Toast Masters - So You Can Be A Successful Wedding Crasher

Or according to Stacy that's why she wanted to join.

Our boss suggested that we all join toastmasters as part of our career development. Errr....great! So Stacy, Marg, and I got ourselves to a meeting stat.

I'm going to be honest, as always, I was very skeptical when we showed up the first time. There were a handful of members: mostly men, and Dad age (by that I mean that were as old, or older, than my dad). It was kind of like nerd club. Whatevs. If you know me, you know I'll make the best of it. Everyone takes it so seriously that I can barely stand it! At the end each of the visitors had to share their thoughts and feelings on the meeting and club so far. Naturally, when it came to be my turn I was serious with a side of cheese ball. I said something about how I enjoyed the structure and the varied speech topics and even managed to work in the word of the day. I can't remember what it was, but it was a word that is already part of my vocabulary. P.S. What's up with that? When you have a word of the day that you are encouraged to use when you speak at the meeting, shouldn't it be challenging? I thought that maybe it was an off week and didn't hold it against them too much.

At our second meeting the Governor of Texas Toastmasters was there. (Seriously, they have a Governor? I know, I thought the same thing. He acted so official as if was literally the Governor of something more important.) When we were doing introductions a visitor announced that he would be joining that day. Totally stole my thunder because I was going to make my announcement at the end. So instead I worked it into my introduction that if things go well, then I might be interested in joining as well. I can't have them thinking they already have me on lock!

At the end when we have to go around and let the visitors give feedback I announced that "I would love to see this group exclusively* (clap, clap - yes, that was the word of the day) and am ready to join today." The members seemed pleased, not only is membership growing, but I had totally got on board with WOD. Yay! Right? WRONG! The governor pretty much slapped me in the face when he interjected that (in official governor voice) "Actually, we must vote in order for new members to join." Seriously? Yes, seriously. Do I really mind a vote? No. What I did mind is that when the guy in the beginning said he was joining the governor remained silent. Is this because he is a guy in his mid to late 30's? Is this because he could tell he too took this club wayyyy too seriously? Is this age discrimination because I'm in my mid 20s, super cute, cracked a few jokes, and was cheesy with my WOD usage? I think so. Whatevs. I got "yay-ed" in anyway. Suck on that, goves!

*Seriously? Exclusively is the WOD? Can you give me a freaking challenge here? Teach me how to duggie, don't teach me how to two step! (You already know that I took over WOD just like Hitler took over Russia)

Stacy & Margie decided to copy me join that day too. The chapter president told us that the treasurer would contact us that week about signing paperwork and paying dues.....except then he didn't! I seriously was beginning to think that they took another vote after we left and "nay-ed" us out! Paranoia def set in. Maybe it was my cheese ballness, maybe it was Stacy giving a 5 second response during table topics (you are supposed to talk for at least 1.5 min, but she apparently didn't listen to the instructions, oh my dear, sweet, Stacy.)

I will end the suspense now: they brought forms for us to fill out at the next meeting. Honestly, I think they might regret letting us join now...after watching me cheese ball it up a smidge, Stacy's hilarious answers, and both of us bringing the humor. They had no idea what they were in for! I understand it's serious and shiz, but they really need to lighten up, and we are helping them do just that!


  1. I hope your first speech is youtubed.

  2. haha. I hope it's not! I get so nervous when I have to give a speech!