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You know you are either about to have the best or worst weekend of your life when you have to overcome so much to even get there!

Not many pictures were taken because sometimes you don't need evidence. I'm going to hit you with the bullet points because it's my fave way to recap. obvs.

  • Flights canceled the afternoon before take off.
  • Team worked travel: Booked a bus to Dallas, flights Dallas to Vegas.
  • 1am - Board the bus.
  • 6a - American Airlines informed me the travel card was rejected despite them not mentioning that the two times I talked to them before getting 45 people on a bus to Dallas.
  • One of the new rookies put $15k worth of flights on his credit card. MVP? I think so.
  • Lots of turbulence.
  • VEGAS!
  • Lunch then naps.
  • Best roommates: Rox & Kate
  • Longest.meeting.ever. 3-8ish
  • pizza. get ready. club = Light.
  • Vodka. Dancing. Redbull.
  • Crazy. Blurry. Aggressive.
  • Calgary.
  • San Fran apologies.
  • poking Tran Man. 
  • Feathering Olly's face. 
  • Rox reading texts in hilarious accents.
  • Spooning.
  • 6 stalker calls at 7:30a
  • 3 hours of sleep.
  • Spa time with Holls - compliments of Rick.
  • Waffles. rumors. kojack.
  • More pizza. switch to the Cosmo.
  • Eating flowers at the Chandelier room.
  • Girl time getting ready in the room. (one of the best memories from the weekend)
  • Pre party with the boys = Speeches about how much we love our team and each other.
  • Table at The Bank.
  • More vodka. (I'm starting to think Vegas might only have vodka.)
  • dance until you die. (or your feet die).
  • Lost phone. (thanks for the help Max!)
  • 3 more hours of sleep.
  • Girl talk morning review...clothing optional.
  • Breakfast - Brittany & Bennid crack me up.
  • Reunited with my phone!
  • Airport naps.
  • delayed flight.
  • Houston.
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