"Then I Got Biblical With It"

Marshall had painted his room white and splashed glow in the dark paint on it. He turned the lights off to show me and it kind of looked like a crime scene that also included the phrase "To the window, to the wall." He then pointed out the paint above the doors and windows and said that he "got biblical with it" in reference to putting blood above your door to protect the first born...wonder if he realizes that he's 3rd born? Anyway, it cracked me up.

Let's cover most of my trip with bullet points shall we? (we shall)
  • I had made plans with Dad two weeks prior to my arrival. When I showed up at his house for dinner he looked surprised...he totally forgot I was coming. Seriously?
  • Went to la Espanol with Dad and his family. Turns out Dad is pretty weird and put honey all over his enchiladas and beans. Who does that? I tried it and it was alright, but I prefer to keep my honey on sophapillas.
  • As I was sitting in the living room with Dad's family he told me that Chris (stepbrother) had some news for me. I thought he was going to announce that he'd gotten into the Navy because that was his plan at one point, so I was bracing myself to give an encouraging response...then he drops the bomb that he's going to be a dad. My response? "Ohmygawd? Ohmygawd. Ohmygawd! Ohmygawd. Ohmygawd. Congrats?" Dad: "Jes seems really shocked by this." Umm, yeah, because you totally didn't mention this when we talked on the phone.
  • Spent two days baking with my gma and considered retiring so we could do that everyday. Weirdly they didn't want to pay my student loans or car payment, so that dream died fast.
  • Ran a last minute 5k and got 2nd in my division. Oh, the perks of small town races. Even when you have your slowest 5k ever  (like ever ever) you might still place and feel like an undeserving champ.  The air is so cold and dry in Dalhart that I feared my insides were going to completely dry up and mummify me from the inside out (I don't think that's how mummies are made...whatevs). My insides burned and my kidneys hurt - first time for everything? I hope it was just the air, but I guess I'll test it out when I get back to Houston.
  • Saw one of my best girls get married!
  • And had the best date there.
  • Spent some time with my Mom. And we went to DQ! Well, what else are you going to do in Sunray?
  • Spent my last supper roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. perfection.

  • And my grandparents made me a roasting chair - seriously, the perks of living far away.

  • donuts.donuts.donuts.

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