4th of July Weekend

The rest of the weekend was spent:

  • on the treadmill for week 1 of 1/2 marathon training.
  • Watching the Bling Ring (surprisingly Steve agreed)
  • Eating. I think someone possessed my body because I suggested Golden Coral. Seriously, who am I? My dad would always take take us and I hated it. The food wasn't as bad as I remembered...but lets be honest, I was really there for the unlimited dessert bar that included cotton candy! Say what?
  • Searching for the best BBQ (with help of Texas Monthly). I'm not a BBQ fan but Steve loved it.
  • Museum of Modern Art. I just don't get it. But it was more fun once we started acting as if we were have in depth convos about the pieces - I've mastered the hand motions and facial expressions.
  • Had a blast at the Rangers game. Even though the lost.

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1 comment:

  1. Sara from Sara in TX told me I should check out your blog, so I am! My husband is obsessed with BBQ lately and wants to get to as many places on the Texas Monthly Top 50 as possible (he's been to 13, I think?) It's not my thing, either. Are you still in Houston or have you moved to Dallas?