Awesome & Awkward Friday: Rage Edition

Things bother me all the time. Daily. So today, we are going to discuss that today.

Linking up with Lauren for the weekly happs!
  • When people try to talk to you while you are on the phone with someone else. Especially when they ask you if you are on the phone, you say yes, then they proceed to talk to you. WTF.
  • Miley's new song. And the fact that I like it. I hate myself.
  • When you forget to thaw out chicken and now have nothing except veggies for lunch. It is far too hot in Houston to be walking anywhere to get lunch. Ugh. I die. (but really, I might!)
  • When all of the treadmills are empty, and yet someone gets on the one right next to me. Why you gotta be so close? And why are you taking a leisurely stroll?
  • When you start "Health Club" with Steve so you can't have sweets until Saturday but it's Friday morning and you are thinking about how you would consider shanking someone for a fresh glazed donut right now, but you don't want to show weakness.
  • When you finally cook brussel sprouts correctly and realize you have missing out on this deliciousness for so long!
  • When you get back from vacation and eatting like a crazy person so now you are retaining more water and fat then before you left. Ugh. 
What's making you rage this week?


Sunday With Brittany & Emma

It's been about 4 weeks since I hung out with Brittany and Emma. 4 weeks is way too long!

I was afraid that Emma might have forgotten who I was during that time - I'm not sure how well the memory of an almost two year old holds up.

Even though she was standoffish (she was in a bit of a mood) she did remember me and said my name when I came in.

After she threw the most silent and slow motion fit I have ever seen, we ended up playing with her plastic animals, reading a book, coloring, and playing with her princess castle.

Emma was able to name a variety of animals with sounds and impressions included. Listening to her say "hippopotamus" was the cutest thing ever. That is until she requested to watch "Potter Harry."

She then had tons of food serving me fake food, and cutting up an apple...over, and over, and over again.
Loves cutting things, must be a mini Dexter in training.
She's loving saying no. So dinner time consisted of this conversation:

Emma: Jessica, No.
Me: Emma, No.
Emma: Jessica, No.
Me: Emma, No.

We went back and forth many times, then I tried to trick her into a "yes," but it didn't work out.

I feel like I'm getting glimpses into teenage Emma. Yikes!

And just because I didn't share these before....here are some pics from taking Emma to the park over a month ago. It was so much fun to watch her play. I did discover that even though Emma loves going down the slide together, my legs are a bit too long. But we had a blast!

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Cinnamon Rolls

Back in college I ran a marathon with Team in Training to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We had a few bake sales to raise money - I think I ended up making about $1200 between the 3. You know I bake like a boss!
Anyway, for the first one my Grandma donated many baked goods, including the cinnamon rolls. My mom complained about how she loves these cinnamon rolls but Grandma never makes them. I didn't try any that day because they sold quick.

About 6 years later and I still hadn't tried the cinnamon rolls. I randomly thought of this and requested the recipe. Y'all, these are really easy and super delicious!

I made them for Steve - he loved them. I brought the leftovers to the office the next day - they loved them.

Linking up with Buns In My Oven to share the deliciousness!
So, here's the recipe as emailed by Grandma:

Cinnamon rolls
Scald 1 cup milk-add 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup shortening and 1 tsp salt. Let cool in large mixing bowl. Add 1 cup flour to warm milk. beat 2 eggs and add. Dissolve 1 package yeast in1/4 cup warm water and add. Beat until smooth. Add 2 1/2 cups of flour gradually to form soft dough. Beat until smooth. Put sough in a well greased bowl cover and let rise in a warm place till double, about 2 hours.

Roll 1/2 recipe on lightly floured surface to oblong shape 1/4" thick. Brush with melted butter or margarine and sprinkle with 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon. Roll up and seal edges. cut in 1" slices.

Place rolls cut side down in greased pan. Cover and let rise till double.

bake 375 degrees for 25 min

2 cups powdered sugar and enough milk to make spreading consistency. add dash of salt and 1 tsp vanilla.

And there you have it! I did add more cinnamon/sugar mix than she does, but then again I tend to be a little over the top with flavor.

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BJ Date

I see B ever day at work, but it's been months since we hung out outside of that.

So she told me we were going to dinner. I'm good at taking direction, so I made sure to keep my Friday clear.

After I hit up the gym for an intense leg workout, and she hit up happy hour, we reunited at RA.

We scored a seat in the lounge that was super romantic for our long awaited date night.

Photo from B's instagram

We laughed our way through dinner, then hit up Target for some swimmy shopping. I was unsuccessful, but I think B found something for the boat trip we have Friday.

Then we continued how any stereotypicall date night does, and hit up the movies. B had been wanting to see Fast 6 but had trouble finding anyone to go with her. I had already seen it opening weekend, but they call me the "Dream Maker" so I took my baby B to see her bf Paul Walker.

I really liked it, but I basically napped through the first half of the movie. When I woke up I decided to get some popcorn to munch on in an attempt to stay awake. While waiting in line someone ran by and tried to purse jack me. I didn't even react beyond grabbing my purse tighter. Luckily it was one of my coworkers, Scottie, that had caught the showing before ours. Should I be concerned that I didn't hardly react? What if that had been a real life situation? I should probably go to self defense again.

While I was chatting with him, Taffy came up behind me and fluffed my skirt. That probably scared me more than getting purse jacked. I see that my priorities lie in protecting my butt rather than my money. Great?

I returned to the theater once again full of life. so we could have a traditional BJ movie viewing = lots of jokes and laughs.
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Awesome & Awkward Friday

Happy Friday! I'm ready for a relaxing weekend, and some pre packing since I'm headed to the Panhandle on Wednesday! So ready to to see Steve, my family, and a few friends.

Linking with with Lauren.
  • Jess attended leg day! Even though my workouts seem to take longer because there's more talking involved, I sure do love having a workout partner.
  • Whipped up a few of these. So delish!

White chocolate covered Oreo.

  • Steve's Bday was Thursday! Can't wait to celebrate with him next week!

  • Some of my fave work girls all dressed in the same color family.

Me, Laura, and B
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Awesome & Awkward Friday

Linking up with Lauren to recap the week!

  • The dream team was back together for one night! 

Car + Jes = amaze!
  •  Made some amazaballz cookies! Yes, that's chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, marshmallows, and pretzels. Delish!

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  • 3 years (+1 week) ago I adopted Matilda. I love her almost as much as I love real people.

  •  National Running Day! And I was able to get in a quick 1.5 mi (injury free!) to celebrate!

  •  I was exceptionally tired this week, so I split this between Wed & Thrs.

  • B cooked dinner Wednesday night so we could watch the Pretty Little Liars review. Yes, we took notes:
photo from B's instagram
  •  Bet you thought we were going to make a whole post without mentioning Steve...yeah, right! Steve noticed that I wrote "OMG! Sooooo old!" on his birthday...Am I the best gf or what?


Awesome & Awkward Friday

4 day weeks are always my favorite, until they seem like the week that never ends. I've decided to crawl out of my cave and have some socialization lined up for the weekend! Yay for attempting to be less of a weirdo.

  • I got to start my week out with Steve! Monday's aren't so bad when that happens.
  • Since all of my shows are on summer break I have so much time for activities....like season 3 of TVD!
  • After taking it easy, and having many restless nights, my back is feeling better!
  • After a two week hiatus, I jammed on Tuesday. It was so great to dance "Til The World Ends" and go to "Paris."
  • Switched up my workouts, and my shoulders and chest are still sore! I love it.
  • After cooking for Steve last weekend, I am getting the urge to put my baking skills to use.
  • Getting a text from Anna, one of my high school BFFs and fellow Titanic enthusiast, that she inherited a first edition of this book:
So excite to have a reunion so I can get my hands on this thing!

  • I dropped my curling iron on myself again. Hopefully I will remember to wear more clothes when messing with hot objects after this happening twice. It burns.
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