I love macarons. I made them with Jess once before and they turned out delicious! It was a little involved, but I figured I was ready to do it again and add flavor!

So this is how it goes:
Step 1: you need three day old egg whites.

Easy enough...since I remembered to set the eggs out on Friday and was baking on Sunday.

I have broken and separated egg whites for years. YEARS! I think you see where this is going. Sunday I picked up the first egg, break it, separate the white, pierce the yolk on the shell, and the yolk runs into my egg white bowl.

Three days of waiting all for nothing! I only set out three eggs. Next time? I'm setting out extra just in case I have another egg yolk issue.


Next time was a bust. Turns out I can't read. I don't know how I managed to make them so great the first time. I've decided that maybe Jess is my lucky macaron charm and must be in the kitchen while I'm making them.

I ended up with only lonely macaron sandwich thing. #Heartbroken

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