battery dying didn't help. It's clear that I can never have children because I cried when my car wouldn't turn on and it sounded like she was whining...she's not even alive. And the fact that I've named her and referred to her as 'she' and 'her' when talking to the dealership proves that I'm probably not mentally competent to be mingling with the general population.

But there were still some good things that happened this week. I'm linking up with From My Grey Desk and The Bargain Blonde to share my fave 5 Awesome & Awkward moments (well....I guess the awkward aren't necessarily fave moments...). Yesssssssss.

  • The Dark Knight Rises. I really liked the way Nolan wrapped up the trilogy. I know it won't happen, but I do wish that he would continue on with the story that he started at the end.
  • I made these super delish (or as Bennida puts it: cookies = orgasmic) chocolate chip cookies. I'll post the recipe soon because you do not want to miss out on these!
  • Emma said my name! It was so cute!
  • This song:
  • I really think the Dark Mark lives and is trying to take Houston...maybe it's time I get that tattoo removed. I swear it's been taunting us this week:
  • Me on Friday night. There are no words.
  • Mind Blown. Seems legit to me.
  • Kemah Boardwalk picture people. Are you for real? This is from 3 years ago. I swear I've unsubscribed a few times, but you keep haunting me. If I didn't order this the first 20 times you emailed me, I'm probably not going to cave now that I'm not dating this person. Please stop testing my emotional stability (or lack there of).

  • K.Stew, How Dare You! (Did anyone else cry when they read about #kristencheats? Nope, just me? dang it.)

How was your week? What were your most awesome and awkward moments?



Coldplay was in Houston for two nights. I had put off buying tickets because I really like them I'm just not obsessed.

Luckily they still had tickets for the Tuesday night show, so B and I got those about a month ahead of time.

After work we headed to Blue Fish for some happy hour sushi and to pass time before the show. We hadn't been there before, but it was recommended by some coworkers. Some coworkers whose opinions I no longer value. I'm not going to say it was bad (the worst I had was take out in NY where they had tons of lettuce in my shrimp tempura roll. Who does that?), but it's not worth going back.

The crab in the California roll tasted kinda like tuna salad. I like tuna salad, but not in my roll. The shrimp tempura was ok. I prefer mine with the rice on the outside, but it's not a big deal. It just wasn't bomb.com like RA. And I tried the vegetable tempura. Turns out I just don't like it - that's more of a personal problem. The pot stickers? I almost spit it out, but then remembered I'm 25. B really enjoyed my expression with that one. The only redeeming quality? The chocolate spring roll that B & I shared. It reminded me of the chocolate empanada (I think that's what it's called?) from Ruby Tequilas. They had three mini rolls and a scoop of ice cream. Have you ever tried eating ice cream with chop sticks? You should because 1. you'll eat less, and 2. you'll get a good laugh.

We got to the concert just in time to see Robyn open the show. I've heard 'Dancing on my Own' before, but that was it. Overall, her performance and songs didn't win me over. I feel like she stepped out of the 90s, and her music didn't seem to go with Coldplay at all. Once that assault on my ears finally ended, it was time for the big show!

Everyone was given a bracelet when they entered the Toyota Center, and they lit up throughout the show. It was so cool to see all of the lights!
Coldplay sounded so good live. I knew they would, and I'm glad they didn't disappoint.

Chris messed up 3 times. All were mistakes that I didn't even notice until he would stop and say something along the lines of "Oh I really fucked that one up. Let's do that again. Please don't post this on youtube because we don't want to ruin our reputation of professionalism." It was pretty funny.

They played almost all of my fave songs. I thought they were going to skip 'Clocks' (which would have been blasphemy), but they worked it into their encore...twice! I always liked this song, but now when I hear it I think of Andrew. He would always play it on his percussion stuff (bells?) and on the piano. Which was weird because Coldplay wasn't typically the kind of music he would listen to.

Oh, and there was tons of confetti right from the beginning. And balloons. It was such a great party!


That One Time Croc Said I Was Cute

Haha. But really.

We've been working on resurrecting Sunday grill (maybe it would be more successful if Harry let us borrow the resurrection stone?). One week it was a double date situation: Adam & April, me & Kylekins. Awwww.

The next week was a love triangle: Adam, Adam, and Me.

This Sunday we finally had the old crew with some new additions: Adam & April, Kyle, Croc, Other Adam and his lady, Adam's brother, Me, B, and Kat. I'm obviously super good with names.

Anyway, Croc and Kyle started talking about Aggie Happy Hour. I tried to invite myself , but being that I'm not an aggie (red raider fo lyfe!) I just don't think I'll fit in/be welcome. So instead I gave Kyle and Croc the task of finding me a suitor when they go. I gave them a basic foundation of what I'm looking for: age 26-30, taller than me, attractive, good job, looking for a wife. Croc looked at me like I was crazy and told me I'd have to come myself if I was going to husband hunt. Ugh. I told him that he needs to scout it out, and if he finds good prospects then I'll go the next week. And then he told me I was cute.

Ok, it didn't happen exactly like that. It was more of a "What do you want me to say to these guys? I have a friend who's looking for a husband and she's cute." I would suggest leaving the cute part in, but maybe not saying the 'H' word so soon because I might not even like these fools just because they meet the basic criteria. But maybe throw in there how I'm funny, but don't mention the blog because I can't have these fools knowing I'm a little cray before I gig 'em (if you will).
This is great to know that Croc thinks I'm cute so that if I get too old, give up on dating, and marry him, he can at least enjoy looking at me when I'm driving him crazy. The only problem is the last time I brought this up Croc told me he wouldn't marry me if I didn't love him...even if I was the last person alive. I tried to explain to him how Katniss pretended to love Peeta, then she ended up loving him for (real or not real?) real. So I could either learn to love him, or just fake it and he would never know the difference. I don't think he's really buying into this whole plan. Crap.


Pole 2 Graduation

I was so glad for graduation to be here so I could get it over with.

I was nervous, but it was different from last time. I knew that I didn't know the dance. It was so simple, but I couldn't remember it to save my life. And I was nervous about the freestyle at the end. Oh, and my back is still being a little B, so it's making my movements less than fluid. YAY!

I had decided to wear my Under Armor boy shorts because I needed to make more leg contact with the pole. The spanks in my skirt are a smidge too long - when the pole hits them there isn't any friction so I just slide everywhere. This equals way more effort than necessary for my arms. Well, after a run through in my Under Armor I ended up swapping for the skirt and just pushing the spanks up. There is a little too much stretch in the boy shorts and I don't think the girls wanted to see that kind of show. And I def didn't want to give them one.

I couldn't decide on a song. I created a Pole La Teaz play list of options, but I just wasn't feeling any of them, so I made a snap decision on my way to the studio.

I volunteered to go first. Erica asked me what song I wanted, and I told her I had it on my iPod and it was a surprise. I paused it, then switched to make sure it was at the beginning and my iPod announced "Boyfriend by Justin Bieber." Yeah, forgot that the shuffle talks. Haha. Erica was like, "are you serious." Yeah, girl. You know it!

I wish that she had videoed my pre dance speech. (Yes, it was necessary to give a speech.) This is pretty close to what I said:
Justin Bieber's new album was released today, so I'm dedicating this dance to that. Hence my song choice. And I am expecting tips, that's what I wore my shoes with tip slots. I've gotta pay the bills!
Yeah, I'm a little over the top. But you already know.

The dance went ok. There's a moment where I blanked on what came next, and couldn't even function enough to make it up, so I'm just staring at the wall for what seemed like 30sec. Luckily on the video it's actually 1 second. haha. Well, that def threw me off and upped my nerves. So I may have almost tripped in my shoes. My ankle turned, but I'm a pro so I only wobbled a smidge. This is mainly embarrassing because it's not necessarily the height of the shoes that was the problem. I actually do this all the time in my regular heels, sandals, and flats. I don't know what's going on with my ankles, but they are always trying to roll on me. Since I have this issue, I'm pretty quick at not letting them give all the way and regaining balance. Def a good skill to have when you are in 6in shoes.

Oh well. My spins went well, and I def love to watch my spin into the climb. I don't want to say that I'm the bomb.com at it, but it looks pretty good!

The main things I need to work on:
  • Get yo back fixed! (It's a work in progress)
  • Chill the eff out!
  • Get comfortable with freestyle.
So my action plan is this: sign up for the drop in classes and push outside of my comfort zone because I will be USA's 2013 Pole Champion. Ok, the last half of that sentence is a little aggressive. I've already signed up for a few sessions of floor work, spin & teaz, freestyle, and jiggle it to give myself a push.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Seriously the longest week ever. On Tuesday I thought it was thursday. One morning I figured it must be at least 10a...it was 8:45a.

As always, linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk and The Bargain Blonde.

Here are my fave awesome & awkward moments from this week!

  • After almost a year and a half hiatus, I picked up an Xbox control and played Halo with Adam and Croc. It felt so good to melee people again (my most used weapon is my hands).
  • I must get a Bieber cutout!
  • The Dark Knight Rises. Tonight.
  • *NSYNC & JB mashup!

  • I was thinking about what I was going to put in this post and couldn't really come up with anything that I'd done this week...then I realized it was only Tuesday morning and not Thursday.
  • Stopped in Macy's so B could take my pic with the Justin Bieber cutout...turns out they don't have the cutout there. Should have gone to Dillards. (hopefully I will get the picture soon and turn this into an Awesome moment!)
  • You call your Dad and request that your bday gift be a flight home. He tells you ok and he'll call later to get the info to transfer you money...then he never calls. Being his only daughter you would think I'd get a little more respect!

Any awesome or awkward moments you want to share?


John Ross [said with a southern draw]

Can we take a quick time out to talk about Dallas?

So the original Dallas ran from 1978-1991. I didn't catch it the first time around...you know, since I was 5 when it ended. But when I heard about the reboot I was super excited!

That's a lie. I was more like "WTF is this? A reboot of a silly Texas show? Great, more Texas stereotypes. Are they kidding me?" No, they weren't kidding me. And? I was over Jesse Metcalfe back when he was playing Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions. And Josh Henderson? Are you serious? That dbag that dated Ashlee Simpson and Paris Hilton?

I happened across the show when TNT was rerunning the first two epps on a Saturday night. Turns out that it's alright. (I hate when that happens!)

I'm ashamed to say (after a previous statement in this post) that the best part was John Ross...played by none other than Josh Henderson.

He has def gotten better looking with age:





 I bet you want to start watching now too.

So John Ross, I'm sorry that I didn't like the actor that played you. I don't care if you are a dbag on the show and in real life because you sure can wear the hell out of your stereotypical Texas clothes. And your Texas accent isn't that bad...even though I don't sound like that and I'm a born and raised Texan. Damon is still number one in my heart, but you are a very close second.


Everyone Has Bad Workouts

So I'm having this random back issue for 4 weeks now. Great. I'm going to the chiropractor so it's a work in progress.

I was feeling better and decided to give BodyPump a go. It.was.rough. I had to lower my weight on anything that moved my lower back (squats, cling pres, lunges). I felt like such a little bitch. I discussed with Ryan before hand to see if he thought this was a good idea, and he said it was. He said that no one will notice that I'm doing low weight. I told him he's a liar. 1. I stand in the front. 2. If I saw someone with my body type squatting 10 on each side I would think she's not pushing hard enough. Yeah, I'm terrible I know. But now I won't think such things because that person might be coming out of injury.

Taking this break, and then not coming back full throttle was hard on my fitness self esteem. I know that my body needed a break, but it was still rough. I am a loyal BodyPumper. I'm surprised that my spot doesn't have my feet imprinted in it. I've been there front row center (well, left of center) 2-3 times a week since last August.

I love this class because I leave feeling exhausted but strong. I usually have the craziest smile on my face during squats (they are my fave). And now that the windows are all reflective I get to experience just how crazy my workout faces are. To my pump teachers: you are welcome for giving you something entertaining to watch while you lead the workout!

After this particular class I left feeling down about my workout. Everything felt extra hard and I may have shed a tear during the stretching portion. The worst part is I know I gave it everything I had, and it made me feel weak. I hate feeling weak. I was so beat down that I suggested to Jess that our post pump cardio consist of walking on the treadmill (What? I didn't have my running shoes and I wasn't about to jack up my feet and knees.).

The Point is: Everyone has bad workouts. Maybe you just started working out and it's hard. Or maybe you workout all the time and just had a crap workout. Even freaks like me that look forward to their workouts everyday have bad workouts!

So, what do you do about it?
  • Cry - If you must. I did, but then again I'm known to be overemotional from time to time and hard on myself.
  • Don't stop. Seriously. If you stop now you'll never get back to where you were or make improvements.
  • I remind myself of a time when I did accomplish something and how I can do this too.

How do you overcome bad workouts?


Pole 2.6&7

I missed 2.6 due to some back issues. But was back and ready for (painful) action the next week.

I went to open pole Sunday and Monday to try and make up for my missed class.

Erica supervises on Sunday so she taught me the new moves:
  • Spin into Pole Climb - hop on as if you are doing the fireman spin, but start to climb. It looks better than just standing and climbing.
  • Inside leg fireman - Throw your outside leg as if you are going to wrap and spin...but keep it straight to the side and grip with your inside leg around the pole.
  • Inside leg fireman to spiral - see above to start.Once you are spinning, bring your straight leg around the front to hook in spiral, and release the inside leg and put spiral position. It's almost like a pendulum motion.
Spinning into the climb was harder than I thought it would be. I kept over spinning, so once I slowed down my arms were too tired to climb. And I always ended up starting my climb just a few inches off the floor. Not cool.

The inside leg fireman/spiral combo isn't too bad. I can do it going right, but not left. Ugh. I need to work on my weaker sides!

I ran through spins the rest of the time and worked on simple transitions with Honey.

Before class I made a stop to exchange my latest pair of shoes. Last time they were out of the sizes of the ones that I really wanted so I had to settle for a different pair because I had limited time to break them in. Luckily they had my second choice in my size! And they are probably going to be the death of me.

How awesome is the tip slot? Seriously.

We ran through our pole circuits and I felt rusty. Which means I went to my signature move of the pelvic thrust. Also, whatever is going on with my back makes it very difficult to move my hips.

New Stuff:
  • Crab Crawl (Totally made this name up) - Basically it's the sexy bicycle except you are sitting up and you move forward or in circles as you do it. Pretty tricky. If you roll to the sides of your butt more then you can move, but it's hard.
  • Chair to back hook - Similar to the mermaid. Instead of hooking both legs around the pole, you only do one a la back hook style. I need a lot of work on this one. My arms were not wanting to hole me to the side so that I could do the turn into the back hook.
  • Spiral to one legged fireman - As you spiral you bring your back leg around to the pole, straighten and point. easy peasy.
Level 2 and I had a rough start, but I have really come to enjoy it. Probably because I can now do the roley poly and side winder (although not to perfection). I love learning new spins and working on them. It's def upped my strength because I can tell when my arms and back are contributing to the lifting which will def come in handy as we move onto inverts in the next level (seriously, can't wait!).

I really need improvement on my floor work and improvising. I try to study Erica every week (she does set the bar pretty high), but I don't think it's working. Luckily she'll be teaching some floor dance classes this summer that I can't wait to sign up for! This girl is seriously the bomb.com.


Sunday I met up with Cierra and Liz at open pole. I made a lot of good strides this week! Finally!!!!

I had spent some time watching pole videos on YouTube, and I think that really helped. I figured out how to successfully spin into the climb! When you swing into the spin it's very important that you use your arms to lift you as high as possible while crunching your body so your legs start higher on the pole. (I know you were dying to know.)

We have graduation on Tuesday, and I'm not looking forward to it. I have to switch a few parts of the dance to accommodate my handicapped back, and if all else fails? I'll just do spins for 3 min. Haha.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

And here we are again after what seemed like a never ending week. My dearest Friday. I'm so happy to see you!

Linking up with  From My Grey Desk & The Bargain Blonde. Check them both out!
  • After having a Jessless life for 12 days, we were finally reunited!
From our Epic NYC//NYE Trip
  • Vampire Diaries Marathon. Team Damon!
  • iambaker started following me on instagram! If you read baking blogs, then you probably know who this is. Her treats always look so good! She's much better at making things look good than I am (but mine do taste good!). I feel so cool...seriously!
  • AND Kathleen at Carrie Bradshaw Lied said she liked my blog name. Oh my gah girl, I like yours too! I love CB, but that hooker totally lied!
  • This song: 

  • I got hit by the elevator door.
  • Splitting Mocking Jay into 2 movies. I just don't think I'm on board for this, but I hope they make them so awesome that I change sides.

What are some awesome & awkward moments from your week?


Waiting Sucks

Yes, yes it did. But True Blood is finally back!

I forgot to add HBO...but luckily S+J have it and shared with me.

They were still at S's parents house so I let myself in, let the dogs out, enjoyed my delish freebird burrito, and watched TV. I thought it started at 9 so I showed up around 8:40...turns out it started at 8. In a panic I tried to turn the TV on, but it was set for the playstation. I figured that out after a min and then rushed to find HBO. They have Comcast so I'm not familiar with the channel order. Found HBO...in spanish. I didn't notice at first because it was the sceen where Jessica was playing Rock Band and the singing was in english. I finally found it in English just in time to enjoy the last 15 min. Luckily it replayed an hour later, so I set that to record.

Jes and Steven finally came home. We watched the Mad Men season finale. About that...I've only watched the first season and a few eppisodes from the most recent season. And all I have to say is WTF? Where are the clif hangers? I don't even feel inticed at all about what'll happen next season. I didn't have even one OMG moment. Maybe I'm just used to the shockers of Vampire Diaries and True Blood. Or maybe grown-up shows are boring.

Then we watched Girls. I feel like it went off path from the last episode. Like they needed a few more events to happen between the two. But I still loved it. The fight between Marnie & Hannah was great. They both had good points, but Hannah is kind of an unnappreciative free loader.

Steven decided to call it a night after that...since it was almost midnight. And Jess and I stayed up talking until after 2. I hadn't seen her in two days so we obviously had a lot to catch up on!

At this point I'm half living there so I spent the night again. Monday was my last day of housewife vacation so I really enjoyed it by sleeping in until 8:30. Seriously body, WTF? I never sleep in, not even on the weekends because I like to get up and run and enjoy as much of my time off as possible. But I'm taking off from running due to the jacked up back and was fully prepared for multiple days of sleeping in. One day I woke up at 5:30. What is that?

Jess was already up and about so we made teamwork breakfast. I love it! Pancakes and scrambled eggs. Delish! We watched some morning TV, then I finally indulged in the new epp of True Blood. So good. So good.

I spent the rest of the morning watching The Client List marathon and drifting in and out of napps, then we had lunch at RA. I got pancake batter on my dress so Jess lent me her closet for the day. Thanks Jess! Her closet is probably a little cooler than mine...except in the casual/sundress area. Who doesn't love sundresses? Apparently Jess.

I had the most delish Vegetable Tempura Roll (seriously my fave thing to eat ever. ever.) and the california roll. Then back home to contuine the marathon and napping pattern. And we had some Oreo's. Jess loves the cookie part and sometimes I only like the filling, so we make a pretty good pair. haha.

Then we parted ways for a few hours. She went to Yoga and I went to pole practice. I had a lot to make up for since I missed on Tuesday, and my Sunday session was kind of weak. Then we met back up for BodyPump. I really missed bodypump since I had to miss for a week. I did low weight since my back was hurting on squats, lunges, and the cling-press. I felt like a little bitch. But it did feel good to reclaim our front row spots!
Picture from J.Def.


This Isn't Awkward At All

Saturday afternoon I headed to hang with Brittany and Emma. On my way out there, Brittany called to let me know that Daniel was on his way too.

Great. Just great.

We aren't really on speaking terms, so I already knew this would be awkward. The thing is, if I'm not on speaking terms with someone, then I'm extremely closed off. I can't just act like everything is ok and make small talk as if we are acquaintances. Whatever.

After about 15 min of that uncomfortable situation Brittany suggested we head out to do some activities. Great plan! Cole was on Emma duty so we could have some grown up girl time.

We headed to our fave ceramics painting spot. This time Britt painted coasters while I worked on mini cupcake stands.

Then we had dinner at Hasta La Pasta. Always so good! I love their chicken fettuccin alfredo. I don't typically go out for Italian, so it's always a treat when we go here!

Our next stop was target to get Brittany some workout clothes and DVDs. I suggested 'Dance With Julianne Hough.'

We got back just as Daniel was leaving. Good timing, otherwise I would have left and I hadn't had enough time with Emma yet!

We played with Emma and read her some books before putting her to bed.

Brittany usually dresses her pretty cute but Daniel had just given Emma that M&M outfit he got her when he was in Vegas. Sorry Emma.

Britt wanted to play Just Dance on XBox Connect, but my back wasn't going to allow that. So instead we popped in her new workout video and I supervised and motivated while enjoying Brittany's sweet dance moves!

Although I could have done without the Daniel part (he knows why), the day was great. I love getting to spend time with Brittany and Emma. She's my fave little nugget.


Housewife Fo Lyfe

Sunday I woke up and my back wasn't feeling so great. Not sure why since I hadn't done anything that would mess it up. I thought hitting up bodyflow would help stretch it out...instead it made it worse. I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday since it wasn't getting any better. I decided to downgrade my workouts to only doing the stationary bike since it was the only thing that didn't hurt. Jess is always one to be supportive, so she joined me in Quardio Love Fest week.

Which means I missed Pole. So sad. I had planned on going to watch, but once I got home and curled up into fetal position I realized it was too comfortable to move. I was worried about how this would effect my trip since the simple motion of breathing even hurt my back.

Turns out I didn't need to worry about that after all. If you read this then you know my weekend didn't go as planned. Instead of going to NY I ended up staying in Houston and still taking off. Luckily Jess doesn't work (I guess she kind of works from home) so we had a grand time living the dream.

Thursday she worked on websites while I blogged, hung out, took naps, and had a few "WTF just happened" convos. Still don't have the answer to that, but it was a nice relaxing day. We hit up the gym per usual and then she invited me over for dinner that night. I ended up having dinner with S+J every night this week except for Tuesday (see fetal position above).

Since I was down about the whole change in trip plans, S was nicer than usual and put on True Blood to cheer me up. So sweet! I ended up falling asleep on the couch until Jess woke me up around midnight and I moved into the guest room.

Friday I was up by 7:30 and took advantage of their HBO on demand and caught up on some more TB epps. When Jess woke up we headed to Le Peep for le breakfast. I hadn't been before, and it was adequate. I got the waffle and it was good, just nothing extraordinary. Jess got the biscuits and gravy - they were pretty delish.

I then introduced her to Memorial Bakery where I got a sugar cookie, and she got the cuttest angle food cake ever. A trip to the post office, then back to her couch. We basically just lounged around all day (much to Steven's delight). Then we hit up QLF for our daily sweat sesh. S texted Jess from the weight area asking if she wanted to do dinner with Doug and LeeAnn...and Jess scored me an invite too!

So we rolled up to Thai Spice in our sweat glory and I got to meet Caden for the first time! He is so precious with his serious expression and red hair. I watched him for a sec while Steven showed everyone his new car, and I managed to get a smile and a laugh out of Caden. He is such a sweet baby.

We also had fro yo at Menchies.



Hey y'all!

I made a few small changes to the blog. Like including intelligent content. They are so small that you may not have noticed, so I'd like to take a quick moment to point them out!

Below my header I've added a few new categories:
  • About - obviously a little about me. Plus I included my fave picture of me ever...you may have seen it on the blog 20 other times.
  • Cherry On Top - I finally updated/figured out how to link all of my baking posts to one spot. So check it out for some sweet treats! Everything you find here is delicious and will make people like you. Trust me, it's one of my secrets to success!
  • Run Like You Stole Something - Ok, that's been there for a while, but it's about my running....which has been pushed to the back burner due to some injury issues. Whatevs, I'm working on it.
  • Awesome & Awkward - you know, for if you ever want to feel better about your situation check out some of the awkward things in my life!
  • Pole - everything related to my Pole dancing adventures!
  • Contact - so you can stalk me at a safe distance. And submit husband applications if you find any adequate suitors for me. I'm only kidding...unless you have one.
And if you are ready to DTF (define the relationship), then feel free to subscribe/follow me using which ever link you prefer on the right below my Picture.

It's not too much of a change, but then again I never claimed to be a master blogger!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Here's a picture of how I'm spending mine (Don't tell Jenna):


Awesome & Awkward Friday

Having the mid week break has really thrown off my time perception! I keep feeling like I've already lived the weekend and can't seem to remember what day it is. Don't worry, I'm not complaining about this because I love having holidays!

As always, I'm linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk. Hit the link to check her out!

  • Learned how to invert in Pole class! 
  • Discovering the best way to deal with the stress of shopping at Wal-Mart is to put in your headphones and dance your way through the store. The cart also works as a good prop.
Except I have my clothes on...
  • Having a mid week holiday. Yeah, it's optimal for those to fall on a Friday, but I don't mind having my work week in two day increments.
  • Because of the holiday I was able to spend the afternoon with Cole, Brittany, and Emma!
  • This Song: 

  • All of the bruises that range from my ankles to my thighs on the inside of both legs. My left rib, and left lower bicep area. Inverting is painful.

  • Putting all of my bruises on display during my laser hair removal appointment this evening. I'll probably throw in a disclaimer so she doesn't think I'm abused. Seriously.
  • When you notice the crazy looking people of Wal-Mart looking at you like you are crazy for busting some moves.
  • Henry calling allmost all of the shoes I  wear stripper shoes. Do these look like stripper shoes to you? Because they aren't.

How was your week? Any awesome or awkward moments? Please share!


Movie Date, Target Trip...How Did We End Up Here?

haha. That's an excellent question B. So let's start from the beginning.

As soon as 5 o'clock hit B and I were in Matil and headed to RA Sushi.

We got there in record time! But then had a 40min wait. We ordered as soon as we were seated because we had tickets for Snow White And The Huntsman at 7. The service was incredibly fast and we made it to the movie with time to spare!

Something came up after work, so S+J missed dinner, but we found them on the walk to Studio Movie Grill.  Jess tried to jump out from behind a bush to scare us, but it didn't work this time. (Once at the gym she popped out at me from behind the desk. I screamed.)

I had been looking forward to this movie since K.Stew was cast. I just can't help by love her. The more awkward she is, the more I love. And the previews were so good! Ravenna is the best villain ever. Don't get me wrong, Voldy was pretty bad ass with his whole unicorn blood drinking thing, but this chick puts him to shame! She managed to marry a guy and take over his kingdom within 24 hours of meeting him. Respect. And she eats hearts for breakfast and sucks out souls for dessert like a boss.

After the movie we made a Target stop...then B accompanied me to the stripper store.

Please don't mind us as we roll up in a Prius. B's wearing skinnies, flats, and a tee. Me? Sporting a gingham linen dress. We head straight to the shoes. Pretty sure we were not being taken seriously.

Turns out that everyone wears a size 8, so options were limited. I was really excited about the first pair I tried on because you could put stuff in the toe platform, so I was going to go with candy or sprinkles...that dream died when I almost rolled my ankle in the first 5 steps.

I found a few that I could walk in and met my needs, so I took to the pole to test them out. Had I not been wearing a dress then I would have shown off for B a bit. There were two other girls looking at shoes and I wasn't sure if they were just going to the club or if they were strippers/dancers (which term is politically correct?). Once we saw the clothes in their hands we knew it was def the latter. I'm pretty sure I caught them judging me with their eyes. I think they were just jealous that they didn't have a dress as awesome as mine.

I had the best sales lady ever. She was really nice, helpful, and patient as I sent pair after pair back. I seriously tried on close to 10 pairs. When the she rang me up she gave me the dancers discount. In that moment, I felt like I was leading a double life.


Pole 2.5

I got my back adjusted last week, so that really helped me in the flexibility department!

We didn't learn anything new on the floor. Instead we spent extra time on the back roll because some of the girls were having trouble. Honey decided to show off (per the usual) and busted out the back roll into the splits. I gave it a shot, and it went pretty well! I can do it, it's just not as fluid as it should be...yet.

During open pole Erica climbed and used 3 dismounts on the way down. I feel like I inspired her! Of course hers actually looked good. So you know I gave that a shot. It was quite the challenge because my spanks got in the way so I slid too fast and had to re climb (kinda exhausting), but she applauded my effort.

New spin! The Parachute.

When I first saw this I really didn't think my body would be having it. But I did pretty decent my first try. We learned 3 variations: both legs bent behind, one leg straight, both legs straight.

Both legs straight is really hard because you have to pull up so much with your back and glutes. I was really surprised when I actually did it. All of my bodypumping and pole is finally paying off in the strength department.

We were spinning so much that my pole was heating up where I put my hands. It's not that it burns from the heat, but when it's warm my hands don't glide around it as well.

More dance and improvising. My fave. No, actually I'd love to pass on that. I wonder if my free style can involve me climbing the pole and just sitting in front of the ac duct?

By the end of class I was beat and my hands hurt. My wrist marks are getting darker (that's attractive), and my fingers were starting to get blisters on the pads. Ouch!

All of the classes have been rough this level, but I'm enjoying the challenge!


I Want Everything, Even If I Don't Want It

Zack, you are welcome for sharing the ultimate secret of how women work.

S+J had invited me to the lake for Memorial day. At first I told them maybe because I'm frightened of the lake. Once I told them that I actually hadn't ever been to the lake it turned from an invite request to a demand.

So here's the deal. When I was little I watched this tv movie called 'The Lake' and I've been scared for life ever since. It included a vortex where you were killed and your clone came out and lived your life or something. I know, totally legit scary stuff, right? I'm sure other random scary things like my overactive (and paranoid) imagination, a show I watched on the history channel about sharks getting in a river stream way back, and some epps of 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' have contributed to this fear.

I can't see in the lake, so who really knows what's in there. Nessy could even be hiding in there waiting to attack at any moment!

Sunday night at 8:51p I texted Jess that I would come.

I woke up Monday to run, lift, and drink 8 glasses of water before leaving for the lake. What? I was afraid I'd get dehydrated from the heat.

I showed up at Jess' just in time for family sunscreen time. Yay! It was probably pretty funny watching us all in the bathroom getting lathered up. Then we loaded up the car to meet at Zack's house then head to the lake.

I don't even know what time we finally made it to the lake, but there for a bit I thought that either the plan changed or I was being kidnapped. I don't think I've ever been on so many back country looking roads in my life.

Being on the boat wasn't so bad, but I hadn't committed to actually getting in the water. It was really hot, so I caved and put my leg in. I really did expect a turtle to come up and bite it off. Luckily it didn't.

Everyone took turns lake surfing while I stayed put in the front sun bathing. I knew I would probably have an anxiety attack when I feel and was left waiting 5 sec for the boat to come get me. This was Jess' first time to do the surfing, and after a few tries, she rocked it!

S on the other hand was basically a profesh the way he didn't even need to use the rope. Show off!

We took a swim break, and I caved and got in because my body was over heating and I was sure I was going to die. While swimming I realized just how long it had been since I swam, and it was exhausting. I could barley remember how to do it. The whole time I would either stay right next to Jess or the boat because I was almost positive that Jaws was going to come up and chomp me at any second. And I figured if I'm going down, I'm taking her with me!

Sadly my phone malfunctioned so I only got two pictures.

Turns out the lake isn't so bad, and maybe my fears are a little irrational (only a little though). I promised that next time I would attempt the water sports, even though I'm terrible frightened to do so. And the music was pretty legit. Once 'Promises' and 'Cinema' came on, I knew that Zack was alright...even if he did throw some reggae in there.

We were there for my whole life and finally got to S+J's around 10:30p.When I got inside I headed straight to the fridge to eat some macarons. Right as I took a bite S came in and it was that awkward moment like when you get caught doing something bad. His response, "Are you serious?" Me, "Yes, I worked hard to make these, so I want a few more before they are gone!" Once I got my fix I headed home to get some sleep before the longest short work week of my life!

During the emails with Jess the next day she said this:
"I am so glad you came though---and very proud of you for trying so many new things yesterday, I counted at least FIVE! (1. lake swimming 2. boating 3. uncrustables 4. mike's hard raspberry lemonade 5. snap peas )"
Check me out! I'm living life on the edge now!