"Are We Going To Have An Orgy?"

We kicked of Amanda's bday week with game night Friday.

The night was full of laughs, real talk, dance offs (I'll get you next time Stacy), and just celebrating Amanda!

Then it got weird.

Amanda had received the game ClusterFuck from her "12 Days of Bullshit" so we decided to give it a go. After passing out the cards and reading them I thought this was going to be a little weird. BUT it a collaboration with Cards of Humanity so I figured it must get weird in a good way, right? Wrong.

We decided to exile the game once we got to the step about pointing to the person you want to hook up with and if they were pointing at you then you win. (Still don't know what to do with the chlamydia card).

Considering we were playing with an expecting mother, a married couple, a dating couple, Amanda, and myself....we decided to call it quits before we ended up swinging or playing 7 min in heaven.


Awesome & Awkward Friday

A lot of this, flow, and jam happened this week.
  • I kind of broke my iPhone (should be fixed next week), so I got to resurrect the droid. I sure have missed that "DROID" text tone. The best part? taking a walk down memory lane with my text history from Dec2012. That was a really good month for me.
  • So glad to be back with my friends & family at QLF after Christmas break. I've taken way too many hard & fun classes this week.
  • Which is why I need a boyfriend. Companionship? pass. Somebody to love? whatevs. Someone to massage out my knots and sore muscles? Yes! This is now my main dating motivation. So, anyone wanna put their hands on my body?
  • I've been living in Mystic Falls every evening since Christmas. Almost done with my 4 season marathon so I can move on to Miami for some serial killing fun!
  • Laura joined me for pump and flow this week. Now I need to convince her that she loves this more than crossfit.
  • Had way too much time Thursday night, so I added a lot of "First Met" life events on facebook. What a blasty blast!


NYE - "Did we buy tickets to be murdered?"

Amanda, Katie, Taff, Me
This NYE was girls gone wild night out. 

The girls and I decided to buy tickets to a warehouse party Amanda's friend had heard about. I decided to trust their judgement and didn't even bother to look at the event website.

When we pulled up to a warehouse I def had my doubts....BUT it turned out to be safe (no one was murdered) and lots of the typical fun. The 80s cover band was pretty legit, and the DJ was, well, adequate.

We danced the night away and rang in the new year right - kiss and all.

It seemed like fun and games until we needed a cab. We called at 1 and by 2 it still wasn't there. It never came. Houston seems to have a cab shortage so we fought for one from about 2-3a. The problem was that the cabs were taking whoever was willing to throw the most money at them and not the person that ordered it. Amanda really wasn't having it so she took it up with a driver and ended up almost getting ran over while she took down his plates since he wouldn't give his number.  

It was pretty cold out (and made me wish I drank more so I wouldn't have felt it as much) so I worked some magic and managed to acquire two jackets because chivalry still exists. AND one of the jacket donors even walked down Washington, found a cab, and came back so we could share. I even got him to pay for our continued trip home. What? He had previously offered so I held him to it. I was feeling extra generous so I pretended to take his friends number and promised to text. I lied. It was like the hunger games out there, so I did what was necessary to survive.

We finally made it back to Katie's apt and ended the night/started the year with an episode of J'amie Private School Girl. I'm so glad I could introduce Amanda to the quicheness.

Stood Up

I haven't seen Croc in about two months so we made plans to hang.

His suggestions? Run and go for a late lunch. 

Yeah, I'll pass on that. So instead I sent screen shots of movie times.
He picked the movie, I picked the time. Hang was set.

After work I went home, turned on Netflix, and fell asleep sitting up. I woke up about 15 min before the movie and did a pretty good Fast and Furious impression getting to the theater.

I texted Croc about 5 min before it started to let him know I was almost there.
No response.

Didn't see him when I walked in, so I texted him as I bought my ticket. I'm starting to think he stood me up because I'm late and the movie has been going on for about 10 min.

He finally texts me back "Jessica I thought this was for tomorrow!"

I was so relieved and started laughing. Either way I was going to see the movie and wasn't too tore up about it. BUT I am glad it was just a miscommunication.

We ended up going to see a different movie the next night...and then Croc was a little late so I thought he was standing me up for real.  The eff is wrong with him?