I should be packing . . .

But instead I'm updating!

Last weekend was a lot of fun! On friday my friends came over and we ate pizza and played games, and I dominated 4 out of 5 times. Not too shabby! A lot of them stayed over, so I got to start saturday morning off at IHOP with a few of my favorite people. I then went shopping with Kasey, and did my best not to influence her shopping habits. She says she alwas buys more when we go together. haha. We were going to have full on girls night but Katie was tired and Kasey became sick, so instead Car, Ashley, and I just went to dinner. Sunday Kara took my graduation pictures! I had so much fun with her. I can't wait for her to get her new computer so she can edit them and show me. I have been trying to be more social this semester and I have rarely passed up the opportunity to hang out with my friends. I am trying to spend us much time with them as I can because we only have 6 weeks left together.

I am so excited to see Daniel tomorrow!

******I just noticed that I saved this post to my drafts, and never posted it. It was written the week before spring break.

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