Pole Refresher.1

Officially back.in.action!

Not enough girls signed up for level 4 (intermediate 1), so it was canceled. My options were the refresher or level 3 again. Been there done that with 3, so I opted for the refresher.

Basically my class is the island of misfit toys. Some of them know what they are doing, others have taken a year off. I also think my personality might be to aggressive for them.

We started out the class with introductions, why we pole, and what we want to accomplish. Everyone had super sweet stories about empowerment or something, and getting better at their spins, flexibility, and inverts. One lady commented that she prefers the pole workout to a regular gym because of the pressure the gym holds and the people there. I laughed to myself (internally of course) because I am always at the regular gym and I don't think I'm anything like what she described. She should probably come to QLF.

Others shared stories about how they are slightly offended when people refer to their poles (yes, they have them in their house) as stripper poles because it's really a fitness pole. I think it's obvious that we might not all become pole sistas for life. If I had one, I would totally call it a stripper pole. I refer to my shoes as stripper shoes...I did get them at the stripper store. Whatevs.

Anyway, so it's my turn.

"Hi, I'm Jessica. I like the challenge of the pole and it's a lot of fun despite my bruises. My goals for the class are to not just improve but perfect the skills I already know, and expand if given the opportunity. Also, after attending the last competition I would tentatively like to compete this year. And win."

Instructor - "We're proud no matter what place you get."

Me- "I know, but I prefer to do things where I win."

Crap. Not off to the best start.

After stretching and ab work (gotta love those dragonflies) we became reacquainted with the pole.

It's been about 3 months since I've done this, and I felt a little rusty. And nervous. What if it's not like getting back on a bike? Can I even still ride a bike?

It went alright. We worked on pole climbs. It's surprising how much better everything feels when your body isn't completely damaged.

The only spin we reviewed was the Front Hook (also, all of the names of the skills are different since it's a new studio). This was way better than riding a bike. I was nervous going into it - what if my arms forgot how to hold me? - but I basically owned it. Yeah, that sounds over the top, but everything that I did was right ...well, with the right side. When I switched sides it was a little sketchy. My left arm doesn't like to work as hard. But seriously, I was surprised at how my body seemed to remember what to do.

I'm happy to be back, even though I could barley lift my arms by the next night, and can't wait to expand my skill set!

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  1. This interests me so much. I would need a class for beginners. I am pretty sure nothing like that is offered here though.