The last six months...

work. work. work. Daniel. work. work. work. Daniel. work. work. work.

You get the idea.

Work consumes too much of my time! when I'm not actually at the office, I am thinking about it. Sales are way too stressful.

Here is a breif overview of the non-work related activities I have done:

Since I wasn't working yet (man do I miss those days), I was able to cook more often. I tried some new recipes from Cook Yourself Thin.
This is the only meal I took a picture of. It's Tomato Soup and mini Turkey BLT's. Daniel really enjoyed the tomato soup, but I wasn't such a big fan. So far our favorite is the Chicken Parmesan.


Daniel and I floated the river and Lindsay was able to join us. That pretty much made the trip worth it for me.

The girls at work and I started going to lunch together everyday. I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but if you knew my job, you would understand why this was very important.


My birthday! The girls got me an ice-cream cake and Daniel got me a purse. It was a good birthday.


Kari moved to St. Louis. :(

I got to see B.Spears again!


We had a girls weekend in Dallas.

Charity Chicks hosted BRAtober to benefit Save the Ta-tas Foundation. This was a really fun event. We got to vote on bra art while enjoying cocktails and cupcakes.
On the pink carpet.
This was my favorite bra.
This was Daniel's favorite bra.
Handing out swag bags.

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