New Phone!

I loved my little white slider phone, and was very sad to watch it die. It all started when I came to Houston for the B.Spears concert. . . I have dropped my phone many times, but I guess it was finally too much for it on that particular day. When it hit the ground one side came unattached. Dang. It was still together, so I was going to make it work for a few more months. When I moved to Houston I dropped it again and the other side came unattached, but the strip that kept it working was holding the two pieces together. So I figured I'd just be extra careful not to break the strip. That night I went to a book signing by the fabulously funny Jennifer Lancaster where my phone fell out of my purse and completely separated! OMG!

I had to wait a week to get a new phone; the longest week of my life. I am now a proud owner of a red LG Xenon. It has a full keyboard that slides out and a touch screen. It is more complicated than my last phone and I am still having trouble answering my calls, but I have the texting part down. Now all I need to do is get some better ringtones on it because the ones it came with are crap.

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  1. You need to update! I keep trying to text you but I don't think you are getting them! I miss you!