Why yes, I do like to roll my cookies in crack...

We had recipe club two weeks in a row! This week we had pizza and Mandy and I each brought dessert.

It was a great excuse to get together so we could see the progress on Mandy's house and finally have all of the OG's together again. Super glad I got to see Tech Mandy because it had been forever!

We had a blast, and Jess and I got to show the girls the sweet moves we had learned in our Define workout class. I think they totally thought we were making it up with all of the invisible high heels, pelvic thrusting, hip circles, and dropping it like it's hot. But it was no joke. I think we are def going to be the all stars at our Pole La Teaz class next month! haha.

Anyway, I had run across a recipe for Muddy Buddy Cookies on Sugarcrafter's blog months ago and thought this would be a good time to give it a go. This was my first time baking in the new kitchen so there were some minor complications...like when I forgot where I put the cooling racks and managed to drop half of my cookies...

Here you go:
Please excuse the picture quality...this is from my droid.
P.S. don't they kinda look like reindeer poop?

Muddy Buddy Cookies...aka Reindeer Poop
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 2 bags of chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract 
  • powdered sugar
  • peanut butter cookies
1. make peanut butter cookies. Since this was a week night, I cheated and used some slice and bake ones I had in the freezer. Once done, stick in the fridge to speed the cooling process.

2. Melt butter.

3. add chocolate chips and melt. I would suggest doing this on 30 second intervals (I did it in 1 min and think I burnt the chocolate a bit).

4. add vanilla extract.

5. dunk cookies in chocolate mixture then dunk in powdered sugar. Set to dry.

6. enjoy...probably with milk.

These were a hit at recipe klub and work the next day. I did enjoy them, as muddy buddies is one of my fave things, but will try a variation next time...stay tuned.

p.s. If you feel that your chocolate is too thick, add more butter. but be careful because a little butter goes a long way. I may have Paula Deaned mine a little bit. oops!

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