Pole R.7

Last class before performance week.

The previous week and open pole sesh was pretty successful...aside from the whole missing skin on my foot sitch. It's fine. I love being challenged at something that already challenges me. And this is why you should make sure you are competent with your skills on both side. I climb with my right food behind, but now that it's skin-less I can't really do that. I can climb with my left, BUT it's not as graceful. Whatevs.

SO we did our warm up stretching. That was going well and I was pretty limber (sometimes my old body is a little stiff ever since the back incident of 2012), so I had high hopes for this day...until my hip decided to start catching in the socket when it was rotated. Talk about a good time! No. This happens from time to time and I can usually get it snapped back into the correct place, but not today.

This week we reviewed some of the skills that we had already learned and went over some simple filler, floor, and spin moves.

The windmill. We've done the front windmill before (start with the pole on one side, and basically fan kick leading with the outside leg, end up on the other side) and I didn't love it. It's not hard compared to some of the things that I've learned, but my hip flexors give me a bit of trouble and my hamstrings are tight so I don't always get the nice lines that you should.

The variation we did was a bit different. Start behind the pole for filler work, put the inside hip against the pole, then fan kick leading with the outside leg. Yeah, it's pretty similar, but once we add in the hip action my brain seems to shut down and my body doesn't function. Didn't help that I couldn't really swing my left leg with the new hip issue. Irritated is an understatement. I def ended up with the bitchface/furrowed brow combo for the whole class.
And we worked on the spin pole. I haven't practiced enough to be able to control the spin, and fighting my body wasn't helping.

This was the longest class of my life. And not in a Ihadsomuchfunineverwantedittoend kind of way.

Hopefully my hip will reset itself so I can perform next week.


Pole R.6

Instead of a typical ab workout we did floor work that highly incorporated the abs. This was way more fun! And yet more challenging then I anticipated.

Floor work
I was so glad we did not traditional ab exercises by working on floor work.
  • Candle Stick - where you lay on your back, roll up so that you are primarily on your shoulder blades and your legs are in the air. Feel free to use your hands to prop yourself up. Engage that core and do some leg work!
  • Front roll - No, not a somersault. I wish. Lay on your stomach, one arm out to the side, the other propped up as if you were doing push-ups, your head facing the direction of the propped up arm. Using your core, start lifting your bum while dragging your legs (if you are in shoes it helps if you are dragging on the platform part) towards your head. Eventually you'll get them close enough that you can tuck your head and roll...or end in candle stick like we were trying to do.
I could not manage to do that effing front roll. My straight armed shoulder hurt so bad from the pressure I was putting on it. It had this weird green bruise for days and felt like I had chipped off part of the bone. And my shoes kept hitting the cushion part at the toe that totes doesn't slide. ugh. I haven't worked on it since that class because I am scared for life from the pain of my shoulders. Hopefully I'll brave it again soon and make it my bitch.

For the spin portion we brushed up on variations of the parachute spin, which is now called the carousal. It's amazing how much easier it is to do with my healed back!
My fave part of class was when we started doing combo spins. We started out in the plank carousal, then pulled our legs into v-spin, before turning that into a climb. I managed to hit the moves on my first try (although not perfectly) and Jackie said I looked a little monkeyish. Which I did, but it was only my first try. It's a little scary taking your legs from V to climb, so I was a little frantic with it and it made me look like a monkey. Whatevs. After a few tries I was looking a lot better.
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From: Brittany
To: Jessica


To: Brittany


From: Brittany
To: Jessica


From: Jessica
To: Brittany


From: Brittany
To: Jessica

you win... hahahaha
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Pole Technique & Pole Fiction: Suit & Tie

I had a double hitter with Kelly on this particular Friday night. She taught one of the first classes I attended, so I'm always excited when I get to have her again.

For pole technique we mainly just focus on new moves, some filler, some a little more skilled.

  • Crab filler - Stand beside the pole, kneel while you rub down your leg, and back up while you stand and extend your back backwards. Really let your head fall for a dramatic touch. Or if your back is on and off like me, you will barley move backwards and look as if someone just punched your spine.
  • Crab - This is a really slick floor move that involves almost crossing one leg over the other, then throwing it to the other side, followed by the other, while you roll over to your stomach and snake up.
  • Snake - Climb the pole, then slowly (I may have been speed racing this one) reverse body roll down, while moving around the pole, like a snake. Really arch the back to get a good effect.
 It was all fun and games until the final pole circuit when I managed to remove a nice area of skin from my foot. I'm talking 2x3 inch area. After my last snake (the move that did it) I felt a stinging on my foot. The lights were low so I couldn't see it. But when I touched it and felt my skin roll beneath my fingers I panicked. I was afraid I was bleeding. And was already pre-embarrassed my foot was probably making.
Luckily there was no blood, but it stung so bad...and I still have another 90min class. Ugh. I rinsed it off in the bathroom sink (the tallest bathroom sink known to man) and managed to breath through the pain. The next day it looked pretty gross and cool all at the same time. I met up with Jess for dinner and she thought I had spilt ketchup on my foot because of the red color. delish! I did put peroxide & neosporin on it, left it uncovered, and it ended up healing in 4 weeks time. Made things interesting pole climbing with my other foot. And this, ladies and gents, is why you should always practice all skills on each side of your body. Lesson learned. The new skin is still sensitive and I'm afraid of it happening again. Who knew pole will be so dangerous?
The second class Kelly taught was a dance inspired by J.Timberlake's "Suit & Tie." It was so much fun! Even with my jacked up foot. AND we used props: obviously a tie. The dance only had two pole tricks that were beginner level, so it was a nice reminder that something doesn't have to be extra complicated in order to look good.

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6 weeks

It's been six weeks since I last ran.

Six weeks or anticipation.

Six weeks of still working out but stopping an activity if my knee felt any irritation.

I was so nervous and excited about my run this morning. I'd been waiting weeks for this and was hopping that my IT band had decided to start acting right. There hadn't been any pain or irritation in the IT area for a couple of weeks, so I was really only nervous about my lung capacity.

I got up early (I actually miss my early morning weekend runs), laced up, turned on my Garmin, and hit the park. I forgot how much I loved the smell of the morning air at the park. It brought back memories from the last three years. I felt free and was already pre planning which days/activities would be swapped out for running. The first .5 felt good. My legs felt confused but they weren't as slow as I had anticipated. In fact, they were trying to go fast; they obviously forgot how to pace themselves. Breathing was getting rough, but I was maintaining. I had planed to do a little less than 3 as to not over due it.

And then all of my hopes and dreams were crushed around the first mile. The pain kicked in. Subtle at first, so I slowed my pace, but it soon grew. It almost feels like I'm the tin man and if I could only oil it up then I would be fine. As the pain forced me to a walk I stated having crazy ideas about cutting my leg open and riding my body of the IT band, but I figure my leg won't work at all without it.

I don't feel that this is severe enough to require surgery, but I'm not sure why it's failing to heal. You now how Lex Luther never gets sick and heels well from his encounter with the kryptonite? (I'm obviously going off of the Smallville version of this story because I didn't read the comic books). I feel like my body is the opposite. I don't get sick often, but when I get injured I'm pretty much injured for life.

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Awesome & Awkward Friday

I'm writing this from my bedroom at g-ma's house, which means this week ended a lot better than when it started!

Linking up with Lauren to share my weekly happs.

  • I started Monday off right, by accidentally having part of my butt out on the elevator at work. Great! Thank you bag for pulling my dress up with every step, you sure made that a magical morning for the people that got to see it.
  • The best week of my calendar.

  •  Whoever writes these little messages must have become stupid. Or never fully taken this advice, because this is how you get yourself into a shit situation. Always use your head as a primary trust resource, and your heart as a secondary. 

  • Jess tried to dodge the stairmill part of leg day by showing up late, but I didn't mind putting in an extra 10min so she would get the full 20. Best friend ever, right?
I'm waiting!
  • National Sibling Day. (Seriously, who makes this shiz up?) BUT I'm glad I got to see #babymarsh anyway.

  • Week 2 of increasing my water intake to a gallon was successful. At this point I have no trouble finishing it, and drink even more on cardio days. And yes, this is what I take with me everyday.

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Baby Shower Brunch

Mandy is the first member of the OG Recipe Club group to have a baby. She makes one super adorable pregnant person, and I'm sure that she'll make a great mom because she is one of the sweetest girls I know. 

Some of the girls threw her a baby shower brunch and it was so much fun! I was glad to see some of my best girls, celebrate baby Madison's impending arrival, make some headbands, eat countless bites of B's pinwheels, and enjoy Amanda's bad ass dessert table! Girl knows how to hit my sweet tooth in all the right spots!

I actually managed to snap some pics...but not one with the future momma. Yeah, I kind of cocked that one up.
Me and Mandy. Red Raiders fo life.
BJ House lives.
Noah's Arc: Mandy, Jess, Amanda, & me.
Enjoying our first desserts. Amanda really killed it...just like she did my sweets self control. 
Me & Amanda
Amanda, Me, Mandy
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Pole R.5

This was a really good week for me, and it couldn't have come at a better time! I haven't been enjoying the journey as much as I did before, and after having a few craptastic lessons I was thinking my time as a poler might be coming to an end. BUT this week bought me more time because I really enjoyed myself.

We did fore arm climbs. Climb, but your lower arm will have the forearm pressed to the pole for support, push with that arm, pull with the other, while crunching so your lower body moves up the pole, and switch arms. I did pretty well on the first try (I tend to over think hand position and my body forgets how to move) and Jackie even acknowledged my success.

Then we worked on mounting the pole by lifting our legs simultaneously into toe touch before placing them on the pole. It def gives it a better look.

Our big trick was the layback. You basically...layback. You start in the superwoman where you are practically parallel to the floor, except you hold the pole just a smidge above your thighs, lay back, and grip the pole below you to create a bracing triangle, release the upper hand, and arch your back. Once comfortable (your head will be below your feet) you can release the hold with your lower hands and only grip with your legs. Oh, and don't forget to keep your ankles crossed to help with the thigh grip. I kept forgetting about that (I know, right? Like do I wanna die?) and would have just my toes crossed.

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Awesome & Awkward Friday

Friday. I never thought I would see you again. I have missed you.

Linking up with Lauren to share the weekly happs!
  • Sometime between Tuesday night and Thursday night someone decided to put a lock on my gym locker that contains my stuff. I always thought that the only risk of me not locking my own stuff was that someone would take it (but who would really want half used makeup and smelly high tops?). I never thought the real risk is that someone would put their lock on it so I can't get in! WTF! If it's still there Saturday then I'll see what I can do about getting it removed before I leave a hate note.
  • A truck almost side swiped me, so I honked so they would know I was already in that spot because I don't want Matil to get beat up. The a hole driving proceeded to flip me off for a good thirty seconds, then when I passed him he swerved his truck at me. That day I almost killed a man. 
  • Steve was introduced to my evil laugh...at his own expense. Sometimes I just can't help but crack jokes, and when I get on a roll it escalates quickly...like me asking him if he just got his period. Which I had forgotten about until he reminded me a few days later, and then I couldn't stop laughing again.
  • Jam was insanely awesome on Thursday. I even got sweat in my eye! The whole gang was back together: Amanda, Katie, Stacey, Warren, & Myself. AND Katie did my fave back half. I love nothing more than dancing to *Nsync, Rihanna, and this song:


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Pole R.4

After some ab work that made my hip flexors write me a hate note, we learned the inch worm. Basically doing a reversed body roll on the floor, which makes you move like an inch worm. a sexy worm? I don't know, but that shi is hard. My back has been really tight every since I tore it last summer, so it's not giving me the flexibility that it used to. 

Next we moved onto our climb. I love to climb. I don't necessarily do it the "pole" way, but more as race. So we worked on technique. Rule 1: Slow that shi down! 2: anjulate that spine. 3: big movements with your arm, move them as if you are climbing up a vine (one hand moves up at a time). 4: Use your abs to crunch up your legs and move them together. Honestly, it's not difficult if you know how to climb...unless you are me and you start to overcomplicate the move in your mind and end up looking like you can't function. Don't worry, I worked it out by the next week.

And now for the main attraction: The Chopper. This is a way to get up into the invert. So you start standing next to the pole. (I prefer to have the pole on my left). Move so that your hips are in front and touching it..............Slowly pull your legs up to your chest (work those abs), as they get up there, lean back and split your legs so that you are at an upside down open V.

Yeah, totally sucked that up the whole class. And I ended up damaging my already damaged side muscle*.

*fun story about that: I got into a swinging accident back in high school and managed to smack my body into the pole of the swingset and seperated my muscle. It didn't ever go back together, so it hurts it if gets hit.

Every time I got to the lean back part my arms wouldn't bare the weight. WTF baby biceps?!? So it was quite the sitch.

I know what my main focus will be for open pole.

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Birthday Cake Bark

Usually B makes a request for her Bday. But this year she said she wanted to be surprised. Brittany likes funfetti cake so I wanted to make something with that flavor that is also super quick because I didn't have a lot of time since we went to a birthday eve dinner.

Linking up with Buns In My Oven to share the sweetness!

Birthday Cake Bark

1 bag milk chocolate chips
1 bag white chocolate chips
3/4 C Funfetti box mix

  • Cover a large baking sheet with wax paper.
  • Melt milk chocolate chips in the microwave (I did it for 1 min, stir, then 30 sec.), then pour/spread melted chocolate on covered baking sheet and place in the fridge for 10min to set.
  • In a clean bowl melt white chocolate chips (same as the others), mix in funfetti mix in three parts, spread over the milk chocolate layer, cover in sprinkles, then pop into the fridge to set.
  • Cut into pieces and enjoy! 
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