2015: The Year Of Quality Not Quantity

This year was kind of awesome. Going into it I knew that I would be more settled down and I really wanted to focus more on substantial friendship. Mission accomplished.

  • Kicked the year off with NYE at Red Door.
  • Pizza night in the burbs
  • a few good weeks of Sunday brunching with Rox and Kate
  • Perm TOTY Party in Austin
  • Amanda turned 30! We had hibachi and a skate party!
  • 3rd Annual Forever Alone Together - we saw 50 Shades of Grey (cliche, I know)
  • Marshall had a wedding
  • Charlie Turned 1!
  • Cellie's Karaoke Bach party and wedding were fun!
  • Sven & Stacy moved :(
  • I met O-Town (OMG.OMG.OMG.)
  • Went to Mexico - twice
  • Critical Mass
  • I turned 29
  • Bennida's NOLA Bach & two weddings
  • I held a tiger cub - twice
  • Carolyn moved to Austin - so dinner dates are a more regular occurrence
  • Jacob. (He's been the best part of this year.)
  • Meeting his parents and mine.
  • Front row at Justin Bieber
  • BodyPump training
  • Vegas
  • Blizzard and cancelled flights for Christmas


Eat.Sleep.Wave Chase.Repeat

Back in June most of the #lesmillsbesties crew traveled to Cancun for Kyle & Karyna's wedding. And it was the best time ever!

I am so lucky that Amanda was my travel companion because we both had the same plan: eat everything and catch every wave.

We survived our Spirit flight - it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, managed to get money from the ATM after 5 tries (I kept accidentally hitting the Espanol button), and were greeted with champagne at the resort. This all inclusive life is no joke!

After grabbing a quick bite we switched into our swimmies, grabbed some rum punch, and hit the beach. After a few brief moments of sweating it out we hit the water and waves. and the waves hit back. We went pretty far out because we felt safe since our lifeguard was paying close attention to the swimmers. Kidding, he was doing crunches - WTF is that?!?!

When we got too exhausted from fighting the current - or swallowed too much water (I was nervous I was going to die from that!) we took a rum punch break. Of course I managed to sit on my sunglasses and break them the first day. THE FIRST DAY! These sunglasses have survived many trips, I can't believe this is how it ended. Whatever.

Basically everyday included: refried beans, omlets, and mass amounts of fruit for breakfast, wave chasing, more food, wave chasing, room service, wave chasing, dinner, sleep. The first night we were in bed my 9:58p.

The wedding was beautiful! Of course it was on the beach. Cocktail hour was fun and full of deslish apps and margaritas.

Once we were full on that, we moved to the reception and our 4 course meal. Which was also scrumptious! (except for the soup and shot of tequila...that I poured into instead of taking).

K+K had the best reception ever! My words won't even do it justice. But it included a saxophone player for dinner, then a big headed Mark Anthony look a like kicked off the party. There were also luchadore, and masks, and all of the boys promptly started fake wrestling all over the dance floor. A cowboy riding a fake horse handing out cowboy hats. Beetlejuice brought the limbo stick. Oh, and you can't forget the stilted robot that was shooting shots right into your mouth. It was so much fun!

Since our flight kept getting pushed back we ended up having a few too many extra large margaritas at the airport, but at least it helped the time to fly by!

I really enjoyed this relaxing trip because I know my next one to Cancun (for Bennid's wedding) won't be like this!

Low Key Weekends

You know what's crazy? Spending ever second from Friday to Sunday with someone and still wanting more. I was beginning to think that wasn't even possible as I've become accustomed to my alone time.

I had accepted that I would never find him because he must not exist exist...but then all of a sudden here he is. It's simultaneously the most amazing and terrifying thing!

This can't possibly be real, but I sure hope he stays a while.


First Date...Finally

After a few false starts, we finally had our official first date - it was good. Pretty good. Fine, it was great.

I can't even remember the last time I was this nervous, especially about a boy.

I'm talking my hands were trembling, my pulse was quickening, and my face was flushed. I basically spent 30 min (because I was actually ready on time and he was late) pep talking my nerves and listening to my calming playlist.

He finally arrives, looking handsome as always, and I swear my motor skills are faltering. Good thing he thinks I'm cute so when I don't say a lot I'm at least nice Swoon!

He even asked me on our second date!
This was huge because the day before I had asked him when our second date was going to be. Apparently that was an unexpected question since we hadn't had the first, but I assured him that he would want a second, and that I already did. I love when I'm right! It's rare that I find something I like, so when I do, I have to have it.

Which we promptly had the next day after I taught spin class. We ended up spending the whole day together. And it was nice. Like really normal. As if we had been doing this all along.

And now I'm freaked out by how non-freaked out I am. WHO AM I RIGHT NOW?!?!?


Full Circle Karma

I've found that it's pretty rare when you actually get to see karma have your back and kick some ass.

Although I feel bad for the misfortune, I do feel vindicated.

It also reminded me to be a better person because I'd hate for it to come back for me!

So, I put that into practice after my mini celebration...

And karma already came around and got me for that celebration.

Lesson learned. Hard lesson learned.


This is Why I Can't Have Nice Things

My co-workers constantly ask me when I'm going to upgrade my iPhone 4s. Yes, a 4s. I told them not until it died its final death because I've dropped it too many times. Right now it has a cracked screen that has been that way for almost a whole year. Why would I upgrade when I'm probably just going to break the new one?

But alas, this story is not about my poor old iPhone.

Last Monday I dropped my iPod Nano through the cracks in the sauna bench. I was upset for about 1 sec, then remembered that I had accidentally smushed the screen and it was slowly all going black. I had planned on replacing it eventually - eventually just came sooner than planned.

I know, you are probably thinking, who even uses iPods anymore? Since I teach fitness I like to have two sources to play my class playlists at all times (iPhone & ipod) just in case one malfunctions, dies, or randomly decides to erase all of the music on it (because that actually happened twice this month).

Anyway, I replaced the iPod, and the headphones with new Beats (because I broke my original pair last summer - seriously, this is why I shouldn't have nice things). I get home, plus Muga2 (or Mugatwo - I haven't decided yet) into my computer to sync it. And guess what? I need to update my iTunes. No problem! I attempted to update, only to be informed that my computer software doesn't support the update.

This is when the full frustration sets in. I already know my computer can't be updated because it's too old - I looked into it a few months ago when I realized it was lagging.

So I headed to best buy, and bought a new mac within 5 min of arriving - because I get shit done.

In conclusion: dropping my ipod in the sauna was the most expensive mistake I've made as of late.
But now that I have this new guy, I might as well get my moneys worth and start documenting again.

Stay tuned!


It Actually Doesn't Get Better

I miss Andrew.

I miss Super Mario bros on our original Nintendo. Then early mornings and late nights of Cruisin' the World on the N64. Tony Hawk graffiti wars. Family dinners. Eating his crust. Fighting over cinnamon toast slices. Riding the ten lizzies at grandmas and the three wheeled bike taking turns sitting in the back basket. Playing with his toys because boy toys are always the coolest. Laughing and making jokes. Watching Mad TV at dad's house (even though it was against mom's rules) and you getting scared from the one skit about killer babies and me getting in trouble. That one brief period when you decided you DID like chocolate so I had to split my Reese's with you at G-ma's (I think you were just pretending to be annoying). Christmas & Easter traditions. Your birthday parties. Watching Titanic in the theater with you and having to cover your eyes when the nudity came on - that was awkward. Playing all kinds of real and made up games with Justin and Joanna. That one game at grandma's where the die is in that plastic thing in the middle that you have to push and it pops the dice to roll it. Watching you skate. Spending countless hours at your soccer games. Power rangers everything - sorry I didn't do a good job putting the stickers on your toy that one Christmas. Wonderland, Six Flags, Worlds of Fun, and roller coasters.

I miss that childhood memories are fading.

Losing him changed me and my life. I can't even explain it, and no one understands. Something will perpetually be missing inside of me. I miss him everyday.

I just wish that I could relive our childhood and hold onto him and the memories even tighter. I would give anything to hug him again and make dumb jokes.




It all started back in 1999 when ABC aired Making The Band. Because what 13 year old girl doesn't love a boy band, especially when you can watch them every week!

I loved O-Town immediately! I'm talking full on 13 year old fan girl love. I programmed the VCR to record MTB every week so I could watch it over and over (as well as any other performance and appearances). I bought the CD as soon as I could find a copy (small town life can be hard, y'all!). The majority of my allowance and pay checks (once I had a job) went to purchasing every Tiger Bear, Just Jared, Pop Star, and J-14 that had them in it (which was all of them at that time).  A corner of my ceiling was covered in posters. I still have a YM magazine in it's original plastic package because they were on the cover - of course I bought a second copy that could be opened, read, and promptly hung in my locker. Who doesn't buy two copies so you can enjoy one and keep the other forever?  Tiffany (who shared in this obsession) and I would watch their concert VHS on repeat until we could mimic every more you saw on screen.

Now that I'm an adult, my fanship isn't so weird and intense. It just involves purchasing albums when they are released, and following the band on facebook and instagram. Nothing creepy to see here.

ANYWAY. After having a few borderline panic attacks I secured my concert and VIP ticket to see O-town so I can finally fulfill some teenage dreams.

When Jacob comes on stage for sound check I almost die from joy. I was doing my best to control my over enthused smile and crazy eyes and fighting the urge to cry (because that happens when I hit optimal happiness). Then I looked to my right, and there's Trevor and Erik. And yes, I literally couldn't even!

They goof off, sound check, do a few songs to warm up, and I'm in heaven. Literally the best moments of my life are happening right now.

BUT it gets better.

Next up is the meet and great. I'm second in line. I'm starting to sweat and am feeling shaky. I rehears saying my name so that I'll hopefully at least get that out.

It's my turn. Dan greets me with open arms. Oh.My.Gawd. I just hugged a member of O-town. Be cool, Jessica. Be cool. Then Jacob opens his arms. I fight the urge to squeal. By the time Eric hugs me I'm able to tell him it's nice to meet him, and the same with Trevor. They are so nice, generous with the complements, and handsome.  Pictures are taken and I'm just hopping my face doesn't look as crazy as I'm feeling.

Erik personally hands out the VIP t-shirts and signed pictures. He tells me my last name is cool because it's like Lord of the Rings. How is this real life?

We sit with Trevor and chat while he watches the game. I don't say much because I'm totally freaking out on the inside. I'm hanging out with Trevor. Who does that? I did sneak a pic to show Tiffany just how close I was.

A couple of hours, 3 opening acts, and it's finally show time. They do a good mix of the old a new stuff. I swear they even brought back some of the original moves. They sound amazing!

Jacob does the microphone toss in All or Nothing and I scream like I'm 15 all over again! (Totally can't wait to send Tiff the video of that)

The guys signed T-shirts after the performance, so of course I have to buy one!

I meet them again and manage to get out more words. I make sure to thank each of them for coming to Houston. I really am truly thankful because this was one of the best nights ever. Like ever ever! I even tell Jacob about how much I loved the microphone flip and how I always attempt it when given the chance (but usually drop it). He laughs and says he's almost dropped it a few times too. OMG, did we just become best friends?!?

When I get back to my car I scream because I have too many feels! Then I send Tiff all 137 photos from the night.

I made sure to feel and memorize each moment of this night. I just wish I could capture it so I could live in it anytime I wanted because the memories already aren't doing it justice!


Over It.

Celeb gossip has left me emotionally drained. This is a rare sitch since I became a grown up years ago and stopped reading Perez Hilton. But alas, here we are.

First it's announced that R.Patz is engaged....and it's not to K.Stew. I know we had the whole fling with her director, and they've been broken up for months, but I guess the Twilight fan in me was really wanting them to sort their shit in a together forever way.

Next, I read that T.Swift is dating Calvin Harris. No. Just no. I can't get behind this. And what happened to him and Ellie? That was a musical relationship I was 100% behind! Just imagine the magic that their whole album collaboration would have been! I can't even believe I'm writing this, but it would trump Bey & Jay.  (If I disappear, you know it's the illuminate because of that statement).

THEN Nina Dobrev announces that this is her last season on TVD. I can't. I lit.er.ally. can't even. We already said our final good bye to GerBear, and now Elena. Oh, and Tyler (he's still on the show? yes, but not for long). This clearly signals that 1. Damon & Bonnie is totally going to become a thing (which I'm actually not hating after their whole stranded together in another dimension thing), 2. Stef & Caroline obvs! 3. the end must be near. I can't even imagine a life without new TVD episodes. Emptiness, TVD binge marathons,  and probably some therapy are in my future.

But at least we have this. Dancing Channing Tatum is def my favorite! I really wish that he'd make another Step It Up movie.


March Happs

  • Kicked the month off by hanging with Britt, Cole, Emma, and Logan in the burbs.
  • Was sick for two days. The fever was brutal!
  • Dinner & dancing for Katie's bday
  • Pole graduation. Fun story: We start class with a warm up and run through of the routine. I manage to almost trip and break my show in the process. So I danced in my converse. And it was kinda awesome.
  • Sven's going away party.
  • Reinstated self date Saturday & self date Sunday.
  • Celeste's wedding festivites!
  • Insurgent with Amanda, Bennida + Jeff
  • Farewell Jam
  • Cameron's first bday party!
  • lots of back to back RPM classes


Goals: Q1 Review

As I type this I'm sitting at home because this is the first Friday night all year that I don't have any plans or commitments, and it feels so good! I am in the process of binge watching previous Challenge seasons on Hulu, including my one of my favorite moments when CT created the Johnny Bananas backpack. Since April 1 is right around the corner, I thought this would be a good time to check in on my goals (because I kinda forgot what I wrote).

  1. Get it tight, get it right. I'm back in the routine of strength training (in addition to the cardio that I'm getting from my RPM and BodyJam classes) and can tell I'm getting my strength back! I can finally invert again! It's not pretty yet, but I can do it! Slowly I'm getting my nutrition back on track and not eating like I'm 5. Turns out the rumors are true that you can't eat cookies for dinner when you get older because your body doesn't let that shit slide anymore!
  2. Run.  I've done a few fun miles here and there, but nothing too steady yet. But a few of my days are about to open up, so I plan on getting some more of that in here!
  3. Bitches in Kitchens: I have cooked at least once every week this year. Success! I baked once or twice...I can't really remember. I'll add more of that back into the mix this quarter.
  4. Pole. Since I was becoming nothing but frustrated, I decided to take it back to basics. I re-graduated level 1 last month, and am now working towards level 2 graduation once again. I'm feeling much better about this whole sitch, and getting my invert back is def helping!
  5. Parkour. The only time I'm free to Parkour is Friday....but I've commitments every Friday this year (pole, friends bday celebrations, wedding related events, etc) so I haven't made it to Parkour once! BUT my Saturdays are about to have some freedom, so Amanda and I will probably hit up that class soon.
  6. Dating. Still not worrying about it and focusing on everything else going on in my life.


February Happs

  • Kari's Superbowl party
  • Rox's bday celebration at Dave & Busters!
  • CPR & First Aid certified!
  • 3rd annual Forever Alone Together - 50 Shades
  • Baby Marsh got married
  • Maroon 5 with Celestie my bestie
  • Del Frisco Grill team dinner!
  • fell down some stairs at a Revival with Kari
  • Charlie's 1st birthday party!
  • Met baby Xander
  • Amanda hosted the VS swim show
  • Celeste's Bachlorette party!
  • Liquid motion at Revolve


January Happs


What was I up to in January?

  • Kicked off the new year with Rick & Jason at Red Door.
  • Pizza night in the burbs with Brittany + Cole, Kari + Ramiro, and all of the kids.
  • Post Jam practice with Amanda at Black Walnut (aka the practice that killed her knee)
  • Taken 3 with Amanda and Joe
  • 3 year work anniversary!
  • baby sitting Emma and Logan = dress up, playing with stuffed animals, and imaginative story telling.
  • Brunches with Rox and Katie-Kate
  • Austin for the perm Team of the Year Party
  • Amanda's birthday celebrations at the skate rink
  • Finally hanging out with McCall
  • Lots of BodyJam and RPM


Perm TOTY 2014 - Austin Trip


 I was honored to have been invited to celebrate the perm's Team of the Year win with a weekend in Austin.

Katie and I joined the party at 3:30 on Friday. We were armed with booze and high hopes for the weekend....and apparently an illusion that we could still party like we were 21.

Awkwardly, not all of the rooms were ready. I'm talking they were still painting the walls, carrying in furniture and assembling beds when we left for Stubb's after 8p. At least the bought us loads of pizza as an effort to apologize.

The opening band at Stubb's was great! But we had met our country music quota for the weekend and headed to Buckshot for a dance party, shots, shots, and more shots compliments of Laura.

We shut down the bar then headed back to the room to risk getting high off of paint fumes while trying to get some sleep.

The next morning was rough and reminded us that my room was all part of the over 25 club. After a refreshing breakfast at IHOP and more lounging we started our micro brew tour. I'm not a beer fan, but I did try a few sips....which only further proved that I'm not a beer fan. BUT I am a food truck fan! We had delish sausage wraps that brought us all the way back to life just in time for our first pints. The highlight for me? The super cool glasses we got from  Austin Beerworks.

After a 4 hour nap we rallied and met the team at Rio. It was the best time! I'm talking a 4 hour non-stop dance party!

Since my dance party was fueled with half of a 5 hour energy, and two vodka redbulls, I felt great when I woke up Sunday...except that I had a restless night of sleep due to all of the energy drinks raging in my system.

Katie and I wrapped up the weekend with a delish brunch at Kerby Lane with one of her life long friends and one of mine. It was so great to see Lindsay and catch up on life details like her recent engagement and upcoming wedding!

In conclusion: I love the perm team, the over 25 club, and dance parties. 2015 is already killing it.


Today Was A Good Day

This morning Brittany texted me that Emma gasped "I love Jessica!" when she found out I was coming over to hang out with her tonight. I knew it would be a good day.

After my BodyJam class Emma even called me to talk about how we were going to play with My Little Pony that night. It was so sweet!

After an afternoon nap I headed to the burbs to hang out with Em and Logan so B+C could go to a work holiday party. As soon as they left Emma asked if she could have candy...she always does this and it cracks me up. Of course I gave her some!

Then we played with Dolph Dolph and Armadillo - she sprinkled rainbow pixie dust so they could fly around the living room. Then we added My Little Pony to the mix.

Before bed we played a few rounds of dress up. Emma was disappointed that not even her princess shoes would fit me. She did give it good effort.

My favorite part of the night is always the bedtime story. I've gotten pretty good with diversifying my character voices over the years to keep her entertained.

It still blows my mind that I knew her before she was born, and that Britt and I would sit on the couch and watch her move while Harry Potter played in the background. And now she's this three year old full of attitude and personality!




Last year I didn't really know what I wanted to do with the year, so I didn't even bother with a goal post. The only goal I had started to tinker with was getting RPM certified, but was still undecided. Not only did I accomplish that, I overachieved and got certified in BodyJam also! I'm going to go ahead and give myself an A+ on accomplishing 2014 goals. The grading system might be biased, but who is going to stop me?

So onto goals for 2015:

  1. Get It Tight, Get It Right: since I've become a bit of a marshmallow I'm going to get back to my serious workout life and stop eating whatever the fck I want. Simple as that.
  2. Run: basically just run. I took off all of last year after I was physically and mentally damaged from the San Fran hills, but I'm ready to get back to it. And probably run a race because I used to have so much fun doing that stuff with Kari.
  3. Bitches in Kitchens: I've kind of fallen off with baking and cooking. The plan is to cook at least once a week, and bake once a month. Easy does it.
  4. Pole: Words can't even express how well this isn't going. I've lost my invert and my semi smooth dancing skills (I blame rave life, house tap doesn't translate to the pole). So obvi I'll be going to my regular weekly class, but will also be dimming the lights and putting in some practice at home. 
  5. Parkour: basically I want to be on this level by the end of the year:             Or at least not be separated into the parkour babies group. It's one of the more challenging and frustrating things I've done, but I also kind of love it.
  6. Dating: I'm going to continue not really worrying about this, and just continue living my life. Done.
  7. Just continue being open to new activities and experiences.


2014 - The Year of I Do What I Want

Wow. Reflecting back on this year there are a lot of good times, a lot of sketch times, and a few "the eff was that" moments.

  • Kicked off the year with a girls NYE.
  • Went to Vegas for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time. It turns out I love it. Vegas is my spirit animal.
  • Tender. wasn't as weird as I thought. Had a few dates, just not any love matches.
  • 2nd Annual Forever Alone Together dinner on Valentine's day. (Yes, this is real thing that we do)
  • Mike came to town and we went to the rodeo for the first time.
  • RPM training = also getting to hang out with Daryl. (I miss being college neighbors!)
  • Lived #ravelife for a couple of weeks. and it was awesome!
  • Marshall graduated High School.
  • BodyJam Training in San Antonio where I almost suffered death by house tap.
  • Miami. and that time that I lost my purse, shoes, and self. All was recovered!
  • Les Mills Quarterly in NOLA. #lesmillsbesties #lesmillsbff 
  • Got my certs in both RPM and Jam and started teaching!
  • Added some new (and old) hobbies: rollerblading, pole, parkour
  • Britney Spears: Piece of Me. She's really back. SHE'S REALLY BACK!
  • Other concerts: Local Natives, Kings Of Leon, Beyonce + Jay-Z, Christina Perri, One Republic, Backstreet Boys, Drake v Lil Wayne.
  • And ended the year with Rick and Jason at Red Door.