Pole R.2

After our warm up/conditioning (can I just take a quick sec to say that I hate the conditioning? I always have leg day before, so my body is already well worked) we started with head stands.

Way trickier than I anticipated. We set up base by clasping our hands together, placing them on the ground, and putting our head between the arms (forearms should be touching the sides of your head). Then you get on your tip toes and walk them towards your face until your hips are over your shoulders. Raise one leg so that it's straight above your body but bent at the knee like a tuck (say what?). Then slowly, using only your abs, you lift the remaining leg into the same position. IF you get this far, then slowly extend your legs straight up. AND DON'T LET YOUR BUTT TOUCH THE WALL!

I managed to get both legs tucked for a fraction of a second before I panicked. The first time I rolled out of it I almost kicked a girl in the head. Not a quick way to make friends. I def need to work one my lower ab strength.

For our pole tricks we learned the pike spin. You go to spin and keep your legs straight, parallel to the ground, with the pole between them above your knee, and you spin around the pole. Pretty easy, except I kept connecting with the pole either on my knee, or right below. Bruises galore!

Once we had that, we turned it into a combo spin: Pike, one legged fireman, spiral. It was so much fun!

Just when I started to get that down we pulled out the pins in the bottom of the pole and I had my first encounter with the spin pole.

That shi cray.

Actually it's fun...until you start spinning too fast and imagine all the ways that you are going to die. Apparently you can learn to control your spin or something...def didn't master that the first day. BUT the introduction of the spin pole explains a lot of questions I had, like "How is she doint the vertical splits on the pole and still spinning? Must be black magic." Turns out the pole spins, not your body, which seems pretty obvious now that I'm in the know about it.

I'm def excited to continue to learn how to work with the spin pole, so that I wont dislike it so much.

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  1. Best line ever? Must be black magic.

    Totally snorted.

  2. love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D