Ok. Do you remember doing love calculators in you notebooks instead of taking notes? Playing MASH in home room? or creating a paper fortune teller so you would know which boy you would kiss? Well, it turns out none of that stuff comes true when you are using JTT, Devon Sawa (who is still totally cute and on a few episodes of Nikita), Jonathan Jackson, and Rider Strong. Who knew??

Anyway, I found this awesome online (we didn't have this kind of technology back in the day) love calculator. And since it's online, it must be totally legit. Right?

Check it out here. It compares many of your signs: astrological, Chinese, mode, element, planet, and gives you the deets about that person. Again, obviously legit.

FYI. out of the three Rider is my best match at 88%. I love you Shawn Hunter!

So if you are having a love conundrum, let the Love Calculator be your guide.

***although it's usually a credible source, it can sometimes say you are 94% compatible and be wrong. Those are very rare circumstances.


What a girl wants...

ok. These are a few things I would love for Christmas. Things that I need.

1. I love wearing my boots, but sometimes I can't keep my jeans in check. These Jean Straps would be the perfect solution. and for less than $10!
2. I die for these sunglasses. I love the cat eye, and they remind me of the ones that Bella rocked in Eclipse when she visits her mom. Super cute!

3. It's getting cold here in Houston...well, some days it is. So I desperately need something to keep my ears and hands warm when I run. Of course Nike is my first stop to meet these needs.

**ok, it won't let me grab the picture, so you can check it out here and here.

4. I would also like some wedges for work. They give me the heights I want, but don't bother my knees and ankles as much. win/win! I like the suede ones better, but they will also get damaged faster. Size 8 please!

5. Cake Pops. I love Bakerella! She come up with the cutest ideas. This is her first book and it's full of different cake pops, direction, and tons of pictures!


So, if you are compelled to get me a gift, I would love anything, especially from the above list.



Tonight someone threw an egg at my car while I was driving. And no, I didn't make a driving offense against them. I mean, who does that?? They were in their lane entering the freeway, and I was in my lane staying on the feeder road. Matilda is my pride and joy, so I was a little livid when I stopped and Daniel discovered the freaking egg all over my hood! What a bunch of aholes. Daniel cleaned it off with a windshield washer while I fed Matil. Then we went through the express car wash, emphasis on express. I believe the whole was was about 2 minuets long. It sprayed my car with water. Seriously?? $7 for it to spray my car with water? That was irritating.

Other than that, tonight was good. I enjoyed Thai Cottage (compliments of Daniel), and Eclipse Special Edition (compliments of Daniel).

Daniel's basically the best. I might let him date me a while longer.

Catching Up


I broke my foot wayyyyy back in February. well, tons of money and time later, I'm all better!

Most of my year was spent training for my race with LLS. With fundraisers, donations, and a hefty contribution from myself, I was able to raise all of the funds! a whopping $3500 for blood cancer research! It's amazing to think of all the good that will do, along with the over $20mil that was raised from the Nike Women's Marathon. Anyway, I spent many days a week, almost every saturday morning (early, 530am, mind you) working towards this goal. It was exhausting, but also rewarding, and I know I will do it again.

In October my race finally came. Daniel and I traveled with the TEAM to San Francisco. We had so much fun. I have been many years ago with the infamous Revelation chior, but this was Daniel's first time. We spent time going on bus tours, bay tours, shopping, walking around, and enjoying the Nike expo. All in all, we had a wonderful time and can't wait to visit again. It was also a nice to finish the race, get awarded with a Tiffany's necklace/medal, and also get my weekends back! Yes people, I really am alive.


This summer my first grown up job became obsolete. They closed my branch of the company. At first I was in panic mode then I was told I wasn't being let go, thankfully, but I was being transfered to a job far less enjoyable than my current (which was like a living hell). Thankfully I was able to get an interview with a different department of the company. My prayers were answered because they loved me, hired me, and saved me from a life of depression and sales! My current position is great, although not challenging, and often times boring, but I won't complain because it could be worse, a lot worse.


I have managed to make Houston friends!

Brit A: We first met at orientation back on June 1, 2009. I didn't like her at first because she was a little too gung-ho about our crap job. Fast forward to Feb 2010; this is where the friendship began. I had my first fundraising event and sent out invites to all of my work acquaintances, friends, and Daniel's friends. None of my friends or Daniel's friends came, but Brit did. I couldn't believe that she would come when we had barely talked since orientation. That day we made plans to see SATC2 a few months later, and that's when things really took off. OMG, it sounds like a freaking love story. Anyway, we now have Tuesday OTH nights and double date often.

Brit L: Brit and I officially became friends when she married Cole and moved to Houston. I think it's her love for the JoBros that solidified this bond. We usually hang out on couple events, but we have enjoyed a few teen concerts together. She has also introduced me to the wonders of the Harry Potter books (yes, I had seen the movies, but she convinced me to read the books).

*not mine, obviously.

Back in May Kasey & Mathew tied the knot. It was a very hot beautiful outside wedding in east Texas. Kasey wore a delicate vintagey dress and a birdcage vail. She had grown her hair out a bit and wore it in beautiful curls. She was a radiant bride. Matthew wore a suit with suspenders, bow tie, and chucks. The Maids and MOH (me) wore casual strapless lapis dresses with purple peep toe flats. A dress I will actually wear again. the guys wore suit pants with suspenders, ties, and chucks. A cute touch she added was having the guys chucks (all different colors) match the girls toe nails. Mine wore orange. At first I thought Yuck, but it went well with my skin tone. The photogrophy was done by great and talented friend Kara Mercer of Vintage View Studios. Check out the wedding pictures here.


Adventures in Friend Making

Happy New Year! I know it's a little late, but, whatever.

This year I made a goal of being more social. If you know me, you know I don't like to meet new people, and they don't usually like to meet me either. I have decided to be more active and to build more of a life here in Houston.

I am attempting to do this by saying yes to everything I am invited to, even if I don't want to go. This was going well, except I can't do things on friday night because I have early long runs on Saturday, and now I have my foot in a boot which makes it a hassle to do anything.  Anyway, here are some of my attempts.

1. Cake Decorating

I have wanted to do this for a while, so I finally signed up. I figured it wouldn't hurt to do something I love and meet people at the same time. Good in theory, until I showed up to class. My class is full of grandmothers and moms. Technically I could be "mom age," but I am referring to ladies 30+ with kids. No offense to these ladies, but I don't want to hang out with people that could also be my mom's BFF. There is one girl around my age, I think she's 15. I sit by here in class and we have fun, but she makes me feel soooo old.

I really enjoy cake decorating. So far we have learned how to decorate with butter creme and royal icing. We have focused on the basics: boarders, flowers, and basket weaves. The worst part about cake decorating is that my poor little hand mixer can't take the heat of mixing royal icing, and it has now been retired to the dump. Bummer. Luckily I have a special edition Daniel mixer who know takes care of this fun task for me.

2. Team in Training - The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

I previously participated in Team in Training (TNT) back in 2007 when I ran the Rock n' Roll Marathon to raise money for LLS. I met some fun people last time, so I figured I would give it a go. What's better than raising money for a good cause, physically and mentally challenging yourself, and meeting new people? Nothing!

I was so excited to meet everyone at my first team run (and hopefully scout a new BFF), only to realize that everyone on my team joined with someone they already knew. WHY??? I figured I would force friendship upon these people, like I do most of my current friends. This plan had potential to go far until I fractured my foot. How? Did I do this running? No. I actually did this walking in a very low (1.5" wedge) on flat ground while I was in a rush to the airport. Long story short - I had a terrible day with my swollen foot shoved into my little shoe. So now I have a fractured foot that keeps me away from training with my team. Instead, I am restricted to aqua jogging. It's a great workout, but boring.

Anyway, I have now switched marathons and am training for one in October. I look forward to reconnecting with and befriending my team as soon as I am released by my physical therapist.

Visit my fundraising website for more information and to make a donation. Thank you in advance.

These are my two main attempts. I can't really say that I have found any new BFFs yet, but I'm working on it.