Bitch It Out Breakfast

Sometimes you just need to bitch it out. Sometimes I swear B is psychic. When she got home from BriBri's bday she texted me that if I go to breakfast in the morning to wake her so she can join and fill me in on the previous night. That worked out because my Friday evening was less than stellar.

I went to opening day to see Dark Knight Rises. It was originally a sister wives date, but we had a last min addition. I didn't say no when I found out this person wanted tickets because I really felt like that was a loosing battle. So I got on board and figured it would be awkward, but I could handle it. Yeah, I was wrong. I've learned that in post love interest interaction I have four possible reactions:
  1. I'll treat you like a regular person that I know. It really won't be that awkward, and everyone will have a nice time. (This typically happens when it's either my decision, or a mutual one to end things).
  2. I will treat you like a stranger that I have no interest in talking to. I will respond if you talk to me, but it will not be warm.
  3. I will talk to you, but 75% of the things that come out of my mouth will be snide remarks.
  4. I cry. Or try not to cry because I can feel the tears coming. (Just when things weren't awkward enough.)
I figured that I could manage a #1-2, but turns out it was more of a #4 situation. I really couldn't get out of there fast enough.

BUT the movie was super good. Like so good that I almost went to see it again on Saturday, but opted for social interaction instead.

Back to breakfast... So I woke up, got B up for breakfast, told her about my evening, then headed to breakfast. We decided the theme was basically going to be pet peeves and things that we hate due to the direction of the conversation was headed. We even made a top 5 list:
  • When people don't call back when they say they will.
  • bad/drunk drivers
  • People that cross the crosswalk when it's red. (this happens way too often when it's a high traffic time. Do they want to get hit?)
and I can't remember my other two. I think I gave up and put specific people on there.

If you were to host a Bitch It Out Breakfast today, what would be a main topic? And thoughts on Dark Knight Rises?

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  1. BIOB sounds fun! venting plus pancakes! and i thought the dark knight rises was awesome!