2015: The Year Of Quality Not Quantity

This year was kind of awesome. Going into it I knew that I would be more settled down and I really wanted to focus more on substantial friendship. Mission accomplished.

  • Kicked the year off with NYE at Red Door.
  • Pizza night in the burbs
  • a few good weeks of Sunday brunching with Rox and Kate
  • Perm TOTY Party in Austin
  • Amanda turned 30! We had hibachi and a skate party!
  • 3rd Annual Forever Alone Together - we saw 50 Shades of Grey (cliche, I know)
  • Marshall had a wedding
  • Charlie Turned 1!
  • Cellie's Karaoke Bach party and wedding were fun!
  • Sven & Stacy moved :(
  • I met O-Town (OMG.OMG.OMG.)
  • Went to Mexico - twice
  • Critical Mass
  • I turned 29
  • Bennida's NOLA Bach & two weddings
  • I held a tiger cub - twice
  • Carolyn moved to Austin - so dinner dates are a more regular occurrence
  • Jacob. (He's been the best part of this year.)
  • Meeting his parents and mine.
  • Front row at Justin Bieber
  • BodyPump training
  • Vegas
  • Blizzard and cancelled flights for Christmas

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