Weekly Menu - 3

This week I came up with the plan of 1 option for lunch each for the week and two dinner options to share. This really simplifies our evenings because I can cook a big batch in advance and spend more time with Jacob when I get home from teaching spin class.


  • Jessica - Trader Joe's Black Bean and Jack Cheese burritos
  • Jacob - Sandwiches
I basically just increase all of the ingredients in order to provide enough meals for the both of us for the work week.


Weekly Menu - 2

This weeks picks:

Lunch and Dinner Mains:


Weekly Menu - 1

Every weekend I try to plan out the food that we will be serving up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner M-F. Jacob prefers to eat out, so I have to try and keep it fresh so his meals aren't wasted!

Jacob is on a smoothie kick, so I leave him to his own devices in the morning.
I will probably whip up eggs and salsa all week.
Lunch and Dinner Mains:
  • Crunchy Oven-Fried Cheese Ravioli // How Sweet It Is - I made these for dinner Sunday night and used the left over breading on our chicken for a few days lunch.
  • Marinate-All-Day Baked Parmesan Chicken // Kalyn's Kitchen 
  • Grilled chicken - Jacob will mix and match our seasonings and grill them in a skillet (I guess it's not technically grilling) - This is super handy on the nights when I get home late from teaching spin class because he's much better at simple chicken than I am.
Lunch and Dinner Sides:
Weekends are full of mixing up whatever we have left, eating out, and always one meal of pizza.




Let's do a quick recap of last years goals and how they went:
I worked out more, got a little bit stronger, ran more than I did in 2014, cooked every single week, retired from pole and parkour because my interests changed, didn't worry or waste time on dating until I spotted Jacob.
So now the big questions is what do I want to do with 2016? And I really have no idea!

I guess I'll start with this:
  1. Get It Tight, Get It Right: Fitness is something that's always a work in progress, whether it's working to get smaller, stronger, or just staying active. Even though my goals change throughout the year, I know that I will make this a priority in my life this year....it's also my side job.
  2. Run Girl: I would like to continue to court running, and maybe even see if I can get Jacob in on a weekly run with me. Maybe even get some 5K under our 2016 belt. If all goes well and my knees don't say "No!" Then I'll see about a half marathon next winter.
  3. Bitches in Kitchens: I am kinda of killing it at preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner (most days). This year I want to continue to do that (spend less on eating out) while trying new recipes and finding a balance between good food and good for you food.
  4. Dating: Obviously this is a top priority since I have Jacob. I want to continue to grow in love and life with him.
  5. Finances: When this joins the resolutions list you know you are now a full blown adult! Basically just spend less and save more while also paying off my credit card.