Stood Up

I haven't seen Croc in about two months so we made plans to hang.

His suggestions? Run and go for a late lunch. 

Yeah, I'll pass on that. So instead I sent screen shots of movie times.
He picked the movie, I picked the time. Hang was set.

After work I went home, turned on Netflix, and fell asleep sitting up. I woke up about 15 min before the movie and did a pretty good Fast and Furious impression getting to the theater.

I texted Croc about 5 min before it started to let him know I was almost there.
No response.

Didn't see him when I walked in, so I texted him as I bought my ticket. I'm starting to think he stood me up because I'm late and the movie has been going on for about 10 min.

He finally texts me back "Jessica I thought this was for tomorrow!"

I was so relieved and started laughing. Either way I was going to see the movie and wasn't too tore up about it. BUT I am glad it was just a miscommunication.

We ended up going to see a different movie the next night...and then Croc was a little late so I thought he was standing me up for real.  The eff is wrong with him?

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