Awesome & Awkward Friday

A lot of this, flow, and jam happened this week.
  • I kind of broke my iPhone (should be fixed next week), so I got to resurrect the droid. I sure have missed that "DROID" text tone. The best part? taking a walk down memory lane with my text history from Dec2012. That was a really good month for me.
  • So glad to be back with my friends & family at QLF after Christmas break. I've taken way too many hard & fun classes this week.
  • Which is why I need a boyfriend. Companionship? pass. Somebody to love? whatevs. Someone to massage out my knots and sore muscles? Yes! This is now my main dating motivation. So, anyone wanna put their hands on my body?
  • I've been living in Mystic Falls every evening since Christmas. Almost done with my 4 season marathon so I can move on to Miami for some serial killing fun!
  • Laura joined me for pump and flow this week. Now I need to convince her that she loves this more than crossfit.
  • Had way too much time Thursday night, so I added a lot of "First Met" life events on facebook. What a blasty blast!

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