Potato, Potatoh. Tomato, Tomatoh. Germany, Russia.

Wait, What?

Apparently my geography is a little rusty.

This week was just absolutely wonderful!

We had MLK holiday on Monday so I spent my morning cleaning my room and closet. Then I spent the afternoon with Brittany and Emma. She is such a doll. I swear when I'm near her I hear "tick, tock. There goes my baby clock." Yikes! It freaks me out a little bit.

Tuesday was my first day in the Houston office. I wasn't too worried about it since I already knew most of my coworkers. I took Oreo brownies - they were a big hit. I know that probably seems odd, but I had already been baking and sending stuff with B since we moved in together, so it was probably expected. I always figured I'd bake my way into a man's heart, but instead I think I baked my way into a new fab job. Whatever works! After work I met Jes for some good ole BodyJam. I swear I become more uncoordinated everyday, but it was still so much fun! Then Jes and I got on the treddy for some running. I ran before class because I knew Jes wouldn't be keen on going for too long. I set her speed and threw some encouraging words at her while I was on the next treddy. I was so proud of Jes! She did .85 miles and only yelled "I hate running" once or twice. She will do great things!

Wednesday we moved to our new bomb.com office. The building is super chic and the office is fresh to death! I die at the awesomeness happening in there! After work I went to BodyPump...errr the last 20 min of it because I was stuck in traffic. Jes had set my station for me, otherwise I wouldn't have gone in. I looked like such a dbag walking through the class way late. haha. After class B and I went to Wild West with Adam and Twilight. SO much fun! Adam is as good a dancer as I am good looking. haha. Kidding, I'm not really that stuck on myself. But seriously, he's pretty good. Twilight wasn't too bad either. But he does a lot of circles, which can cause dizziness, so don't close your eyes! I had the best time and can't wait to go back! Hopefully we can make this occur on the reg. I do need to get boots because dancing in my heels may have caused me to strain my hamstring.

Thursday morning I was greeted by my stained hamstring when I got out of bed to snooze my alarm. I spent the morning with my foam roller and icy hot to get my old bag of bones body working again. Then off to work! I am getting better at navigating my way to, now if I can get down the navigation from.
I left this little gem for B at her desk:
Once she realized he didn't really come out of me, she thought it was pretty funny. Then we had this incident. I ended my day at the gym and chatting it up with S+J.

Friday was club lunch day, so I met up with the coworkers that evening to hit up Washington. I'm really lucky to work with such great people. B was tired so she came home at the time I was going out. It's great that since I'm officially in the mix that I can go even when she doesn't want to. But she was def missed. Shenanigans ensued as always.


Moment of the Week

So I work with B now. I'll probably get more into that later. But it's basically amazaballs everyday!

Today after one of the guys gave her a hug she commented on how now she smelt like him. I then grabbed her and inhaled very near to her bosom (the area that had the lingering fragrance).

Her face? Priceless.

We then cackled and went our separate way.

I'm glad no one else was around to see that otherwise they might start to see me as the creeper that I may or may not actually be. haha.



JesJes Take NYC//NYE

After looking at the pics I posted I feel like this could also be called JesJes In Love.

All pictures are courtesy of Hello Define. Check it out! She also has pics of the trip from when I wasn't with her...even though I was always in her heart.

And don't forget to read about the trip here.


NYE. Are you ready New York?

Me, Ian, Jes, Marc (in the back)

Sexy Dance Face

Dance Party

Sister Wives: Me & Steven (really shocked Jes got a clear one!)
This was literally the best NYE EVER! It basically set the bar for 2012.



This will probably pop up in the BJ Kitchen soon:
And I'm an excellent cook.

Just sayin.



It's a new year so that means it's time for some goals, to-do lists, things you want to happen, or whatever you want to call them.

Here's my list:
  • Run at least 6 races - no matter what distance. I ran a few races last year and it reminded me how much I love crossing the finish line. Even though I'm not the winner, it still makes me feel accomplished.
  • Cook more often. I love both of these things already, but I have noticed that when my life is in a dissaray I just don't enjoy it. So, as you can imagine, there hasn't been much kitchen action these last few months. I've already turned it around by cooking twice last weekend. Yay for improvement!
  • Bake more often. Same thing as the cooking-I used to send treats to work with Honey B frequently, but it really dropped off again the last months of 2011. Well, since I'm not working in the same office, I figure I had better step up my game, also I think the coworkers are expecting it. And honestly, I love when I make stuff and the people that eat it love it too. 
  • Keep my room clean. I have never been overly tidy in this department, but since becoming a single girl it's like all of my domesticness went out the window.
  • Turn Jes into a runner. I know I sound a little cray making a resolution about someone else. Deal with it. It's just that I like to run, and we have a similar workout schedule, so it would be nice if I had a running partner. I think she's almost on board and we start the running next week!
  • Go harder with my workouts. I already workout often; Jes and I can be found at QLF most days of the week. But I feel that we can both push ourselves harder in BodyPump. It's challenging as it is, but I know we could do more! Yes, she's actually in on this one too.
  • Be happy. Simple as that.
  • Fall in love. Obviously this isn't something I can control...so maybe I mean don't be afraid to let it happen if it happens.
  • and finally:


Holiday Photo Roundup

Today you will be spared my random ramblings, and instead just get to enjoy some photo memories.

Lucky You!

Me and Marsh 
I swear he loves me.

Papa and Santa

Jarret & JoJo - fellow members of the kids table.

Marsh showing why we belong at the kids table.

Marsh & Papa

Gma cheesin for the camera.

Marsh trying to block Papa from jackin his cash.

Looks like he wasn't successful.

Wayyy too excited for my DS shirt.

But can you blame me? They are the bomb.com
Me & Kara

And Again.

Donut Stop High School Reunion!

Kara, Kayla, Tiff, & Me

Kara & Me

CHS Reunion Dinner - Kara, Shep, Me, & Kayla



For the first time in 5 years I made it to my Dad's Christmas Eve. It felt good to be back!

Marsh and I showed up kinda late and almost everyone over there was pretty tipsy. Marshall asked me if I thought that everyone was drunk, and I said yes. Throughout the night if someone did something funny, Marshall and I would look at each other and just say "Yes."

Christmas Day

Was good.
Try and eat the desserts at your own risk!
Marsh and I shared the "kid" table with Joanna and Jarret. It's been great getting to hang out with Jo so much these past few months.

Best quotes from Marsh:

  • "I wish I had opened my gifts faster so I didn't look so spoiled."
  • "It's awkward because everyone knows I was on the naughty list."
  • When he got his iHome - "Listen to what Jessica and I were dancing to." As he precedes to play Booty Wurk.
My Favorite Gifts:
  • a few Harry Potter DVDs from Santa Mom. So happy my collection is almost complete! I'm glad she took my gift request serious this year. Literally brought a tear to my eye. Yes, I'm pretty serious about my HP.
  • "Daddy's Girl" picture frame with picture (that we took the day before) from my dad. It was just so sweet that he came up with that idea all on his own. I was wondering why he was being extra crazy about the pictures we were taking when I was there the night before.
Marsh - "It looks like someone was adopted." Thanks Marshall, but no.

Knitting Level: Expert

Sit back and relax, because this is a long one!

You know it's going to be an amusing weekend when Jes is texting me before my 7p flight about how she thought it was already 11p because they had been out for hours. And I land to a message from Steven asking me what I'm doing (even though he knows I'm in the air) and leaves me his number twice...just in case I don't have it.

Mike picked me up from the airport and gave me a box of Godiva chocolates. He def knows the way to my heart! haha.

Saturday Mike & I had breakfast for lunch. The pancakes were alright but no where near as good as Jes's Pan-Kits. Mike tells me I'm not easily pleased...he's probably right. We walked around what might have been the meat packing district, not sure. That afternoon we finally met up with Steven + Jes, Marc, and Ian! I missed her so much! I hadn't seen her since Monday and it was now Friday! But the way we embraced each other? You would have thought it had been months and months. haha. I hadn't seen Marc since July, so it was good to see him again. And I hadn't met Ian, but now I'm glad that I have because he was such a delight.  We went back to Marc's apt which is just adorable. It's more stereotypical New York in size and I loved it. But if I lived there with B, then we would probably have Hunger Gamed each other by now.

**Side Note: Marc lives on like the 160th floor, of which we had to take stairs (Ok, maybe it was the 6th). Thought I was going to die every time. But I do think all of the stairs contributed to JesJes success with squats and lunges at BP this week!
NYC. I think I kinda like you.
We finally made our way to Bryant Park for some much needed ice skating! I hadn't been skating in years and managed not to fall. Pretty stoked about having all of my bones and fingers still in place and attached to my body! After skating Jes and I had a two person flash mob on the steps at Bryant Park. Yes, we are that cool. Pretty sure it was S that looked at us, said he didn't know us, and started to walk away.

For dinner we met up with some of Marc's friends and went to one of his fave Italian places by his apt. It was good, but I wasn't impressed. However, the bread and oil was delish! We then went to some bar...maybe called Veranda...I would obviously be a poor tour guide due to my lack of attention to detail. I had so much fun with the gang! It was like 4th of July weekend, but even better! I forgot how much fun we all have together. and Schmidt Ian is a great addition.
JesJes (Jes & Me)

Saturday I had the best bagel of my life (thanks Mike!) and went to my first profesh Hockey game (sorry LBK, I don't count that one time I went to see whatever you call your team). It was pretty interesting. I liked the fast paced nature, but still not something I would ever willingly watch on TV. On the way back into the city Mike drove us through the town he grew up in. It was a pretty presh town and had a great view of NY.
The Islanders dominated!
Once back I headed over to SJMI. I met them at a bar, maybe Schindlers? Within seconds of me showing up I had S+J on either side of me caressing my hair and talking about how nice it was. Yay for Sister Wives! We took separate cabs back to Marc's place...or so we thought. Really Marc and Ian went to pick up a friend and ended up going to two bars (Ian later leaked that info). So S+J and I chilled on the building steps. S bought us mini Christmas trees and some lotto tickets. We all lost. By the time M & I showed up Jes was laying on the sidewalk taking pictures.
Sad he just spent $50 on losing tickets. :(
Triple Million Losers
Marc, Jes, Me
We all got ready, missed dinner, and headed to 49 Grove for New Years:
  • "We found love"
  • Jes got Grey Goosed. The culprit? Herself.
  • Is it almost midnight? Did I miss it?
  • Save the PLT for home!
  • S gave a champagne shower to a stranger...on accident. awesome.
  • Hand feeding Jes as many meatballs as I could get my grubby little hands on.
  • "I really love you, and I'm not just saying that because I'm drunk!" Don't worry, I love you too Jes!
  • Condo guy talking about his condo.
  • Condo guy asking if I would be his New Years kiss. Flattered, but no.
  • Condo guy throwing up on the table...Thank goodness we were done with it. but still, eww.
  • Tricking Jes into thinking her OJ is really a mimosa.
  • Employees Only - delish strawberry champagne, or whatever it was.
  • S dragging Jes home. Maybe if he did BP with us, then it would have been easier.
  • "I hate complimenting you because I'm so mad at you!"
Condo Guy, Jes, Steven

My flight landed a little after midnight Monday morning. I finally got home after 1a to find B waiting up for me! We spent the next three hours rehashing the weekend adventures as well as the last two weeks since we had alternating holiday schedules and hadn't seen each other in a while.

Other Rando's:
  • Saw SJP's apt from SATC.
  • And the library where Big left her at the alter...awkward.
  • I tried muscles, and it actually wasn't too bad.
  • Thanks for not putting a roofie in my drink, Marc.


2011 - The Year Of The Grey Goose

This year was full of surprises...mostly bad ones.
  • The Breakup
  • Andrew's death

But there were also some really great parts!
  • Mom's Wedding
  • The last time I saw Andrew
  • New York - Three Times
  • FBerg
  • Brittany &Cole birthed Emma, or rather Brittany did.
  • 4th of July weekend with S+J & Marc
  • Kari+R+Abbers moved back!
  • 25th bday
  • Working out with Jes - Pole la Teaz, Define Body & Mind, boot camp, and joining Quality Life Fitness!
  • Concerts - B.Spears, Gaga, Colbie Caillat, NKOTBSB, St.Vincent, Katy Perry
  • Living with Brittany - Adventures of BJ
  • I had so much fun at work this year because of my lovely coworkers - it was basically girls club for the last few months.
  • Christmas - lots of family time and saw my CHS girls!
Despite the crappy parts, 2011 was still pretty good. I just can't wait to see what will happen in 2012!

P.S. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read this year! I hope that you have been amused...or at least not terribly bored.


Your BFF Jes


Work Them Hips, Run Girl

Errr....I'll stop the lyrics of that song right there.

Moving On.

Kari and I finally ran our Run Girl Half Marathon. I say finally as if we had been working on this forever, but really on 12 weeks or something. It was a tumultuous 12 weeks for my legs. I had some shin splint problems before the training began, so I went to the doctor where I paid way too much to get an xray that didn't tell me anything and the advice of maybe I just shouldn't run if I don't want to hurt. Seriously? $350 for that shiz?

Anyway, I took off 4 weeks leading up to the training so the unexplained inflammation would be under control. Things started out pretty well, but every couple of runs would be a run from hell in which I wanted to cut my legs off at the knees. So I cut out one running day a week to help and I slowed down. As much as I don't like to go slow, it really helped. Anyway...things were going decent. I ran our two practice races, the 15k & 11k, with little to no problem. Things were looking good. But when Andrew died, it made things harder. 1. I was in and out of the panhandle where it was too windy to run. I just couldn't adapt. 2. I just felt like the motivation had been knocked out of me.

I finally pulled it back together! And by that I mean I ran a handful of times in the next 4 weeks. I had considered quiting because I felt under prepared and I couldn't get the inflammation under control in my legs. Dad told me that I shouldn't worry about my performance because the true winner is the person that has the most fun. Really Dad? Only people that suck at stuff say that. And I will have fun, if I'm performing up to my standards.

Well, I did it. And on 4 hours of sleep. (I really require much more sleep than that, or at least some day naps, but my weekend schedule didn't allow for it.) I showed up at Kari's house at 5:16a and she asked me if I seriously took the time to put makeup on that morning. No. No I didn't. I just had failure to remove my eye makeup the night before since I got in after 1, but I did wash around it. Please.

While waiting for it to start I gave my legs a pep talk that I can't really share on the blog due to the content. I was slow and steady...then slower. But I finished. I ran the whole thing except for the water stops. I still haven't mastered running and drinking. I usually get it up my nose, down my body, everywhere except in my mouth. Or what does make it in my mouth I choke on. Obviously not a good situation.
Am I pleased with my time? Given my janky leg situation, I will take it. But I wouldn't say I'm necessarily proud. Hopefully they will start acting right so I can pick my pace back up.

After the race Koala provided massages. Of course I got the only table with two people that both happened to be guys. What do I want when I'm all sweaty and sore? Strange men rubbing on me, obviously. When Kari asked me what I had worked on I told her my hip flexors. Kidding. I really don't want strange men getting that personal with me. But seriously, my calfs and quads. I couldn't stop laughing when they were rubbing my quads. It was awkward.

I have taken about a month off from running with hopes that my legs will reward my patience with a much faster race time. Can't wait for Kari and I to pick our next goal!