pshhhhhh. pshhhhh. Hairspray

Did you like my hairspray sound? Oh, you didn't know what that was supposed to be...awkward.

I ran out of my Big Sexy hairspray. In an attempt to be budget conscious I opted to go with Garnier Fructis. It was less than $4, claimed to be volumizing (emphasis on claimed), and is supposed to be Humidity resistant. Living in Houston with summer just around the corner, I figured the Humidity resistant feature would be great to have. Sounds good right? Here’s the deal, it doesn’t volumize to save its life!  Back when I still had my beloved Big Sexy, if my hair was every looking a little flat I could spray it under the top layers and it would provide instant lift. Oh how I miss those days! 

It also “Spring Hold.” I think that that translates to “you just spent $4 on something that doesn’t do anything except make your hair soft and smell good." I will be making a trip to the store to pledge my allegiance to Big Sexy Hair once again. How dare I ever leave it again! 

What’s your favorite hair spray?

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  1. I thought you were saying pshhh as in 'no way, i don't think so!'

    I use L'Oreal Elnett--it's about $14 and stays really well, gives volume, plus you can run your fingers through your hair still. pshhhh.