This is Why I Can't Have Nice Things

My co-workers constantly ask me when I'm going to upgrade my iPhone 4s. Yes, a 4s. I told them not until it died its final death because I've dropped it too many times. Right now it has a cracked screen that has been that way for almost a whole year. Why would I upgrade when I'm probably just going to break the new one?

But alas, this story is not about my poor old iPhone.

Last Monday I dropped my iPod Nano through the cracks in the sauna bench. I was upset for about 1 sec, then remembered that I had accidentally smushed the screen and it was slowly all going black. I had planned on replacing it eventually - eventually just came sooner than planned.

I know, you are probably thinking, who even uses iPods anymore? Since I teach fitness I like to have two sources to play my class playlists at all times (iPhone & ipod) just in case one malfunctions, dies, or randomly decides to erase all of the music on it (because that actually happened twice this month).

Anyway, I replaced the iPod, and the headphones with new Beats (because I broke my original pair last summer - seriously, this is why I shouldn't have nice things). I get home, plus Muga2 (or Mugatwo - I haven't decided yet) into my computer to sync it. And guess what? I need to update my iTunes. No problem! I attempted to update, only to be informed that my computer software doesn't support the update.

This is when the full frustration sets in. I already know my computer can't be updated because it's too old - I looked into it a few months ago when I realized it was lagging.

So I headed to best buy, and bought a new mac within 5 min of arriving - because I get shit done.

In conclusion: dropping my ipod in the sauna was the most expensive mistake I've made as of late.
But now that I have this new guy, I might as well get my moneys worth and start documenting again.

Stay tuned!

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