In A Pickle - Friendship Killer

After 3 long months, I finally made my way back out to Kari and Romero's house. It was extra fun because Jessica V was there, and so were Cole, Brittany, and Emma.

The boys tended to the grill while I multi tasked making brownies and eating the guac that Jessica made. Super delish!

After dinner we played some games that I had never even heard of.

Imagineiff was pretty fun. When it's your turn you roll the dice and move the piece on the outside circle (names) x amount of spaces. Then you draw a card. Put the two together: (for ex) Imagine if Jessica was a musical, which would she be? Then it gives you six multiple choice options. The players have 6 cards, each with a number (1-6) on it. Once everyone chooses which they think is most accurate everyone reveals their card selection. If you chose the same option as another player, then you both move one space. So it doesn't really matter what I say I would want to do, it's all about what everyone else thinks.

The next game was a whole other story.

I will say this first: I am very competitive, so I tend to only play things that I think I will win, or that have a clear path to success. I can be a gracious loser, but I won't play something if I don't even stand a chance, like literally can't get any points. For instance, Taboo. I understand how to play, I just suck at it at such a level that you wouldn't even think is possible. I can now add a new game to things I will never play: In a Pickle.

I hate that game. If the Devil were a game, he'd be that one. It's the kind of game where you have to defend your reasoning for placing a card, and you can be told it's not good enough. Which is stupid. But what was most irritating is that the players didn't seem to understand the rules. I know everyone had a few beers, so I'm going to say that I blame it on that instead of pure stupidity. But it's extra irritating playing a game that should have never been created when the players aren't even playing right. I def had a few outbursts. To prove that they didn't understand, I would play cards incorrectly and they would agree that it was correct! Pretty sure Cole and I were the only people that understood the rules. I think the only time Britt has seen this cray cray side of me is when we played C+D in HP Scene It? and they cheated their way to victory. I was livid!

Once that cruel form of torture was over I headed home since it was past eleven.

It was really good to hang out, but if that game is ever pulled out again, I will literally walk out.

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