Friendship Promotion

I recently decided to promote Holly from just work friend to real life friend. She hit her 100 point plan and It's going pretty well.

What Holl's didn't know is that her bf had actually planned a surprise party for that weekend. So in order to not look like a crap friend and have her think I was skipping her bday, I had to squeeze it in after Amanda's bday dinner and break my self appointed curfew.
Jess, Amanda, Mandy, Me
We hit up Rebels for some much needed two stepping. I'm so glad that Bob was there because he is a most excellent dancer and knows how to lead. Lucky for Matthew, I was there and am a very patient teacher. You might actually believe that he lives in Texas with his new skill set.

I toasted to Holly at midnight...with a water shot. The most delish shot I've ever had. #waterwasted

I'm glad that I crawled out of my cave because I had such a good time.

Saturday we met at the pool for Holl's next bday celebration. Her face when we yelled "Happy Birthday" was priceless. I imagine that's what I look like when surprised. You could see confusion as she tried to process what was happening and why. Awesome.

The boys grilled up some delish burgers and brats while Andy unloaded the most expansive travel bar I've ever seen.....I sense an intervention might be needed.
Me + Holly

The rest of the evening was spent in the pool getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

Holls was finally ready to go out around midnight...only to discover she had left her ID at her parents house. wah wah.

So I said my goodbyes and headed home to my bed that had been missing me so much!

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