Life Coach Croc

Croc, Adam, & I have kind of become our own wolf pack.

It happened naturally because we:
1. are all single so we have free time to hang.
2. all love Halo.
3. like to hit up Wild West.

This particular Thursday the three of us hit up Wild West. As I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before, this is Croc's least favorite time to go because the lady selection is very low. Which makes it my fave time to go because it's not too crowded so there's always room to do spins, and we are usually the best dancers there! (I love being the best!)

The dancing was fabulous! I was doing so good that Croc accused me of coming to Wild West without them! As if I could even do that - none of my other friends are really into the country dancing thing.

As the night wore on I 1. got a brief history about gun registration that led into Hitler and his war strategy. Very educational because I like history, just not enough to really remember the details of it. 2. Croc basically designated himself as my life coach.

He made some good points:
  • How are you going to find a husband if you won't put yourself out there?
  • He told me how pretty I am and how I have so much to offer. (I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks so).
But then he almost got slapped when he said that him & Adam weren't going to dance with me because it's time I put myself out there...then he attempted to pick up my chair (with me in it) so he could place me by the dance floor until I danced with a stranger.

He then decided that it must be a self confidence issue. Thanks? But it's actually not that at all. I'm very confident in myself and what I have to offer. In fact, I feel bad for anyone that's missing out.

The problem is this: I'm stubborn. When I decide on something, it's all that I want. I can't be bothered with anything else during this time, so I just wait Wait to die, wait to live, wait for an absolution which would never come while I figure out what the eff I'm supposed to do when I can't have it. So I've been waiting for this one track mind set to pass.

Exactly. Damon knows best.

After thinking about Croc's life coaching for a few days and Damon reminding me of what I want, I knew what I had to do. I came up with a new plan that involves me actually not being so off putting and closed off if/when boys try to talk to me. But until I find the new winner of my love and affection I have plenty of friends and activities to keep me busy and mostly fulfilled.

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  1. HALO? You like halo? Never would I have thought that you would like that game!