She's In The Vault Now

Funniest thing said to me this week: "Jessica stop flirting with my team or I'll effing headbutt you."

Really, Henns? 1. You are crazy. 2. I wasn't flirting with your team.

Anyway, this week has gone by so fast! I have been way busier than usual and have only watched 2 shows off of my DVR. Which usually means a weekend full of relaxing and DVR dates, except that my weekend is already pretty packed too! I need a nap just thinking about it.

I carpooled with Adam to WW where B had a surprise! She somehow tricked Taffs and Bri Bri into coming for a bit after their work get together. Bri basically looked like he was being held hostage, and I'm pretty sure he was going to stab someone with a beer bottle if we tried one more time to get him on the dance floor. And Taffs almost got kidnapped by some guy that didn't ask her to dance, so much as he grabbed her, took her out there, and held her hostage for 4 songs.

I wore my boots out for the first time. It was def an adjustment. I do prefer dancing in heels if it didn't jack up my joints so bad, but these will have to work. I did notice that I stepped on Adam & Croc, but I figure I'll become one with them and adjust. Whatevs. Adam finally busted out the pretzel and he said I did a good job. Yay me! One step closer to becoming a country western dance champ!

But I couldn't seem to get it down with Croc...need.more.practice. Croc likes to kinda dance in circles around the dance floor, and I usually don't mind, but last night I swear we were going hyper speed and I felt like I was going to fall over when we would stop! Must.take.Dramamine.

Best moment of the evening (other than the obvious of me owning the pretzel):
Locking Taffers into the vault.

Back story: A few months ago we had girls night out and this is when heart hand was created. I wish I remembered what was said to start it, but B said something worthy so I extended her half a heart. She didn't understand, so she extended her half heart, but then turned it so we were linked. It cracked me up and made me think of little Lego men.

Me & B
Taffs & I love to dance
Laffy Taffy & Me
*Please excuse our shiny faces, but Houston is just so hot and humid!

Anyway...we have basically been lady dating Taffers for a while now, but last night we did the heart hand ritual and officially locked her into the BJ Vault. There's no escaping us now...or we'll find you (in creepy Wedding Crasher's Voice). The guys all looked at us like we were crazy, which we are, so I guess it's ok.
Taff, Me, B = BJ&T


  1. I just love to read what you write about! I look forward to seeing you come on to my facebook page!!

  2. I enjoy reading too. But I don't understand half of what you say. Lol

    S&G and me send our blood pumping hearts of love to u. Marsh would too but he is with jojo and jar.

  3. Anonymous15.3.12

    I am sure I am from another world with another language, but I really enjoy reading your blog even though I don't understand most of it, but I think I am probably better off just unstanding part it it. Your special friend over 70, Wow I bet you didn't believe anyway would admit to be that old. Love you ?