Over It.

Celeb gossip has left me emotionally drained. This is a rare sitch since I became a grown up years ago and stopped reading Perez Hilton. But alas, here we are.

First it's announced that R.Patz is engaged....and it's not to K.Stew. I know we had the whole fling with her director, and they've been broken up for months, but I guess the Twilight fan in me was really wanting them to sort their shit in a together forever way.

Next, I read that T.Swift is dating Calvin Harris. No. Just no. I can't get behind this. And what happened to him and Ellie? That was a musical relationship I was 100% behind! Just imagine the magic that their whole album collaboration would have been! I can't even believe I'm writing this, but it would trump Bey & Jay.  (If I disappear, you know it's the illuminate because of that statement).

THEN Nina Dobrev announces that this is her last season on TVD. I can't. I lit.er.ally. can't even. We already said our final good bye to GerBear, and now Elena. Oh, and Tyler (he's still on the show? yes, but not for long). This clearly signals that 1. Damon & Bonnie is totally going to become a thing (which I'm actually not hating after their whole stranded together in another dimension thing), 2. Stef & Caroline obvs! 3. the end must be near. I can't even imagine a life without new TVD episodes. Emptiness, TVD binge marathons,  and probably some therapy are in my future.

But at least we have this. Dancing Channing Tatum is def my favorite! I really wish that he'd make another Step It Up movie.

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