Sometimes I Surprise Myself

Friday was lunch club, but I didn't feel like meeting up with everyone because I was exhausted. Like I literally was having trouble talking. You know, mixing up words and stuttering more than usual.

After work I ran a few errands then planned to hit up Yogurtland and spend my night watching Twilight since it's been a while. I passed by the bar my co-workers were at, and before I knew it I was pulling into West End. We hung there for a bit, then decided to hit up KungFu.

I picked up Yogurtland, changed, picked up Rick, Holly, Fletch, Daniel, and Mike (the boys had a tight fit in the back of Matil), and headed to KungFu. Driving with a backseat full over overgrown boys that have been drinking for hours? was a nightmare. I wish I had constraints for all of them so it would have been a smoother driving experience. I really thought we were going to be pulled over because Daniel kept hitting my emergency lights. This is why Matil needs suicide doors.

The bar was unusually empty, so Holly and I played some arcade games. I beat her at Cruising The World twice, which really brought back memories from the days when Andrew and I would play that on our N64 for hours. AND we played the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game. That game was one of my faves back from the og Nintendo days. After getting hit on by a group of guys my Dad's age, I took Rick and Holly home, then headed over the Pub Fiction for Kyle's bday.

Jes + Holly + Tara = BFF
I haven't seen Kyle since his last bday...I would like to add that he had also been living in Midland this past year. But since Croc gives me a hard time about not socializing enough, I figured I should make the effort since my other plans ended early. Kyle bowed out a little after 1 am, so Croc, Justin, and I stopped by the new bar next door, 3rd Floor. It was alright. I grabbed a table while they grabbed drinks and I guess you could say my milkshake brought all the boys to the yard that night because I managed to ended up with three randos at the table.

There's nothing like being hit on by Dad's and drunk boys in one night to make a girl feel like there are so many good options left out there. This is why I typically use the buddy system when out with Croc. He should have known better than to leave me alone. He knows I don't like strangers. Especially drunk strangers.

We shut the bar down and I grabbed dinner on the way home. You know, because eating at 3am is always a good idea. Probably should have had more than yogurtland for dinner so I wouldn't have been starving.

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