Sibling Weekend

I had a great time with Marshall over sibling weekend!
I forgot what a challenge waking Marshall up in the morning is, so we missed breakfast and the double T pancakes. Fortunately he woke up in time to hang out with the Saddle Tramps on the football field and eat lunch in the press box. This was the most memorable event of the weekend. It was such an incredible feeling to be on the field where so many of my Tech memories lie, and to eat lunch with a great view of the field and Lubbock (that is if there can be a great view of Lubbock). 

We also went to the museum where we saw Dinosaur bones and a laser show. I even showed Marshall how to play racquetball. We decided not to attend the Lady Raiders basketball game, and instead watch Talledega Nights and 10,000 BC.

We wrapped the weekend up with my mom at the family breakfast.

I hope that Marshall had as much fun as I did. I can't wait for him to be a Red Raider!

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